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But it's better if you do.

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Gerard decided to go to Ray’s house, allowing Mikey the time to talk to Frank about everything and anything, except the latest fatherly fopah. They had evacuated Gerard’s room after throwing several things around it until Mikey almost threw his paint and brush set, at which point Gerard screamed at him and snatched them from his hand. (He has slight OCD when it came to paints and paintbrushes; it was something he got off his Grandma, whom had always told him to store brushes with proper care, wash all of the paint out of them when he’s finished and gave him his first set.) Frank had slid off the bed to get out from the siblings argument, Mikey had lost the spat and felt terribly guilty about almost breaking his brother’s most prized possessions and Gerard was stowing the aforementioned items safely away in the lockable drawer in his chest of drawers. The hyper, careless mood was ruined so that resulted in Gerard’s departure to Ray’s and the younger boys’ migration into Mikey’s room.

Frank went to turn on the X-box and Mikey sagged against the wall that his bed was pushed up to, catching the controller that Frank tossed at him whilst joining him on the bed. They sat killing aliens for about an hour, swapping playful banter and yelling at the television screen when either of them died. They didn’t say much to each other, but then again, they didn’t really need to, the atmosphere was comfortable and familiar. They were waiting for a game squad to join when Mikey’s phone started blasting ‘my milkshake’ making them both jump and drawing a small squeak from Frank. Mikey stared at the phone with a very confused look on his face, Frank reminded him that you need to answer it for it to stop, then he laughed at himself and flipped the phone open, holding it to his ear.


“Hey Mikes, it’s Hayley, do you mind if Cass and I come round?”

“Uhmm, one sec,” He put his hand over the speaker and turned to Frank, “It’s Hales do you mind if her and Cass come round?”

Frank shook his head, “No, of course not.”

Mikey grinned and spoke into the phone, “Yeah, its fine. Frankie-bear’s here by the way.”
There was giggling from the other end and Mikey grinned mischievously as Frank glared at him, “Okay, we’ll be round in about half an hour, Bye!”

“Bye!” Mikey hung up and dropped the phone next to him on the bed, tying to avert Frank’s attention back to the game. However, Mikey could see Frank’s pursed lips and raised eyebrow in the corner of his eye. It got slightly unnerving so Mikey turned and shrugged his shoulders, “What?” his voice breaking into a high pitched whine at the end.

“Really Mikey, Frankie-bear? You know I hate that name. Also, what’s going on with your ring tone? I swear the last time I checked, I was the gay one,” Frank grinned, knowing full well that Ray had tinkered with the handheld device, biting his lip ring and looking guilty.

“I don’t know! I’m assuming Gee’s sabotaged my phone, ‘am gon’ mess that mother licker up!”

“You do that and I is gonna cut ch’you bitch!” Frank over exaggerated the moves and put on an awful ghetto accent, raising his hands and jerking his face at Mikey.

“You wanna go?! Then bring it!” Mikey imitated the moves in a ‘threatening’ manner, a grin breaking out on both of the teens’ faces as they started slapping each other playfully round the head and on their arms.

Mikey reached behind him and grabbed a pillow and bashed Frank in the face/chest with it, leapt off the bed and went crashing into his en-suite, locking the door firmly behind him. Frank, confused and caught off guard struggled to get the pillow out of his face and threw it to the ground, jumped up and immediately proceeded to fall over; creating a loud bang that reverberated through the house. Mikey was doubled over behind the bathroom door laughing so hard that it hurt, Frank had made a high pitched squealing sound as he fell over, the subject scrambled up off the ground and went to bang on the bathroom door.

“Oi! Fucker, get out here and fight me like a man!”

“But I can’t fight a girl, it’s morally wrong.”

“So does that mean your brother won’t let me ram my cock up his ass? ‘Cos I could always buy a strap on!”

“FRANK! Inappropriate! Anyway, you topping? Yeah, doubt it! You’re deffo the taker, not the giver! Gah! I can’t get should-be incest images out of my head!” Mikey started hitting the ball of his hand against his forehead, as if to ram the sex-related scenes involving faceless bodies that resembled Frank and Gerard out through his ears.

