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Nice Guys Finish Last.

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About twenty minutes later and thirty dollars lighter the four guys were stood by Gerard's bug and the Way family were trying to persuade Ray to go back to theirs for dinner. Gerard had rang his mum to aid him in his and Mikey's miniature quest.

"Ray, come on. Even my mum wants you to stay, See?" Gerard held the phone out to ray and his mum's tiny voice urged Ray to stay. "It's roast pork, it'll be delicious!"

Ray just rolled his eyes at Gerard's awful attempts at bribing him, there wasn't much point in arguing though. Gerard wouldn't drop it until he gave in. "Fine, but I get shotgun."

There was a quiet pleading sound that slipped out of Frank's mouth, he had managed to get to the front door of the car before Mikey again and had been sat there looking smug for the past five minutes.

"Sorry Frank, in the back."

Mikey sniggered at Frank as he clambered out of the front and into the back seat. Frank shot him an icy glare. Ray slid into the seat that Frank had just so previously occupied. Gerard walked round to the other side of the car, threw himself into the seat and turned the key in the ignition. The first part of the drive was too quiet for Gerard's liking.

"So, Mikey, Frank. What's it like at Belleville? last time i was there it was over a year and half ago. Has it changed much?"

"Nah, it's just. School, you know, boring. Nothing happens, apart from well.." Mikey trailed off, Usually around Gerard he didn't stop talking, He was shy around strangers. So maybe it was Ray. But when Mikey met Ray last time they got along like a house on fire. Suddenly something clicked.

"Mikey, are you being bullied at school?"

"Umm, no, well kinda. It's not really me that's being picked on really," Mikey seemed uneased. Gerard just pressed on and looked him in the rear view mirror.

"What do you mean? If it's not you that's being picked on then who is it. It must be someone close?" Mikey's eyes flashed a look at Frank, almost to seek admittance.

"Well, it's Frank that's bullied, I stick up for him. I get the force of it too."

Gerard felt a swell of pride for his brother, he was loyal to his friends and he was just taking shit for it anyway.

Ray, this time asked the next question. "Why are you picked on Frank?"

The question seemed innocent enough, but Frank froze up and started stuttering under his breath. He looked at Mikey and he explained for him.

"Frank is picked on because he's gay and his mum has cerebral palsy. It doesn't help that he's one of the 'emo' kids and hangs around with one."

Gerard was slightly taken aback by his brother's bluntness, but it seemed to make Frank relax a little. Then he realised that Mikey had said Frank was gay. Ray noticed too, he looked at Gerard with a sly smile on his mouth and wiggled his eyebrows at Gerard, Gerard giggled and tried to slap Ray on the shoulder, almost making them crash.

"Gerard! don't go hitting me when, you're supposed to be driving. Anyway, it shouldn't be me you're hitting on anyway." Ray knew he was going to get hit for that when they got out of the car, but it was fun to wind up Gerard. Especially in front of the kid that had caught Gerard's eye.

Mikey stifled a laugh as he realised what Ray was implying. He still hadn't told Frank that Gerard swung his way. The outcome afterwards would either become a gay-off or, well he didn't really want to think about his brother and best friend getting off, But oh there was the image. Ray gave Frank a long, hard and intense look as they climbed out of the car.

Frank felt unnerved under Ray's gaze and was wondering why he was looking at him so intently he was also wondering why Mikey and Ray had been giggling for the rest of the car journey beck to the Way household. Maybe it was an inside joke that he didn't understand. As they walked into the house Mikey pulled him into the living room whilst Gerard took Ray into the kitchen to talk to his mum. Mikey had a look of sheepishness and slight amusement.

"Ummm, Frank. I should probably told you this before Gerard got home. But it kinda slipped my mind," Mikey was fidgeting, he was finding it hard to say what he needed to. "Well, umm, Gerard's gay?" He looked at Frank from under his fringe, trying to hide away from Frank's shocked glare.

"What?! He's gay and you didn't tell me? Is that what you and Ray were giggling about in the car? Oh. My. God. Trust you to let important things just 'slip your mind'" Frank was rambling, he felt bad about it too. What if Gerard liked him, as in Like liked him? He was two years older than him, and god, was he hot? Frank thought about Gerard's long, cat-like body and what it'd be like to kiss those- No! he couldn't think about things like that, he felt his cheeks burning up.

"Well, i didn't think it was important until I saw the way Gee looked at you, he thinks you're cute you know."

"What, how can you tell? he's been home, what? less than two hours and you think that your brother likes your best friend?"

Mikey just gave him the look, "Frank, I know my brother, probably better than he knows himself. I can practically read him like an open book and i have no doubt he can do exactly the same to me. Hell, you're not exactly like reading mongolian either."

Frank felt his cheeks flush pink as he thought about what Mikey was implying. Does he know that i like Gerard? Oh god, Gerard likes me too, I've got to stop calling him Gerard. What was it that he told me to call him? Gee? Oh god, what do i do? Mikey left Frank to his inner discussion.

Ray watched Mikey walk away from Frank who was stood next to the wall, looking as though he was studying the tattoos on his knuckles intently and shook his fluffy head at Mikey.

"You are awful you know," Ray informed teasingly.

"I know, but i'm only being truthful."



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