Review for Yet again another audition.

Yet again another audition.

(#) Bad_Romance 2011-06-12

Name - Kat Lee Healy

Age - 21 (change if need be :) )

Appearance - long bright red hair with layers in, and a side fringe. Full lips, defined cheek bones, a few freckles on nose. Light skinned, and wears pink blusher and mascara, and light red lipstick. Dark eye make up, but not too heavy, to accentuate big grey eyes. A small but curvy frame. About as tall as frank.

Style - wears ripped black skinny jeans a lot of the time, or a deniem skirt. Usually wears t-shirts or vests. And hoodies. A pair of black converses or black boots. Likes to look casual but nice a lot of the time

Personality - a fairly happy person, but can struggle sometimes which causes her to go out and binge drink. A happy person when drunk, and can come over as been very flirty, but doesn't intend on coming across like that. She loves her friends and family and makes sure they know it. Doesn't really like showing emotions, such as crying, so will go and drink or take drugs to make herself feel happy. Doesn't get sad too often. Likes been around a lot of people.

Likes - been with people she loves. Her hair, makes sure it's nice all the time. Rock music. Travelling. Walks. Drinking. Smoking. Dogs.

Dislikes - been alone. Feeling sad. Spiders. Sea crabs. People upsetting her friends/family.

Favorite Color - green

Favorite place to be - with who she loves. Or on a beach

Backstory - originally from the uk. Kat is half English and half French. She has a slight French accent that is only noticable when she has had a drink or angry. She moved to the USA when she was 11 with her mother and father. Only child. Left home when she was 17 and moved to new York. Went to the visual arts school there, but got thrown out after turning up to a class drunk. She suffered from a slight drinking problem until she was 19 then got attacked on her way home from a night club and she was beaten up and mugged. Calmed her drinking after this. Kat likes to see the world in a nice view, and tries to ignore the bad parts of the world. She has contact with her mother and father, calling them most days.

Misc stuff I should know about the character - can she be either gerards or franks girlfriend :) has 6 tattoos. A lily design with swirls on her left side. Love in Greek on her right wrist. Some vine leaves on the other. Some script writing which says 'i will live my life' on her right foot n then 3 stars at the bottom of her back.

Anything you do/don't want your character to do - sex and drugs are fine. :)