Review for Yet again another audition.

Yet again another audition.

(#) I_am_a_Graveyard 2011-06-12

Name - Nickie Mackay (Killjoy name Chemical Suicide)

Age - 15.

Appearance - Nearly white blonde hair, face shape the same as Frankie's (:D) and eye's hazel much like Gerard's (:D), 5 piercings: spider bites and 1 in each ear, 5 foot, average size body for my age, small-ish hands and size 5 or feet (just incase you need that :P).

Style - Skinny jeans of any colour but pink, no skirts or dresses or shorts! Band t-shirts moslety or have funny slogans on them. Most people call me "the emo kid" or "punk" if that helps..., hoodies with faces and ears/horns. nails normally painted black and sometimes a deepr purple or blue, I love red eyeliner aswell as black.

Personality - On the ouside I am happy and hyper, smiley, jokey and uncaring of what people say. On the inside I am easily hurt; I get depressed easily and always have severe paranoia about everything. I am nice to people who are nice to me and am not too quick to judge a person. I am shy when I don't know someone but if I know you I am outgoing and confident.

Likes - The colours red and black and purple together, movies (any kind really), gummy bears and mini eggs, jelly bands, converse, sleeping, talking with friends, being alone to my own thoughts, listening to music, people who know when to leave me alone, swearing (hehe), drawing/writing on my arms, drawing, writing/laying music, playing bass and drums.

Dislikes - Homophobics, people who don't get when you want to be left alone, small spaces, people who steriotype, the colour pink, athority (people like teachers etc), fakes (people acting like something their not).

Favorite Color - Black and purple together.

Favorite place to be - Either i my own in my room listening to music or out in the rain with my ipod on my own.

Backstory - I live in a very small area where there isnt much to do. My mum and brother are horrible to me. They treat me like I'm not as important to them. Closest to my dad. Don't have that bad a life really, nice home, enough money etc. (Make it up if that isn't enough)

Misc stuff I should know about the character - I love dogs and cats, I don't know what sexuality I am and am willing to try anything really ;) I love punk music like Misfist etc and I like Green Day, Simple Plan, All Time Low but I also like Slipknot, Escape The Fate and Asking Alexandria.

Anything you do/don't want your character to do - I don't care if you make me take drugs etc, make me as messed up as you want :) (don't mean that to sound horrible or insulting even though it does a bit...)

Change anything, and good luck!! I understand if you don't choose me and sorry if I did it wrong! :P