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Author's Note.

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pretty important.

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Hey guys. First off, my name is Kia and I'm Nolee's best friend/co writer. On her behalf, I'm writing to inform you on some stuff.

Now at some point in our lives we get hit with the shit stick right? Well, it happened to be our turn this time. Last week, Nolee and I were on our way back from dinner when we got into a car accident with a drunk driver. We ended up slamming into a tree, so it was pretty bad to the say the least. Luckily we didn't get killed, but we do have some injuries to recover from. I had to have stitches on my upper lip where shards of glass had cut me, and 2 fractured ribs. Nolee broke her right arm and we both have some pretty ghastly bruises, I'm grateful we made it out alive. Her baby Suzy (her car) was totaled and all that junk. The drunk driver has been arrested but I'm not quite sure as to where he is right now. Now me and Nolee are fighters, this wouldn't have been a big deal for us since we've been in worse situations, however, this time was pretty crucial. Nolee didn't want to anyone to know, but she miscarried her baby from the accident. Needless to say, she's not taking it so well.

With that being said, the story will be on an obvious delay for the time being. Both of us are extremely sorry for in the inconvience, but due to the circumstances and the fact that she broke her right hand, she's struggling to use the keyboard.

Nolee asked me to write this up for her and let you guys know incase you're wondering why the story hasn't been posted yet. I know she expresses her gratitude to you peeps.

Again, we're really sorry and hope you understand. Life can be a bitch sometimes :/

Coincidentally we just heard about Ryan Dunn, this just another reminder to never let yourself or friends drive drunk, you don't know what could happen.

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