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My second Fic :D, Gerard moves back in with his mum for the summer and meets Frank, Mikey's best Friend. FRERARD!!!! YAY ^_^

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It was finally July. Gerard Way could go home and leave the boarding school. He sat on his bed and took in one last look of his dorm room that was now empty and bare, Stripped of the things that made it homely. The walls blank, waiting for the return of the boys and the posters that decorate their surface. Waiting for the late-night games and testosterone-fuelled arguments. Gerard slid the last of his posters in the cardboard tube to protect it. He stood up, straightened his iron maiden t-shirt and walked out of the dorm, leaving the last school year behind him as he closed the door and made his way down the stairs.

The bus ride was relaxing and gentle as it slowly drove out of the middle of New Jersey and into the suburbs. It had been months since he had last been home. Since April, for his 18th birthday. He hadn't seen Mikey in all that time, he loved his little brother more than anything in the world and spoke to him at least once a week. But it was good to know that he was going to be able to spend all summer-long with him.

He wished that he'd never had been sent to boarding school, but he knew it had done him good. He had started to drink, not for fun, but for the drink. He knew that he'd started to become an alcoholic. He told his mum and she sent him to Grandville high, where he has been since and has stopped drinking. He was glad for it really, it's just he got lonely more than anything. The only real friend he had was Ray but since Ray had started to hang out with him, almost a year ago now, they had both been singled out and picked on. Gerard for being the weird, ex-alchy,gay, emo kid that did nothing but draw and Ray for hanging out with him.

The bus pulled up abruptly to the curb and Gerard got out, he looked round, nothing had changed. The park was the same, all green and smelt of pine. The street was the same, the kind of street you see everywhere, but with trees lining it. He made the short walk over to his house, he could smell pork cooking from the kitchen round the back and his mouth started to water. He knocked gingerly on the screen door, he heard a loud squeal and several things being knocked over and the door was ripped open by a panting Mikey Way, a massive grin on his face.

"Gee!!!!!! You're early! We're making dinner, I made apple sauce!" Mikey stopped to breathe for a second and launched himself round Gerard's neck and gave him a bone-crushing hug. Gerard returned it with an equally fierce bear hug.

"Dude i've missed you so much, you don't know how good it is to be home," Gerard said after he got air back into his lungs, then was abruptly dragged into another hug from Gerard's mum. This one was much gentler and just as welcome.

"Honey, you're early. We were expecting you to be at least another hour."

"I know, i just, well there wasn't anybody left at the dorm and i couldn't wait to be home," Gerard muttered sheeishly under his breath whilst running his partially gloved hands through his bright red hair.

"Oh, Gee. I'm not complaining it's just a bit of surprise. What are you still doing on the doorstep, get in here and mikey, take Gee's bags up to his room."

Mikey reached for Gerard's bag, when his hand was stopped midway. "Mum, i can take my bags upstairs. I don't want to be treated like a guest."

Mikey just looked at his mum and shrugged, There wasn't much point in arguing. Gerard carted his bags upstairs after himand turned into his room. It was almost exactly how he left when he had left on new year's day. Apart from the sheets had been changed and the curtains were open with the window open. He dumped his suitcase at the end of his bed and threw his duffel bag towards his pillows and then flopped down on the bed, laying back. He stayed there for about five minutes, when he heard two pairs of footsteps coming down from Mikey's attic bedroom. He sat up, knowing that Mikey would be coming into his room. When he did he was followed by a shorter boy, about 16, like Mikey, but he was of a stockier build, had dark, almost black hair and eyeliner smudged under his eyes. He was cute, very cute in fact and he was so shy it almost hurt.

"Gee, this is Frank. I've told you about him on the phone," Mikey politely introduced the shy boy.

"Oh, he's your best friend right?" Mikey nodded and Gerard got up and held out his hand towards Frank. "Hey, as i'm sure you know by now I'm Gerard, but you can call me Gee, everyone does."

Frank seemed to relax and shook Gerard's hand. "Hi. Frank, but you already know.. that." Frank seemed unsure of himself and blushed a gentle shade of pink. So cute Gerard thought to himself. No, I can't. He's Mikeys best friend and it'd get really weird for Mikey and he's probably straight anyway.

Mikey's voice cut through Gerard's inner debate, "So, we were gonna go to the shop for some stuff. Do you wanna come? Or would you rather unpack?"

Gerard looked around his room and shrugged, "Yeah i'll come, i need credit anyway."

As if on cue Gerard's phone chimed in his pocket, He reached in to fish it out of the tight black skinny jeans that clung to his legs, It was Ray.

From: Ray Toro XP

Hey, u home yet. Ive just got bck now. send love to Mikey and your mum, their really cool btw.

Gerard smiled at the text. He realised that he didn't know where his best friend lived.

To: Ray Toro XP

Yh im home got here bowt twenty mins ago. I fgt to ask. Where do u live? :L

He slid the phone shut and grabbed his jacket and smiled at Mikey, "Where we going? I can drive us if the my car's not dead."

"We would have just settled for the corner shop, but we can go to Asda now, and your car's in the garage. Mum made sure it was working a couple of days ago to make sure you could use it before you got home."

"Okay, well, we going then? I also need to know who's going shotgun."

The two sixteen year olds looked at each other and screamed shotgun in each other's faces and raced off downstairs. Well, that got them moving fast enough Gerard mused to himself as his phone chimed again.

From: Ray Toro XP

i live nr the Asda on the west side of town. i think i rmbr u telling me tht you live nr there too...? :P

To: Ray Toro XP

Yh, i do, we r going there now actually :L

Gerard quickly texted back and made his way down to the Garage. The door was already up when he got there and Frank was sat smugly in the front seat. Mikey tossed him the keys as he slid into the front seat and turned the engine on, Mikey slid in behind Frank. The small VW bug purred into life and Gerard smoothly drove it out onto the street as the door closed automatically behind them. Gerard was wondering how Frank managed to get the front seat.



"How come Frank is in the front?" Gerard quizzed whilst giving the quiet boy a quick glance. Causing Frank to flush under Gerard's gaze

"Well, he may seem like someone who is quite slow on his feet, 'specially with those little legs. But he's surprisingly fast, like a ninja." With this Frank turned round and hit him.

"My legs are not short, You're just freakishly tall."

"I am not freakishly tall! Gerard's as tall as me!"


Frank's comeback made Gerard giggle and the two boys looked at him. "What? I found piffle funny, it's not as fun being in a dorm you know. 'Specially with a bunch of stuck-up jocks. Sall things amuse me."

The blank looks on the boys' faces just told him to shut up. The phone in his pocket chimed again, Thankfully they were at asda so he found a parking space and tugged the phone out of his pocket.

From: Ray Toro XP

Aw cool, ill meet you at the front entrance, nothin' else to do.

Gerard looked up and saw Ray's bush of hair clearly by the entrance and waved to him to catch his eye. The trio of boys walked over to Ray and gave Gerard a quick bro-hug, then Mikey and then he looked at Frank, shrugged and hugged him anyway. Frank was a bit confused and patted Ray uncertainly on the back.

"Ray, really? I hardly know the kid, you don't even know his name," Gerard's voice was amused at his friend's openly loving gestures.

Ray turned to Frank, "Hi, I'm ray what's you name?"

Frank, still stunned replied "Frank?"

"...aaaand now I know his name." Ray turned and gave Gerard a cheesey grin and walked into the store.



What d'you think, it's my first MCR one ^_^ I hope you enjoyed it. If the chapter's too long i'll shorten them up abit as a get into the story.

Rate and reviews ARE LOVE!!!!! XXXXXXX -End Transmission-
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