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Looking Up.

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Mikey decided to go to Cassadee's, leaving Frank and Gerard at home. He didn't really want to think about what might happen whilst he was out. However, his accursed mind repeatedly disobeyed him. But when he got to Cassadee's house all thoughts of Gerard and Frank's antics vanished.

Gerard and Frank migrated into Gerard's room once Mikey had left and they were sat on his bed. Frank was gazing around the room studying Gerard's art that adorned the walls whilst Gerard was routing through the drawers next to his bed for his iPod. Gerard plugged his iPod into his speakers and a gentle bassy thrum rumbled in their throats. Frank was trying to catalogue every little detail about Gerard's room and his silence unnerved Gerard a little.

"Whatch'ya looking at at?"

Frank came out of his semi-trance and looked at Gerard, "Oh, nothing. I was just admiring your skills."

Gerard fidgeted slightly, the only people who had really seen any of his art were his mum, Mikey and a very select few friends and none of them had studied them in so much detail. "Why? It's not that good, I only really draw to get rid of pressure."

"Nonsense, it's amazing. You could make a comic book or something! I know, a group of kids who were randomly born from women like Jesus and they have super-powers!" Frank's eyes were shining bright with geeky excitement. He half jumped half turned to face Gerard more clearly, a wide grin was plastered across his face and an air of childish glee surrounded him as he thought about the possibilities of what could happen in his own fantasy comic book.

Gerard giggled at his- well what? Boyfriend? Friend?- he needed to find out. So he stopped Frank's rambles by resting his hand on Frank's shoulder, "Frank, are we, you know, an item? Or just friends?"

Frank's grin slowly faded into a seriously set jaw as he chewed on his lipring thoughtfully, "I don't know, what do you want?"

"I thought that you'd have figured that one out..."

"So ,why are you asking me, I thought that i'd made it pretty obvious too."

Gerard sagged with relief. No I mean it, he sighed and slid off his pillow and almost fell off the bed like a bag of water. Frank caught his waist and pulled him across the bed towards him and then leant into Gerard's face, lips almost touching. Gerard closed his eyes, waiting for the jolt of energy that coursed through his veins every time their lips touched. Instead he felt a moist, warm tongue drag across his nose and Frank pulled away giggling.

"You bitch!" Gerard rubbed the saliva off his nose and hurled a pillow in Frank's direction.

Frank ducked, and was still laughing away at the disgusted look on Gerard's face as he whirled round, grabbed the pillow and bashed Gerard in the stomach with it. Gerard's look of shock soon dissipated and was replaced with an evil smile as he slid a hand behind his back and pulled the second pillow out from under him. He stood off the bed, crouching facing Frank.

"Bring it bitch! I'll beat you into submission with my pillow of mass destruction!? Frank taunted from the opposite side of the bed.

"Ooh! Getting kinky are we Iero?" Gerard giggled.

Frank was trying to stifle his uncontrollable fits of laughter when Gerard leapt across the bed, rolled over to Frank's side and they started the onslaught of soft thumps and bumped sides. Gerard managed to snag Frank's pillow off him and started twirling the two in each hand like a wild west gunslinger, Frank grabbed Gerard's wrists and held them by his side as he crashed his lips into Gerard's. Gerard immediately dropped the pillow and twisted his hands free so he could wrap his arms around Frank's waist. Frank opened his mouth a little to catch a breath but Gerard took it as an opportunity to invade it, dominating Frank's tongue with his own. Frank brought his arms up to wrap around Gerard's neck and ran his hands up the back of his head into Gerard's thick, red hair.

Gerard pulled away to catch s breath and bowed his head to rest his forehead against the smaller boy's. Frank turned his face up to give Gerard another kiss and finally settled with just standing, touching and getting as close as possible without taking off any clothes.

When they finally tore themselves apart they were both buzzing With the currents that had ran through their bodies. Gerard span round and flopped across his bed, legs dangling off one edge. Frank payed down next to him, resting his head in the crook of Gerard's shoulder and closed his eyes.

"You know, I could get used to this. Just laying here snuggled up against my boyfriend, 'specially since i've managed to bag one that has such comfy shoulder," Frank teased, a tantalising smirk on his face.

Gerard leant over to give him another sweet kiss and was beaming at the knowledge that a beautiful creature such as Frank wanted to call him his boyfriend.


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