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Yet again another audition.

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Hi folks, CC here. Well this is my first 'audition' for my story. I actually have characters planned out, but I though I'd give it a shot to see if someone else could fit the bill better. About the story : It won't be a Killjoy story, nor will it be in the present (obviously), this will probably be during Revenge or Black Parade era, I am not sure yet. So, if you're interested...

I'll be needing friends of the band, GF for the guys, (Bob is taken btw.) I may need a few sisters of the guys as well. Guys are also welcome to audition :P

Name - (first and last please, make it up if you wish.)

Age - (may need to change if you're okay with that.)

Appearance -

Style -

Personality - (I need some substance here, not just 'I'm shy.', I need some depth here.)

Likes -

Dislikes -

Favorite Color -

Favorite place to be -

Backstory - (be unique, this is important.)

Misc stuff I should know about the character -

Anything you do/don't want your character to do - (there may be some R rated stuff here - sex, drugs, etc - so if you're not cool with that then I'd advise not to audition.)

What role you desire -

Important note : Now as you can see I have a specific 'vision' for my characters, so not everyone will make it in. The ones I feel are the most creative will be picked, so here's your chance to shine. I'll get results up as soon as I find the characters I'm looking for. Okie Dokie? Cool beans. Thanks for your time guys/gals and happy auditioning - Nolee
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