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The ride back from Frank's house was awkward as Gerard kept glancing in the rear-view mirror and accidentally making eye-contact with Frank and then whisking his attention away to the road. Each time Gerard blushed, so did Frank, Ray noticed and found it hilarious. When they got back to the Way household Ray had almost had an accident and Gerard looked at Mikey and dragged his thumb over his neck, sticking his tongue out in a dead kind of manner. Frank just stood there, looking confused, shy and very, very cute.

They trudged up to Mikey's room which had been decked with duvets, pillows and cushions everywhere. Gerard didn't even realise that they had so much bedding and wondered where it had been hiding, Narnia maybe? He found a spot in amongst the plethora of linen and sat, wriggling to make himself more comfortable. The X-box had been left on, he routed through Mikey's games whilst the others either tried to find somewhere to put their stuff or to sit. He eventually found the game he was looking for, Gears of War 2, slid it into the disk tray, grabbed a controller and sat back. Once the other three had found a spot and grabbed a controller they started to murder some locust horde.

They stayed like that for a while, sometimes talking about tactics for the game and occasionally shouting profanities at the screen when they died, but otherwise, not really communicating much. As the time neared one o'clock Mikey's concentration started to wane and he started to die more and more and his eyes started to sting, his contacts had been in all day.

"Guys, can we stop? My eyes really sting- i need to take out my contacts," He asked once the match they were playing had finished, rubbing his eyes to wipe away the tears that had formed in them.

Gerard looked up and noticed the bloodshot eyes in his brother's head. "Yeah, of course, they look really sore."

Mikey stumbled over to his en-suite bathroom and clicked the light on, his eyes had gone really bloodshot and were watering fiercely. As Mikey was trying to remove the contacts from his eyes Gerard and Ray were discussing the state of Gerard's bug. Frank had brought his guitar with him and was gently plucking on the strings, humming softly. Frank stopped, and panicked as he routed through his bag for something he pulled out a battered ring binder and started scribbling in it. Gerard and Ray were still arguing about Gerard's pride and joy, eventually the argument was stopped by Gerard slapping Ray on the arm, hard. They then sat next to each other, arms crossed and making a point of not talking to each other. Frank's furious scribbling had caught both of their attention. Gerard crawled over to Frank and peered at what he was doing. Frank looked worried and he brought the binder up to his chest, as to block Gerard from seeing it.

" Hey, come on. What are you writing?" Gerard was intrigued and wanted to know.

"It's umm, a song," Frank looked even more shy as usual as he leant away from Gerard, who was leaning further and further over his shoulder.

"A song? Can i see it? I've tried writing songs, i can't get the music right though," Gerard was trying to coax Frank into letting him see it. It seemed to work as Frank straightened up a little bit, the binder, however, was held firmly against his chest.

"I don't know, it's not very good and the only person who's ever seen them is Mikey."

"Frank, they're really good. You just don't think they are," Mikey had piped up from the bathroom, finger trying to fish the contact out.

Frank sighed. He couldn't win, He held the binder out to Gerard. Gerard smiled and took the binder over to Ray and they flicked through it, reading the hastily scribbled words and frantically scrawled chords. Ray finally looked up with an impressed look on his face.

"These are really good," Ray was genuinely surprised, the songs that were before him had quite a bit of depth. Even if there were only about five. He leaned over to Frank's guitar, "May I?"

Frank shrugged and handed over his guitar. Ray leaned back next to Gerard and slowly started to play the melody that Frank had written out on the page. He stopped, there was a concentrated look on his face. He replayed the last section again, but with a slight variation on it. He looked up at Frank.

"Can i make a few adjustments?"

Frank looked worried, but not as much as he did before, and handed Ray the pencil he had been wielding. Ray scrubbed a few notes from the page and replaced them. Then replayed the bit he changed, and nodded. Frank sagged with relief, he was really insecure about his creative-ness and hearing that it was good from a near stranger was really rewarding. Ray started to play again and Gerard started to sing. Frank thought he could see the words hang in the air, Gerard's voice was haunting and seductive. The way his lips formed the words- Frank's words- was just transfixing.

Gerard and Ray had stopped and they were looking at Frank with questioning looks plastered on their faces. Frank realised that they were waiting for him to say something. What the hell could he say? 'Oh, yeah that was pretty good. By the way Gerard, you're fuckin' sexy..?' No. He could not say that.

"Why are you looking at me?" Frank mentally slapped himself. Yeah Frank. Smooth.

"I don't know. It's just that this is amazing. We could play this stuff and loads of people would listen," Gerard was really over-excited. He was thinking of the possibilities. Frank blushed, he wasn't used to be complimented by people who weren't his mum and Mikey. He also wasn't used to having attention on him, he didn't really like it. Unless he was playing a guitar he was happy to live in the shadows.

By this time Mikey had managed to get both of the contacts out of his eyes and put on his glasses. He noticed Frank getting uneasy under the spotlight of Ray and Gerard's gaze.

"Hey, why don't we play a game or something?"

"Yeah, sure. What game?" Ray asked as he and Gerard turned their attention on Mikey. Frank mouthed a small 'Thank you' to him and sighed.

"Well, i don't really want to play any more X-Box games. We could skype someone and play spin the bottle with them, I've done it with Frank before. It's really entertaining,"

Ray and Gerard just shrugged- It was better than nothing. Mikey instructed them to make a circular shaped nest in the blankets whilst he retrieved his laptop from his bed and booted it up.

"So, who are we going to skype?" Gerard liked to know every little detail about something. Even if nobody knew what that detail was.

"I don't know Gee, it depends on who's stupid enough to one, be up at this time and two, play with us."

"Oh, all right. I was only asking, no need to snap at me. Moody bum."

