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That's What You Get.

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Frank stood and stretched, until his sore spine felt limbered and stopped aching. Gerard was still fast asleep and his body slowly slumped sideways, sliding through the space that the younger had been occupying. The tv was still flickering with red scenes of horror and gore from the film that they were watching. Frank stumbled over the limbs of his friends in the dimly lit room, joints stiff and ill-functioning. When he flicked the light on in the kitchen his tired eyes stung from the sudden glare of bright, white, fluorescent strip light. The dark haired boy raised his hand to shadow his delicate retinas and fumbled through the cabinets for a glass, filled it with cold water that was stored in the large fridge-freezer and took a long drink, letting the cool liquid run own his throat. He hadn't noticed how humid and clammy the air was and felt uncomfortable in his clothes, the back of his neck felt hot and slightly sweaty and he desperately longed for a shower. He drained his glass and rested the cool material on the back of his neck, now that he was fully awake he checked the time- half two in the morning. He groaned and rubbed his numb face and noticed he had some rough stubble dusting his jaw, he ignored it and went back into the living room to find Mikey. The brown haired boy was sprawled out at the foot of Cassadee's chair, snuffling as he slept, Frank nudged the geek in his ribs with a van-clad foot. The sleeping form adjusted his position and scrunched his face up, so Frank knelt down in front of Mikey's face and flicked his nose. Again, no reaction apart from a twitch of the nose. Frank grabbed hold of Mikey's nose and waited for Mikey to wake up from the lack of air. 5 seconds later Mikey spluttered to life, Frank grinned a wide, gleaming smile and stood to his full height, granted it wasn't much different (but we can't all be tall as Mikey and Gee).

"Great, you're awake. Now, get off ye arse." Frank held out a tattooed hand that Mikey slapped his own into and was hauled upwards, startling the semi-concious boy and dragging him into the kitchen. Mikey almost fell over Ray's sleeping form and flopped into one of the stools round the breakfast bar.

"Why'dyouwakemeup?" Mikey slurred in his tired state.

"I couldn't sleep and i got bored," Frank had another cold glass of water and Mikey was slumped over the counter, face first on the icy surface.

"Well, i can. So please can i go bobos?" Mikey whinged into the counter top.

"Awww, does Mikey-wikey wanna go bobos?"

Mikey, too tired to care or even register Frank's condescending question or tone, rubbed his face into the counter- indicating a yes.

"Well tough, I'm going for a shower. Please stay awake."

Mikey groaned, "Frank you can be a bitch sometimes. There wasn't even any point in waking me up."

Frank gave a delighted peep and was off upstairs. Mikey was asleep in seconds, amazingly staying on the stool.

Frank stripped off his tight skinny jeans and t-shirt and glanced at himself in the mirror and wiped the excess eyeliner away from under his eyes. He tuned the dial on the shower, stripped off his boxers and climbed into the tub and subsequently realised he still had his socks on- which were now heavy with soaked up water and whenever he moved they slapped on the bottom of the bathtub. He sighed and flapped his foot around, trying to flick the sock off of it. He eventually got one off and just couldn't be bothered with the second.

Frank stood in the shower with one soggy sock on and allowed the hot water rub over his face and neck, releasing the tense muscles that had wound up in the back of his neck. He grabbed a bottle of bight turquoise shampoo and rubbed it into his dark hair, immediately registering the fact that it was Gerard's from the smell. It was strawberry and raspberry scented 'for luxurious locks'. Frank giggled to himself and muttered 'fucking pansy' to himself. As he continued to shower he started to think about Gerard and how in just under two weeks his red-haired angel had managed to make him more confident, flirtatious and got him from crying from despair to crying with laughter. Frank realised that he was probably falling in love with Gerard and sighed, he started to choke up; He wanted to be with Gerard forever, but he knew that it's not likely to happen like that. He silently cursed himself under his breath and let several salty tears run down his face and mingle with the sudsy residue from the shower gel.

He finished in the shower and dried off with a towel he found on a shelf, when he went to pick up his clothes they were soaked. He wrapped the towel around his waist and ran downstairs, soggy clothing clutched to his chest. He shook Mikey gently awake, this time he jolted awake- eyes wide and tumbled off the stool. He crashed to the ground and was confused as to why he was on his kitchen floor with his half naked best friend stood over him. Frank swallowed back a laugh and helped Mikey up for the second time that night, Mikey rubbed his hip where it had hit the floor and yawned widely.

Frank dumped his clothes on the breakfast bar and pointed to them, readjusted his towel and pointed at them again.

"They're wet." He stated simply.

"And?" Mikey, still not quite in the land of the living.

"I need to dry them."

"Put them in the dryer then."

"I don't know how to work it though."

Mikey sighed and lazily grabbed the damp garments with swinging arms, pulled open the dryer door, slammed it shut with a plop, tuned a dial and off it went. When he turned round Frank was grinning slyly.

"What now?"

"I need some clothes to sleep in."

"Can't you just sleep in your boxers?"

"No, you just put them in the dryer."

Mikey rubbed his eyes (FACEPALM :3), trying to rub some life into his face, "Chest of drawers, top left shelf. But you're washing them before you give them back to me. I'm also assuming that you're going to be sleeping in my bed?"

"No, i think i'll sleep in Gee's bed just to confuse the fuck outta him in the morning. Night!"

Frank trotted off up the stairs whilst Mikey slowly followed after covering Cassadee in the biggest hoodie he owned Which, thankfully, was thrown across the back of the sofa. Once Frank was in Gerard's bed, surrounded by his sent and feeling fresh he nodded off within the minute of his wet head touching the pillow. But the thoughts that haunted him in the shower hung at the back of his mind, setting him in an awkward night of sleep.


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