Review for Summertime.


(#) emocutter91 2011-05-30

awezing! I love this, but you already know that 'Munchie:)
It was so cuuuuuute:D ya' know, i kinda like that this isn't nc-17 yet, because its just not very realistic to know someone for just a short time and jump in bed with them... Aaaaaaaas far as I know, anyways:)
But yeah, you do update pretty regularly, you are good at it, yessiree:) ... Whoa, did I seriously just say 'yessiree'? ...
Heheha, well anyways, I look forward to the next chapter honey-muncher ;)
Xoxo Jamie

Author's response

Yessiree you said yessiree ;D And I wouldn't know if someone would just jump in my bed, I'm not exactly expert on that area...

I shall update soon jamzieeee XP just for you :P