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Back To Go Again.

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The rage inducing chapter has been re-written :D

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Frank and Gerard didn't see each other for the next few days. In fact, Frank didn't see anyone, he had locked himself to his room and only came out to get food. He didn't reply any texts and when he got a call he rejected it. His mother hadn't seen him and the only way she knew he was alive was by the the steady thrum of his music and the empty dishes that appeared in the sink.

Naturally, she was worried; she rang Mikey and asked him to come round and talk to Frank in person and she explained what had happened with his dad a few days before. Mikey obliged and informed Gerard that they were going to Frank's house. He explained to Gerard the situation- minus the details about Frank's ordeal with his father, he was going to let Frank do that when he was ready- during the ride there. Jenny Iero was slightly confused as to why Gerard was there but just left the two boys in peace.

Mikey went to Frank's room with Gerard in tow and the music was blasting through the door. Mikey shook his head and knelt down in front of the door, fiddling with the handle. There was a faint click and Mikey stood back up, turned the handle and went in, leaving Gerard stood there momentarily stunned by is brother's lock picking skills. He eventually followed Mikey inside.

Frank was leant against the headboard of his bed, eyes closed, black, wet hair clinging to the sides of his face and covered by nothng but sweatpants and tattoos. He assumed that his mum had rang Mikey and he had picked his door to get into his room, but when he felt his bed sink in two places he opened his eyes, wondering who it was. His vision was greeted by the sight of the Way brother's both with the same look of concern, love and relief. He switched his gaze between the two brothers and felt a wave of guilt crash into him, drag him out to sea and pull him under. A drowning lump of remorse built up pressure in his throat and burst through like a breaking dam grief and tears welled up in his eyes. Mikey wrapped an arm around him and pulled him into a tight embrace. Gerard was slightly confused as to why Frank had suddenly burst into tears, but he shook himself mentally and rubbed Frank's shoulder whilst Mikey rocked him back and forth. Frank's sobbing eventually dissipated into shaky, uneven breaths.

Mikey pushed him gently away from is soaked shoulder and asked Gerard to go downstairs and get Frank a drink of something, knowing full well he'd be dragged into a conversation with Frank's mum, Gerard agreed, he knew that Mikey wanted to talk to Frank in private. Once Gerard w gone Mikey allowed Frank to regain composure.

"Frank, your mum told me about what happened with your dad, i'm really sorry," Mikey's tone was soft and caring.

"Why be sorry? Being sorry didn't get anyone anywhere. Anyway, I don't care. My dad's a wanker. End of."

"Frank, I know you care. I'm not some airhead cheerleader just asking how you are to be nice to the gay kid. I'm your best friend," Mikey didn't mean to sound so harsh but it seemed to get through to Frank.

"So what if I do care? There's nothing I can do," Frank sighed, tears starting to form crystalline drops in the corners of his eyes.

"Maybe you could talk to him? Explain how difficult for you to deal with him not being here, never mind him getting married to that oompa loompa whore of babylon and how much you really hate that weasel-y thieving thing that crawled out from between her stumpy little legs."

Frank snorted a sad kind of giggle, "I called them kinda the same thing the other night y'know. I believe I called Sophie 'that whore you live with' and Molly 'a kleptomaniac little botch that slid from between her legs.'"

Mikey giggled at the similarity of their insults and tapped his temple, "Well, they do say that great minds think alike."

A small smile played at the edges of Frank's mouth, "i wouldn't really want to stretch as far to call your mind great."

Mikey put on a fake hurt face, "Do I need to remind you who's getting the better grades here?" Frank waved off Mikey's academic achievement, "Oh, I think you should get dressed by the way. There are two reasons, One, you might end up giving my brother muscle failure due to the lack of blood to vital organs. And two, we're dragging you to ours."

Frank waggled his eyebrows as he went over to his overflowing drawers to get some clean clothes "It's because my immense sex appeal is just too much for your little mind isn't it Mikes?"

Mikey grinned, glad that he'd managed to get Frank back to his sarcastic self, "Oh, of course. I mean, have you seen yourself lately?"

At this point Frank was in his bathroom getting changed and Gerard had come back in with a glass of water, "Did I hear something about Frank getting changed?"

"You sure did! Wanna help?" Frank called teasingly from the bathroom.

Gerard's eyebrows shot up and gave Mikey an impressed look. Who just mouthed 'he has ,old swings' back at him. Gerard turned to face the bathroom door, "Yeah I'd love to!"

"Well, tough, you're gonna have to wait for that opportunity!" The smile on Frank's face was audible in his voice.

"You turd! You're such a little tease."

Frank came out of the bathroom with a wide grin on his face, "Yes but you know you love it." His Hazel eyes had been framed by red eyeliner, tight, black jeans that could have been painted on clung to his legs and a misfits t-shirt hung from his torso.

Gerard drank the sight in and grabbed him by the waist and pulled him in, planting a gentle kiss on his soft, plump lips and murmured into is mouth, "Damn right I do."

Frank pulled away, tapped Gerard's nose and turned round to face Mikey, still encircled in Gerard's long arms, "So, what do you plan on doing at your's. There's no point asking Mr. Hormones here, as he seems incapacitated by my hair." Frank turned his head to look at Gerard and was attacked with a kiss.

"Well, if Gerard let's go of you to drive home, I was thinking that we could just chill and watch a film or something. Cass said she might come over if she doesn't have to work an extra shift."

Frank nodded and pried himself free of Gerard's arms, ten minutes later they were on the way to the Way household.



So yeah, this is the chapter that I spent four decking hours trying to come up with for it to be just cleared D: thankfully I remembered the majority of it, et voila! I'm sorry if the end seems a little rushed, I'm writing it up at twenty t one and I don't do well with late nights :( *lightweight*

Frank seems to cry a lot, I don't know why, he just does.

So I ,ay not be updating for the next week or so, here are the reasons. One, I have work experience ( oh the joys -.-"). Two, I have two English exams that I'm shitting bricks over that I have to revise for. And three, imma be going to download festival!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

I hope you don't all miss me too much, insert voice dripping with sarcasm, Rate, Review. don't lick a donkey! ;) MWAH! Hugs to ye all. -End Transmission-
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