Review for Yet again another audition.

Yet again another audition.

(#) BlueFlare12 2011-06-12

Name - Hayley Desant

Age - 14, and you can change it ;]

Appearance - shoulder length black/blue/brown hair, hazel eyes, red lips, bass player hands, medium height, average weight, round face but not 'fat', long legs, long arms, looks sporty and nerdy but isnt sporty but is smart, wears glasses, long nails most of the time, big feet.

Style - Colourful and casual, tends to wear just about anything that is not popular like big scarfs and weird skinny jeans, likes to be different and shows that.

Personality - Never shows sadness unless it is unbearable but even then probably hides it still, is fantastic at pulling a 'poker face' so excellent at lying, is normally bubbly and sarcastic, makes people laugh by doing almost everything. Also defends friends when she feels necessary.

Likes - Doing whatever form of art, from painting to sculpting, trying to learn something new, oddly maths (i dont know why), jelly beans, Pandas, colours, bravery and fairness.

Dislikes - Ignorance, boredom, bullies, looking 'perfect' and fitting in completely.

Favorite Color - BLUE

Favorite place to be - really Open spaces or closed up spaces, not really places that are crowded with people.

Backstory - After having a tough life to begin with, dealing with her dad completely ruining the small family, starting school sucked as that meant being picked on by almost everyone that was 'better', then being a 'nerd' didn't help either because that resulted in paper balls to the head every music lesson. No matter where she goes it feels like she is the only outcast in the room or world, the only place that she feels comfortable is with her wacky friends or listening to any kind of music that comes to her attention that sounds ok. Tries to be friends with everyone but fails, mainly because they make her dislike them, tries to see the best in people and the world.

Misc stuff I should know about the character - She likes doing outrageous things and helping others when they are struggling, even if she is.

Anything you do/don't want your character to do - I dont care what happens you are the author not me ;]

What role you desire - Maybe a girlfriend of Frank or Mikey or sister of Mikey and Gerard, if i dont fit into those put me into another one. I will probably read your story anyway :P