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*long ass drum roll*

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Ello puppets! Well first off, thank you all so much for taking the time to help me out with characters. I have to admit this was a lot harder than I thought, all of you were great. Sadly I don't think I can put everyone in, but who knows in the future (:

Anyways...on with the results...


Kat - Gerard Arthur Way's girlfriend.

Nickie - Frank Anthony Thomas Iero's girlfriend.

Natalia - Michael James Way's girlfriend.

Sam - Raymond Manuel Toro-Ortiz's girlfriend.

Bella - Robert Nathaniel Cory Bryar's girlfriend.

Riley - band's tour manager/problem solver/therapist. (btw Death Defying, loved your audition dude.)

Hayley - Mikey and Gee's younger sister.

There you have it. I hope your happy with your roles, if not, let me know and I can try to work something else out. Thanks again guys for auditioning I appreciate it. I'll try to get the story up as soon as possible, so be on the on look out!

Peace xo Nolee
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