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Guilty Pleasure.

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During dinner Frank and Gerard accidentally kept locking eyes from across the table. Ray and Mikey had almost chocked on food when Gerard's leg brushed Frank's and frank jumped, almost knocking over the gravy jug. There were many awkward moments during dinner, Ray and Mikey got many icy glares, Gerard got many confused looks from his mum and Frank just kept his eyes hidden under his fringe and blushed intensely, especially when Gerard's rested on top of his accidentally whilst trying to get some potatoes.

Once dinner was over and Mikey and Gerard had been forced to wash up, the four guys migrated to Mikey's room in the attic. It was large, airy and spacious, the ceiling was a little low in places, but it was an attic bedroom. Naturally they all pulled up bean bags and sat in front of the TV and turned on Mikey's X-Box.

"Right, game? I have... " Mikey had turned into host and just loked at his mountainous stack of games, his shoulders seemed to sag slightly.

Ray, being the only one who hadn't seen Mikey's game stack, crawled over to it on his hands and knees as he couldn't be bothered to stand up.

"To be perfectly honest, I'm not really in the mood to shoot things, can we watch a film instead?" Gerard asked lazily from his position in the humongous bean bag.

"Well, yeah. What do you wanna watch? I've got..."

"Mikes, I know what films you've got. Mainly cos i bought them you or you ring me and tell me that you've bought a new one," Gerard's tone was teasing as he knee-shuffled over to the opposite side of the TV, where Frank was sat, and started to shuffle through the DVD stack. He knew exactly which one he wanted to watch. It took him about five minutes to find it but he pulled it out and brandished it like he just pulled excalibur out of a stone. When he turned to face the rest of the guys he had a slightly crazed look in his eyes. " I. Found. It!"

In his hand he was holding The Spongbob Squarepants movie.

"Gee I am not watching The Spongebob movie," Mikey was amused at his older brother's lack of maturity, but sometimes it got a little over the top.

"Fine. But it's a great film. I know what we can watch!"

Gerard jumped up and darted downstairs into his room. Frank seemed slightly bemused at Gerard's slightly childish behaviour, he wasn't really used to it yet. One minute Gerard was all serious and the next he was skimpering off like a three year old. Gerard burst back through thee door, out of breath and holding a dark DVD case.

"I have it, and Mikey, i don't think you've seen it yet."

Gerard placed the DVD carefully into the disc tray and grabbed a controller, he was going to be in charge now. The DVD Gerard had chosen was Sweeney Todd, the new one, with Jonny Depp in. Mikey and Ray were absolutely engrossed in it. Frank, However was slightly grossed out by the violent bloodshed. When it neared the end Frank looked green, he was flinching at almost everything on screen. Then there was the finale of gore. It was a bit too much for Frank to handle and he had to look away, otherwise he would have thrown up. He grabbed the closest person to him, who happened to be Gerard and hid behind his back, clutching tightly to his t-shirt. When it had finally ended Gerard prised Frank's fingers off his shirt before it tore. When Frank realised who it was he'd been clutching to he blushed almost beetroot red.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I just don't do well with violence," Frank turned extremely shy and shrunk away from Gerard slightly.

"Yeah, i can see that. It's ok, not many people are, when i saw that for the first time i was almost sick. It didn't help that i was drunk, but.. yeah," Gerard was trying to be reassuring. He wasn't doing very well. Frank just giggled nervously.

"Well, i'd better be going now Gee. Mum's just texted me, she was wondering whether or not to lock the door and i don't have my keys, so i gotta go," Ray piped up from his bean bag on the other side of Gerard.

"Oh, well do you want a lift? I dragged you here, the least I can do is give you a ride home."

"Umm, yeah if you want," Ray was easy, he didn't mind not getting a lift, but if it was being offered, why not?

Gerard turned to Frank, "Do you want a lift too? I don't mind."

"Yeah, if it's okay."

"Hey, Frank why don't you stop here? Ray probably could too," Mikey, always the idea-guy.

