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But it's better if you do. Part 2

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From: Gee.X
Ahaha, so you’re like captain cabinets? Trapped in cabinets, can he get out, will, he get out, ‘course he will!

To: Gee.X
Not funny! I’ve been in here for the past half hour, I do not appreciate having The Mighty Boosh recited to me.


From: Gee.x
Awwww, I’m sorry. Promise I’ll let you out later XP

To: Gee.X
You’re a dick :L


From: Gee.X
Yes, but I’m your dick :D

To: Gee.X
I was having this conversation with Mikey before. Apparently I’m a girl because I don’t have the ability to top. 1.) I can buy a dildo if I wanted to, 2.) I could totally top if I wanted and 3.) I’m only 15! I only lost my frigidity (?) last week!


From:Hayleyy :D
I can seeee youuuuuuu!!!

To:Hayleyy :D
No you can’t, I’m in a wardrobe.


From: Gee.X
Okay, that was a long-ish text. And sorry hun, you’re not much of a dominatrix. However, it’d be totally hot!


“Goddamn it Hayley! Stop texting me, you’re in the same room as me… Kinda…”

Hayley giggled “Aww, but it’s fun!”

“Do you know what’s even more fun? Letting me out of this goddamn cupboard!” Frank banged on the side by his head to emphasis.

“Nah, it’s funny letting you suffer.” Frank sighed, signalling defeat.

“But it’s better if you do-“

“Sorry Effie-bee, not getting out of that wardrobe by my doings.”

“Fuck you then.”

To: Gee.X

Please don’t fantasise about me in gimp suit or something, it’d be weird. Your brother already imagines teenage boys with children’s peni- I don’t want to have to completely reconsider my choice in friends… and thank god for qwerty phone keyboards :L


From: Gee.X
Well, that’s fucking weird. I’m coming home now, Ray’s being dragged to his Nan’s. I’ll see you in a bizzle.xxxx

To: Gee.X
Thank fuck, my knees hurt like a bitch, my ass is numb, I’m starving and I can smell your mum cooking D: XD .xxxxx

“Ha! Gerard’s coming home now, so I shall be released and feed on your brains!”

“Awww, is Frankie-bear going to come out of the closet for Gee-bee?” Mikey put on his most condescending voice to patronize Frank, just because he knew he hated being spoken to like a child.

“Oh fuck you, Owl face.”

“Hey! Owls are cute.”

“Not as cute as your brother…”

“Frank, shut the fuck up.”

“I win!”

“No, neither of you win. The reason being is that poodles dick on owls and Gee. And, as you may or may not be aware, my poodle is ‘specially sexy,” Hayley interjected.

“Hales, I’m sorry to burst your bubble, but Ray is a cloud with a body. If he got his hair cut off he would crumple as it keeps him upright,” Cassadee threw in to the argument from the circle of Mikey’s arms.

“Hey, h-“

“Kids! Food!” The sing-sing voice of Donna Way drifted up the stairs on a column of delicious smells, cutting off Hayley’s snarky comeback.

Hayley, Cassadee and Mikey scrambled to the door, leaving Frank to be tortured by the mouthwatering scents. In the haste of the ravenous teenager’s descent the three of them almost went tumbling down the stairs and piled around the kitchen table, just as Gerard came in from the garage and dumping his keys on the counter.

“Oh Gee, you’re just in time. Dinner’s ready,” Donna handed him a plate, which he placed on the table.

“Thanks mum, I just need to go and let Frank out of Mikey’s wardrobe.” And with that he disappeared up the stairs.

Donna turned to Mikey and the girls, “Why is Frank in your wardrobe?”

The trapped boy was going crazy from the smells of food and was banging his head against the wooden side, he heard someone come up the stairs and he saw a flash of bright red hair when he looked through the door-crack.



“Thank the scarecrow, get me out of here!”

“Hold on, and the scarecrow?” there was a clatter of the chair propped in front of the doors were removed and a rattle of metal as the belt buckle was undone, the doors swung open revealing the tall red-head. Frank rolled out, landing on the boy’s converse-clad feet.

“Yes, the scarecrow, I don’t know why I said it, I just did. Now, can you help me up?”

Gerard reached down a hand, which Frank grabbed and pulled him down with a surprising amount of force. Gerard landed on top of Frank with a wumph, winding the smaller.

“Ohai Gee, fancy seeing you here.”

“Hey Frankie, do you mind letting me up. I want food.”

“Nope, I want a kiss first.” Gerard rolled his eyes and planted a kiss on Frank’s plump lips.

“There, now can I go get food?”

“No, wasn’t good enough.” This time Gerard drew out a long and gentle kiss. “Ok, now you can go, but I do really need helping up.”

Gerard bounced to his feet and yanked up Frank with more strength than his small frame should be able to carry. Frank pecked him on the cheek and raced off downstairs, Gerard in close pursuit. They came crashing into the kitchen giggling and flustered from the fast descent, threw themselves into opposite chairs and dug into the lasagne that Mrs. Way had prepared for the five teens.

“So, Mikey, have a secret love for Kelis?” Frank mumbled before downing a mouthful of water.

“No, I have no idea how that is even on my phone!”

“Who’s Kelis?” Gerard chimed in.

“The person who did my milkshake, the song is currently Mikey’s ring tone. He hasn’t really expressed any wish to change it.”

“Cass, I’m sorry, but I think your boyfriend is a batter for midget and skeletor’s team,” Hayley before shovelling a fork of food into her mouth.

“No, please don’t say that. I’ve only just managed to get several severely wrong images from a similar conversation with Frank.” Frank laughed, forgetting his mouth was full of lasagne and chocked on the food.

“Oh, is this the teen body with children penis conversation?” Gerard enquired.

“Oh my god Frank, I hate you so much.”

“What’s this conversation, eh, owl boy?” Cassadee asked, casting an accusing glance at blushing boy.

“That conversation is too awkward to repeat, so you will just have to remain in the dark,” Frank enjoyed torturing his best friend but he didn’t like humiliating the poor boy.

“Is it now? Interesting…” Hayley mused, whilst stroking her ‘thinking beard’.

“Yes, it is. Now can we never bring this subject up again?” Gerard was thrown a venomous glare from his younger brother.

“Hey! What did I do? I didn’t know it was an awkward conversation, Frank just told me not to imagine him in a gimp suit because you, apparently, imagined a teen with a pre-pubescent appendage!”

“Hmmm, Frank in a gimp suit… You know, not that bad an image.”

“Hayley. Poodle.”

“So I’m not allowed to think of other guys?”

“Not when that guy is one of your best friends whilst in front of your boyfriend’s best friend, and then announcing it,” Cassadee said in a slightly bored voice.

“I piffle in your general direction.”

Gerard started to giggle to himself and said under his breath, “Teehee, piffle,” adding extra emphasis on the P ; earning a patronising eye-roll from Mikey, confused looks from the girls and a stifled chortle from Frank.


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