Mikey just shook his head in exasperation with his older brother, he wondered how he was the little brother sometimes. He logged into Skype and scrolled down the list of people still online. Frank shuffled over and sat between Mikey and Gerard and peered over Mikey's shoulder.

"Hayley's still online, no doubt she'll be with Cassadee. They'll make it more interesting," Frank pointed at the screen to show Mikey where to click and glanced quickly at Ray then over his shoulder to Gerard. "Do you guys mind? They're really nice."

"I don't mind, as long as they aren't the squee-ing kind of girls that giggle at everything i'm all for it," Ray replied from over the other side of the small duvet circle. Frank and Mikey looked at each other and giggled.

"Hayley and Cass are the most down to earth girls we know. Sure they get girly and excited at things. But you're more likely to find them sat on a PS3 killing things on COD than buying fluffy pink things at the mall." This made Ray and Gerard laugh.

"Yeah, they seem pretty cool. Give 'em a ring," Gerard chuckled.

Mikey clicked on Hayley's name and waited for her to answer. Eventually two girls came onto the screen, one with dark red hair, the other with brown and blonde highlights. Mikey introduced them to Ray and Gerard. Hayley was the one with red hair and Cassadee was the one with brown.

"Guys, we were wondering if you wanted to play spin the bottle with us. There's only four of us and we figured it'd be more interesting," Frank kindly explained to the two girls. He was a lot less shy around people he knew.

Hayley was the first to respond and rather flirtatiously, "Yeah, we're up for it. You going to be getting kinky, 'cos that'd make it so much more interesting."

Ray, this time responded, he liked these girls already. "We'll get kinky if you two do. Although, I have a feeling that Frank and Gerard won't be quite as appreciative of it as me and Mikes."

"Oh, so we've got a feisty one here Hales. You're going to be an interesting one Ray," This time it was Cassadee, she was wiggling her eyebrows at Ray from the laptop screen, which had been placed at the side of the circle so that they could all see each other.

Mikey just laughed at Ray. He was quite bemused as to how he could be so forward with people he hardly knew.

"Well then. Why don't we get a bottle eh?" Gerard was used to Ray's antics and he was trying to get the game going. Mikey passed him the bottle and he placed it in the middle of the floor and spun it with a flick of his wrist. It landed on Ray.

"Ray, Truth or dare?"

"Ummm, dare." Ray answered with a smug grin on his face.

Hayley was the first to come up with a suitable dare to start off with, "Lick Mikey's foot!"

Mikey cast her a incredulous glance, Ray wasn't swayed and he grabbed Mikey's already bare foot and licked it. Mikey let out a disgusted squeal. Hayley wasn't expecting him to do it with such a blase style. Cassadee, Gerard and Frank were in stitched at Mikey's horrified face.

"Okay, my turn to spin the bottle!" Ray grabbed the bottle and spun it hard, it landed on Cassadee's side of the screen.

"Truth!" She blurted before anyone had a chance to ask her.

Everyone stopped to think for a moment until Gerard came up with a hugely inappropriate and immature question,"When was the last time you had sex?"

"Gerard!" Mikey was mortified.

"Nah, it's okay Mikes. Honestly Gerard? As i am still under-age and you're 18 i shouldn't really tell you. But i am in fact still a virgin," Cassadee wasn't ashamed and put it bluntly. Mikey was blushing intensely at his brother's question and the topic of sex. "So, it's my turn. Mikey can you spin the bottle for me please?"

Mikey leant forward and gave the bottle a quick spin. It landed on Frank.

"Truth or Dare Frank?" Hayley asked for Cassadee.

"I'll go for truth please," Frank was certain that he was going to be asked something by Ray or Mikey. But it was Gerard who asked him.

"First guy you kissed?"

Frank turned away from Gerard's eyes and blushed gently, "Honestly, I've never kissed a guy. All the gay guys at our school are either pricks or closet bound."

There was an 'awwwwwwww' in unison from the girls, Gerard just leant back and nodded. Frank quickly leant forward and spun the bottle. Inevitably it landed on Gerard.

"Truth or Dare Gee?" Mikey grinned at him.

"I am going to go for Dare," Gerard instantly regretted his choice when Ray laughed and cast Mikey a mischievous glance.

"Kiss Frank."

Gerard glared at Ray, throwing him the iciest look possible. Frank's eyes widened to the size of a baby deer and blushed the colour of a strawberry. Hayley and Cassadee were giggling loudly and laughed even more when Gerard moved toward Frank and Frank leant back, falling over. Gerard stopped and looked Frank in the eye.

"You gotta do it some day," Gerard reasoned and leant into Frank. Frank hesitated again and finally allowed his lips to touch Gerard's. There was a jolt of indescribable energy that coursed through Frank's body and he pulled away almost instantly. Gerard looked into Frank's eyes and pulled away from him. Frank saw a look of confusion in Gerard's face. Then Gerard turned away and sat back into his seat. The rest of the game was fairly mediocre, stupid dares and common questions. Frank kept looking at Gerard and noticed that he had a concentrated look on his face throughout the rest of the night.

The ended going to sleep about half past three- when the girls went offline and when Ray started to fall asleep on them. Gerard went downstairs into his room and curled up under his sheets. He fell asleep thinking about the strange currents that had ran through his veins when he had kissed Frank.



Firstly, i'm sorry i hadn't updated sooner. (Although i do update pretty frequently). Secondly, I know... i have dragged in random people from other bands- i swore to myself that i'd avoid doing that, BUT HEY! i did. Thirdly, THEY KISSED!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D

I would loooooveee some reviews, and thanks to the MCRmy, you guys are much better at reviewing and shit than the Panic fans.. seriously! I hope you enjoyed it mah fellow killjoys. I will update as soon as! -End Transmission-
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