"I don't see why not, I'd still need to go home to get stuff and keys. Mum's at work tomorrow," Ray's mum didn't mind where he was, just as long as he comes home and she could contact him easily.

"Frank?" All eyes now turned onto the short, dark haired boy, making him feel very nervous, He didn't even know why.

"Umm, yeah. But like Ray i'll need to go get stuff."

"Yeah, that's fine. I'll drop you off, go to Ray's. Ray can get his stuff, I'll come back for you. Come back here. Rave."

There was a general murmur of agreement. So the four went downstairs, informed of Mrs Way of the plan and went to the garage. Ray got in the front of the car, Frank in the back. Mikey stayed at the house to get beds and stuff sorted for people to sleep on. Gerard smoothly pulled out onto the road and was directed by Frank.

"So, Frank. What do you play?" Ray asked inquisitively. Frank was rather shocked by the fact that Ray could tell he played an instrument.

"How can you tell i play an instrument? And it's guitar."

"I can tell by the fact that you've got stubby fingernails and the skin on the end is really tough. Look, mines the same," Ray held up his hands which, were in fact, in almost the exact same state as Frank's. "Mikey's are the same too, but i already know he plays bass. We're only one short of a band, all we need now is a drummer." This last part was meant jokingly.

"I know someone who plays drums, he can be a bit knobbish, but he's a great drummer. Also, who'd be singing?" Frank was in complete seriousness.

Gerard held up his hand, "I sing! Not very well, but i do sing."

Ray just sat there, confused as to how his joke turned into a serious conversation about a band. He was still puzzled when they pulled up to Frank's house and he got out. When they set off again towards Asda Ray finally managed to speak again.

"How did that just happen? I was joking," He still had a confused look on his face.

"I don't know, but he seemed pretty serious. Anyway, it could work. You're a God on your guitar and Mikey kicks ass on his and you never know, Frank could be good too."

Ray let a little smile paint his face, "You really like Frank don't you?"

Gerard started to blush gently, "Yeah, he seems like a really down-to-earth kid."

Ray just looked at him with the don't-act-dumb look on his face. "Gee, you know what I mean. Don't try to act innocent."

Gerard bit his lip, hard as he tried to stop himself from blushing. It failed. "Yeah, I know what you mean. But, he's really cute and so sweet," Gerard's eyes glazed over a little. Then he snapped himself out of it. "No, i can't like my brother's best friend. It's not fair on him. He'd be so lonely. 'Specially if, you know. We get together."

Ray gave him the look, again. "Gerard, really? I don't think Mikey'll mind. Anyway, he's got me to keep him company. 'Cos, let's face it. You really like Frank, I can see it, Mikey can see it. Hell, Mikey's been tempting fate anyway."

Gerard had given up now, there was no point hiding it. "What do you mean Mikey's been tempting fate?"

"Well, before, after we got back from Asda he informed Frank of your sexuality. I'm guessing he forgot to tell him. So, what better time to tell him than after he's seen you. Found you hot. 'Cos even i find that body envy-worthy and had extremely suggestive comments made in front of him?"

"I am going to kill that darling little brother of mine."


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Third chapter Eh? what d'you think. Just to get some things cleared up (as i've re-read it and confused myself) :D Frank looks like he does in the I'm not okay vid (NOM) and Ray and Gerard have some form of weird Bromance going on. It's not much of a bromance cos Gerard's gay. But you get mah drift :L ALSO !!!!! Ray has met Mikey and Mrs Way before when they came to visit or something (IDEK) But he knows them quite well.

you may also realise my love for stealing names from Cobra Starship, this is because Cobra Starship are one of the sex! MCR being another one of the sex (OFC)

Hope that now makes the story make more sense. I may make them form the band soon, or not. I don't know. Rates And Reviews = Better than Cookie love ^_^ Love to all, Even if you don't want mah luff :A it shall be forced upon Ye :L SO, Yeahh.... BYE! -End Transmission-
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