“Wait until I tell Cass that you can imagine your brother in the sack! What about Ray? Is Ray in there too?”

“No, Ray is not there, it’s you and I the last time I saw sibling naked was when he was ten so it’s a ten year old penis on a seventeen year old body,” Mikey groaned as he realised that just sounds even worse.

“Paedophile! Mikey, what kind of mind would imagine that of their brother? I mean I can imagine it, ‘cos, well...” Frank lost track of what his witty remark was going to be and just coughed in awkwardness, “anyway… are you going to come out of there?”

“Oh, yeah. Put down the thing you intend to hit me with now.” Mikey stretched until his spine had cracked to his satisfaction and unlocked the door, anticipating the shoe that came swishing towards his face.

Mikey grabbed it, pulled it out of Frank’s weaker grip and shoved the smaller into his pretty-much-empty wardrobe and leant on its doors to hold Frank in whilst he scanned the room for something to secure it with. He spotted a plain black belt that he’s never worn on the other side of the room. He held the door shut with his small rear as he reached for the desk chair that was just in his reach, which was difficult because Frank was banging on the doors, shaking the large wardrobe side to side and shouting profanities at Mikey to let him out. Mikey eventually managed to get the chair in front of the door and ran over to grab the belt; he threaded it through the handles, secured it in the buckle and slid the chair back in place to add extra reinforcement. He then left Frank in there and went back to playing his X-box.

Frank could see Mikey go back to gaming through the crack in the doors, the wardrobe was dark, but pleasantly so, it wasn’t very big and the only clothes in there were the likes of shirts and dress pants, the majority of Mikey’s clothes were piled on top of his drawers, leaving Frank enough room to slide down the side and sit on a duvet that had finally been put away.

Twenty-five minutes, or so, later the girls swept into the room looking frazzled and moaning about the humidity outside. Cassadee noticed the Frank-safeguard and the lack of the tattooed boy and went to let him out, Mikey jumped up and grabbed her by the waist pulling her away from the wardrobe as she fought against his firm grip. He bent to kiss her neck and she moved her head to the side, hitting him on the nose.


“Oh my god. Babes I am so sorry!” Cassadee span around in the circle of Mikey’s arms kissed his nose.

Mikey grinned and rubbed sniffing extremity, “It’ll be fine, just,” kiss “don’t,” kiss, “let out,” kiss, “Frank.”

Cassadee sighed, “Fine, Sorry Frank. ”

Frank’s muffled voice came from his wooden confinement, “S’okay Cass, I don’t think even I could resist Mikey’s precious little owl-y face, but could I at least have my phone? I think it fell out of my pocket by the bed when we went gangsta’.”

Hayley had found it a few seconds beforehand and was fiddling about with it, “Hey Frank, you’ve got a coupl’a texts from Gee… and why is your wallpaper a picture of Mikey pulling a retarded face?”

“What are you on about? Let me see…” Hayley held the phone up to the crack in the doors and Frank’s face turned from a look of confusion to that of childish irritation, even though no-one could see it, “Mikey you are an actual moron, seeing as you did this after what you said before.”

“What I said be- oooh. You, Mon ami, are a dick.”

“Why thank you, now can I have my phone?”

Hayley slid open the top drawer in the wardrobe and put the phone in it, slid it shut and Frank took it out. “God damn, this is like being in prison.”

The texts from Gerard wouldn’t be very interesting if they came from anyone else, but because they were from his beloved, Frank treasured every word, especially the little kisses on the end; he was well and truly a love-struck boy. Frank decided to inform his object of devotion of his current predicament. The imprisoned boy leant his head against the wardrobe side and closed his eyes, listening to Mikey and the girls kill terrorists and wishing that there was a little more room- his knees were starting to ache from being against his chest for the past half-hour. A minute later his phone buzzed in his hand:

From: Gee.X
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