Review for You Can Run Away With Me

You Can Run Away With Me

(#) xx_eddi_xx 2011-06-11

*giggles, randomly breaking out into the funky chicken*

=") i ain't heard of anyone doing that dance in ages, man. *laughs*

but poor frankie. "/ no gramma.

...*points and laughs at mikey again*

oh, sugar, you gotta do something crazy like have mikey get killed off cos he's obviously the fan favorite and THAT will make people FLIP their SHIT! XD

but thats just what i'd do cos i'm a sadistic motherfucker. ;D

...yeah, don't listen to me. XD mikey's great.

...i'm so mixed in my feelings. *head explodes*

look!!!! -----> TACO!!!! ^.^