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Bittersweet Sundown.

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Frank gets angry...

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Frank and Gerard fell asleep and Gerard woke up the sun was going down and a warm rain was pounding on the windows. Franks warm, sleeping body was pressed against Gerard's Chest, he gently shook him awake.

"wha- what? I don't want any banana- Oh. Did we fall alsleep?" Frank jolted awake And rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. Gerard rubbed his back and lifted him off his chest and walked shakily to the window and slid it shut.

Frank sat up groggily and yawned widely, Gerard smiled at how his boyfriend looked like a baby when he'd just woken up. Frank checked his phone and almost had a panic attack.

"Shit! I've got three missed calls from my mum and have you seen the time?! She's going to fucking kill me!" Frank was stumbling out of the door and upstairs into Mikey's room to gather his stuff, Gerard in hot pursuit. Pulling his phone out of the tight jean pocket, he quickly realised that it was half ten and they must have been asleep for at least five hours, thankfully Mikey wasn't home yet.

"Frank, honey, I'll give you a lift and if you want I'll stay so your mum doesn't grill you as harshly," Gerard was rummaging through the pillows and duvets on the floor for the remainder of Frank's belongings.

Frank snapped his head up, "No! It's ok. She'll just have a go at me more later, but I would greatly appreciate a lift," he was getting hot and flustered and he was panicking. He took a few deep breaths and tried to calm himself down.

"Aww, i wanted to see boudoir de Frank," Gerard grinned and wiggled his eyebrows in a suggestive manner, causing Frank to blush.

"I'm sure you'll be seeing it soon and if you keep doing that I'll end up falling over something because its awfully distracting," Frank giggled and rushed off downstairs, slinging his backpack over his shoulder and grabbing Gerard's hand, "and right now I really need to get home."

Frank,s eyebrows were knitted together with worry and his eyes pleading. Gerard stopped being playful and realised that Frank had to get home as soon as possible and pulled his keys out of his pocket.

The drive was short and they sat in a comfortable quiet, Gerard had a device that connected his iPod to the radio and they had the cure playing through the speakers. Frank's leg was jittering and he was wringing hips hands, Gerard took a hand off the steering wheel and put a hand on his shoulder.

"Frank, calm down. Your mum can't be that mad at you, it's not as though your twelve and out in the middle of nowhere."

"I know, It's just that my Mum's likely to have a fully fledged panic attack and then I'll get blamed for it, etcetera, etcetera."

Gerard dropped the conversation as they pulled up to Franks house. Frank unbuckled his seatbelt hastily and scrambled to open the door, before stopping to turn and kiss Gerard then he vaulted out of the car. as he turned to close the door he leant is head in,

"I'll see you tomorrow, if not I'll text you. Bye." Frank turned and ran up the drive and crashed into the door, waving as Gerard pulled away with pink cheeks and a slightly sad look on his face.

As Frank opened the door and entered his house his ears were pummelled with the shouts of his parents and the barking of Tilly, his dog. He ruffled the fur on top of Tilly's head and shhh'd her. He tried to creep upstairs past the living room but his mum spotted him before he could make a break for it.

"Frank! Where the he'll have you been?! I rang you about seven times!" His mum was irate and had obviously been shouting a lot, as showed by the hoarseness of her voice, Frank mumbled something under his breath about how she had rung six times and she shot hiim an icy glare, "Your dad has been here since six, he wants to speak to you."

His dad stepped in front of his mum and he tried to put on a look of partial control. Frank stood at the bottom of the stairs with one foot already on the first step.

"Dad, what do you want?" Frank already knew that he wouldn't like whatever came out of his dad's mouth by the fact that his dad asked him to sit down. He just stood there, hand on banister with an annoyed look on his face.

His dad sighed and began to speak, "I know that you don't like Sophie very much, but I have decided that I want to spend the rest of my life with her. We have also made the decision to have baby together."

Frank's expression stayed firm and icy, "And why are you telling me this?"

A flicker of confusion rippled across Phill Iero's face, "Well, I just thought you might want to know. You're still my son, Frank."

"Well, now I know and maybe you should treat me like a son more often. Instead of blanking me out of your life until it's m birthday, Christmas or you have some piece of information to tell me that has nothing to do with me," Frank snapped back in the face of his father and started to thunder upstairs to his inner sanctum.

"Fine! Next time I won't bother to come and tell you!"

"Do that! You seem to think that I actually care about that whore you live with or the little kleptomaniac bitch that slid out from between her legs!" Frank spat back and stormed the rest of the way upstairs, despite the shouts that spewed from his father's lips whilst his mother tried to get him to leave the house.

His dad ended up ordering him to come back downstairs and pushing his mum back into the living room. Frank snapped and screamed down the stairs, "Get the fuck out this house and don't you fucking dare to even touch my mum you pathetic bastard!"

Phill Iero's face flared with anger and he turned to face Frank, "Who the fuck do you think you are?! I am your father and you will treat me with the respect I deserve!"

"Maybe if you want to gain respect you should serve it! And just so I made sure that you heard it I'll say it again. Get. Out. Of. My. House." Frank's voice was violent and menacing, his hands curled into tight fists, causing the knuckles to go white.

Phill Iero flushed red with hot anger and marched down the hallway, shoving Tilly out of the way with his foot and slamming the door shut with a bang like a gunshot. Jenny Iero sighed and ran a shaking hand through her hair and went to pick up Tilly to feed her.

Frank went into his room and threw his bag across it, almost knocking his guitar stand over. He sighed and placed his guitar carefully in it. He then dived into his bed and screamed into his pillow until his throat hurt, his anger dissipated into hot, violent tears that permeated to the pillow. He cried into his pillow until his throat felt like it was going to close up and his eyes felt like he'd poured vinegar in them. There was a scratching at his door and he went over to open it for Tilly she wandered in, tail wagging an leapt onto his bed.

Frank layed back and his small pomeranian snuggled into his side and, for the second time that day, Frank fell asleep. But instead of being happy and content he was empty and numb.


So yeah, I know it's not the most happy chapter but I felt like needed to get more about Frank's home life in here, instead of focusing so much on Gerard and Mikey.

I hope you like it, there are a few aspects in there that are very similar to the relationship I have with my dad. so that's why Frank seems to go off the deep end...

Please excuse the naming for his parents and dog- I couldn't think of anything D:

ANYWAY! Rate, Review, lick a donkey. I love y'all, 'cos well, you're all 'mazing ;D extra love to those who make the effort to review, means a lot. MWAH -End Transmission-
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