Review for Pretty Eyes

Pretty Eyes

(#) FlyingSmoke 2011-05-31

YAY EXTRE CHAPTER! It's like... An awesome ending to a great series like (I hate to do this...) Harry Potter! (I told you, I hate to do that, but it was the only connection I was making at the time [Twilight now in my head... Egh]) Thank god you love us that much. Any new stuff you write, try to keep Gee from the rape, pwease? It sucks to see him that way.
And now I'm rambling. Damnit.
YAY THE RAPIST WAS FOUND! That's fucking awesome. Found easily, without torture, or without seeing Gerard again (like /that way/.) I hope he dies. Just glad he was found, and the guys were celebrating. ... Well, as much celebration as you could with Gee being blind and all... This feels like a short amount of time, but I know this was... What, six months? It worked out.
Update soon!