Review for Happiness or Misery?

Happiness or Misery?

(#) emocutter91 2011-06-12

first, happy birthday early:)
I love Lifehouse! Broken is like the best song ever.
And yay! Updated:D take your time if you want, its your story for fuck sake:)
I look forward to the frerard, and I just bet Gee doesn't have as much fun as he'd hoped coz he'll have Frankie on the brain... Or heart ???
Loved the chapter, as always and you're an amazing writer.
Xoxo Jamie

Author's response

awwwwww chucks thank youuuu hehe >.< i'll be 16 sooon gahhh hehe
omg same i never did before but when i saw them live they just blew me away, i love broken but my fave is 'hanging by a momment' 'you and me' 'everything' and 'sick cycle carasel' lol i have a lot i like XD
ohh and jason wade is niceeee hehe i wanted him to take his shirt off last night XD
hehe haha yeah your right, lol i was waiting for your review hehe i love them they always ligthen my day so thank you soo much.
Yeah hehe well you will soon see what happens gonna try and get it done for the weekend :)
thank you sooo much it means a lot, it means a lot that you read and R&R