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Lost In Stereo

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Unfortunately i had to cut this one short, i will be updating As soon as i can though.

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Frank, Ray and Mikey were awoken by a caffeine- fuelled Gerard playing Iron Maiden loudly, whilst he and his mother made pancakes in the kitchen. Ray was the first to make it downstairs. He was wearing an old baggy The Smiths T-shirt and maroon knee length shorts. He ambled downstairs and made his way to the kitchen where Gerard was dancing with a whisk in one hand and taking a long drink of his coffee in the other, he put down his cup on the counter as Ray sat down at the small breakfast bar. Gerard was wearing red and black tartan skinny jeans and a black spider man t-shirt. Ray was rubbing his eyes to try and get the sleep out of them and when he opened them Gerard was right in front of him, whisking away at the batter in his bowl and wiggling his hips to the beat of the music.

"Ray!" He sang in tune with the chorus, "Would you like some coffee?"

Ray grunted an affirmation and Gerard sidled over to the coffee machine and put the bowl down next to him, so he could whisk with one hand whilst preparing coffee with the other. He flicked the switch on the machine as his mum slid the bowl away from him towards the cooker, where she started spooning the mixture into the pan. Gerard, now bored and full of coffee leapt onto Mikey, who had just emerged from upstairs with Frank in tow. Mikey was wearing a misfits t-shirt and sweatpants, Frank was wearing just the sweatpants, Gerard felt himself flush as he saw Frank's toned and tattooed torso. Frank was too tired and hungry to think of anything but food.

Mikey groaned as his brother grabbed his arms and pulled them forwards and backwards, in the imitation of dancing. Frank laughed quietly to himself as he slid into a seat next to Ray. Mikey pulled his wrists out of Gerard's grasp and stumbled over to the fridge, pulling out a carton of orange juice and poured himself a glass. Mrs Way had been piling up the pancakes on a plate and the majority of the batter had been cooked, She handed the plate to Mikey who placed it down on the counter in front of Frank and Ray. By the time Gerard had given them plates both of them had one stuffed into their mouths like hamsters. Gerard just sighed at them in an mock-exasperated way and slid in opposite Ray and Mikey slid in next to him and they both tucked in. Mrs Way took several pancakes and went to eat in the sitting room. they ate quietly, gently nodding their heads to the rhythm of 'The Number Of The Beast'.

Ray decided to try and communicate through the barrier of food that muffled his mouth. No one could understand him so he chewed a little more and spoke again, mouth still almost full. "What are we going to do today?"

"Dude, that was all you wanted to say? Couldn't you have waited until you weren't spitting food like an old person?" Gerard was cutting up his pancake daintily and just laughed at his friend's vulgarities. When he had first met Ray he had found them off-putting, but now he was used to it.

Ray just shook his cloud of hair and went back to piling in his food. Then stopped, visibly swallowed a large lump of pancakes and spoke again, "You didn't actually answer my question."

"Oh, um. I don't know, it's half ten now. So by the time we've gotten out it'll be about eleven. That's still enough time to do something i suppose," Gerard had started off talking to Ray but ended up muttering to himself. He then turned to Mikey and Frank who had been watching with quietly as they ate their pancakes. "Guys, what can we do. I have no fucking idea and Ray may have big hair but his brain doesn't match it."

Ray threw a slice of syrupy pancake at Gerard and ran upstairs, declaring he needed a shower. Mikey shook his head at the older boy's antics in amusement.

"We could go shopping i suppose, i need some more jeans. Then go see some random film, there's supposed to be a really good one showing at the moment," Mikey managed to snaffle in some pancake during his sentence and was chewing it thoughtfully.

"We could actually. I need some more paints, i used them all at the dorms and maybe a new t-shirt," Gerard was running through all of the things he might need to keep himself occupied over the summer, when the only thing he could think about was Frank's exposed chest sitting across from him and how it would feel to have it pressed against him.

Gerard blushed as he realised what he was thinking and stood up suddenly, scaring Frank and Mikey. He muttered quick apologies to them both and hurried upstairs to his room.


GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH I AM SOOOOO SORRY!!!!!! i have to go now. I will try and finish this chapter ASAP but i don't know when i'll have chance- this week's been kinda hectic (I went to go see panic! EEEPP They were 'Mazeballs- just in case you wanted to know ;D)

I hope you enjoy the chapter so far. Again, I am really sorry for stopping half way through. Please don' hate me. I'll try to make sure that the next one's nice and long (Maybe a bit... ummm....Yeah...) LOVE TO YOU ALL!!!! MWAH!! -End Transmission-
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