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America's Suitehearts.

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The boys had decided to Spend their time doing the typical teenage boy activity, trying to give each other makeovers. At the mall. Without spending money. Basically they were trying on clothes looking like complete retards.

Obviously, this had been Gerard's idea and had been steadily giving Frank tighter and more revealing clothes, whilst giving Mikey a kilt and a hot pink barbie top and various other fashion abominations. Being the loving, caring and not entirely sane people they were, they decided to humour Gerard's interesting taste in apparel.

The latest two outfits were, for Frank, a pair of girl's turquoise short-shorts that his ass hung out of and an extra small tank top that showed off Frank's colourful array of tattoos and clung to his torso like a baby chimp to it's mother. Mikey was sporting a tight mini-skirt that was shorter than his boxers, a corset-style top and knee-high boots.

There was a deathly silence as Frank and Gerard stared at the now-monstrously tall way brother, then Frank burst into giggles and fell into Gerard, who was also laughing hysterically. Mikey just stood there pokerfaced. Frank slid down Gerard's leg and ended up sitting on the floor, pulling Gerard down with him, both red faced and eyes watering. The narrow corridor in the shop's changing rooms was filled with fits of uncontrollable giggles, thankfully it was a work day for most people and the shop was practically deserted. Frank and Gerard had stopped rolling around on the floor and were now clutching their sides as spasms of hiccups overtook them, along with the occasional after-giggle. Mikey waited for them to regain composure with one eyebrow cocked and putting his weight on one leg with crossed arms, making them burst into laughter again when Gerard pointed out he looked like a wannabe drag queen model. Eventually they had calmed down and Mikey returned to the changing booth to get dressed into his real clothes, leaving Gerard studying every tiny detail he could about Frank; from the toned biceps to the calloused stubs of his fingers. The way he flicked his floppy fringe from his dark, not quite brown and not quite green eyes to the small, perky rear that were only just covered by his shorts.

Frank seemed quite unnerved by the way his boyfriend was cataloging him so intensely and waved his hand in front of Gerard's focused eyes. Gerard jumped and grinned at him, grabbing Frank by his hips and pulling him closer.

"Do you want to know something?" Gerard whispered huskily into Frank's ear.

"What, Mon copain?" Frank mumbled back. Then the moment was ruined as Gerard dragged his warm, wet, soft Tongue up the side of Frank's face.

"MINE!" Gerard giggled and ran down the corridor and locked himself in one of the booths.

"Gerard! That's horrible!" Frank was busily rubbing the side of his face with the tattered sleeve of his hoodie, which had been deposited on the booth floor.

"You wouldn't be saying that if was licking something else!" Gerard chimed back.

"Gerard! Your younger brother is still within hearing range!" Mikey called from his changing booth, followed by a few grunts as he tugged on his skinny jeans.

"What?! I was being completely innocent! I meant if I was licking a Popsicle!" Gerard had emerged from his 'hiding place' with a a perverted smile on his face, knowing full well what Mikey would imagine.

"Gerard! Not helping!" Gerard giggled again as Mikey came out of the booth looking amused but miffed and Frank was as red as an adorable little cherry.

After the ordeal in the changing rooms the boys actually decided to buy clothes, this is where they all realised that they needed money. So Gerard decided that he wanted to go and spend the rest of his on art supplies, as he hadn't actually bought any the last time they were at the mall.

When they finally got back to the way household they had collectively spent over a hundred and fifty dollars, they decided to congregate into Gerard's room instead of Mikey's. Frank hadn't realised that someone could trash a bedroom in four days. It was, basically, a shithole. Gerard had managed to throw of his dirty clothes around his room, his desk was piled high with scraps of paper and there were mugs, plates and cutlery scattered around the room. The bed was a messy pile of duvet, drawing utensils, clothes, books and various electrical appliances.

Frank just stood there, mouth agape, "What the fuck happened?"

"Gerard unpacked," Mikey said, rather matter-of-factly.

"Where are we supposed to sit?"

"I shall show you my magical bed tidying skills!" Gerard walked the barely visible floor over to his bed, grabbed the corners of his duvet, shook it, layed it back down and shoved the stuff in the centre into his bedside drawer.

Frank sighed and shook his head at Gerard's rushed approach at tidying then joined Gerard on his bed. Mikey, however shoved some stuff from the desk chair onto the desk and flopped down into it.

"So, what do we do now?"



Again, I am so sorry for not updating sooner. I'm also sorry if this chapter seems a little short, I don't know how long it is because i'm back on the iPad EVEN THOUGH the laptop is fixed- female parental unit decided she wanted it tonight, but I really wanted to yet something up.

I hope you enjoyed this chapter! I wanted it to be a happy chapter as recently they've been pretty damn depressing in my opinion and I am in a fucking AMAZING MOOD I have no idea as to why though :B i'm just enjoying it ^_^


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