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"With those words, set me free [Frikey]":

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I perched myself on my bed in the hotel room whilst clasping a now Luke warm cup of coffee, watching the taupe coffee that swirled in the little black mug in my hands as I drearily looked at the liquid as it shimmered in the daylight.

I have had a exhilarating day and now I am kind of exhausted , I get tired easily due to lack of exercise. I needed to take a little nap on my bed like the granddad I am, and just peacefully have a cup of coffee, yet my mind was on another individual yet again.

“Well well ...” My brother spoke, as he barged into my room, jolting me from my sitting position and making the cold coffee swish in my cup. My stunned form now returned to my normal usual vampire freaky self, as I now located the mug on the beige wooden side-cupboard.

“What the hell Mikey, There is such a thing called knocking you know?” I yelled, at the same time as telling him in my sarcastic state.

“Yeah yeah you’ll soon get over it,” he said, huffing as he did so.

I rolled my eyes in annoyance and flopped back on the bed with a oomph. I peered my head again to see Mikey’s figure stood tall with his hands gripping his hips and looking at me with his eyebrows raised.

“What?” I questioned bewildered.

“You know what,” he answered raising his eyebrows as he spoke.

I dragged my lazily form from my comforting position, and sat on the edge of the bed baffled, as I looked at him.

His hands dropped from his sides as he now had them folded to his chest as he looked at me with the same grin spread across his face like a bad rash. My eyebrows knotted as I continued my puzzled expression, waiting for his next words.

“You have a little thing for ‘you know who don’t you’?” he told me triumphantly, as he nodded his head smirking at me.

“Wh-what?” I asked shocked, with my mouth slightly agape.

He snorted with laughter and slummed down beside me on my bed, but lying with his hands snug behind him and legs crossed over one another. “I saw the looks you gave,” he said smugly with his eyes closed.

So maybe I had grown a slight crush, but how the hell did he know, this isn’t good, but surely it wouldn’t become anything other. Why was Mikey making such a big deal about it, not like he wasn’t dribbling and gourping over his very noticeable crush.

“Mikey, that’s nothing compared to the way you were acting today, you were like a deranged cat that hasn’t eaten for months,” I explained.

“Urhh---well somethinghappenedtomycoffeesothere,” he said in a hasty breath, before he was off in a swift move out the door and out of sight. I laughed then flopped myself back on the bed feeling a slight bounce as I reminisced on the previous events today.


/Earlier today, the teacher actually allowed us to roam London for a while... in groups of course, as long as we didn’t go far, still I wasn’t complaining one bit. It was Bob, Mikey and I, who had decided to group together, as Danny decided to go off with his other mates. We all had arranged to go to the local shops where they had some awesome shops I had never came across at home or even seen.

Firstly, before we even took to the wacky fun stores with bubbles flying from every corner and magazine collections filling the windows we entered HMV where we were to meet Mikey’s ‘friend’ and her friend. However, I had other things on my mind.

I could tell Mikey’s excitement and enthusiasm on meeting her and I was really happy for him and very hopeful. Then again for some reason my mind was away with the fairies, or was it just something else beginning with an F?

“Hey Gerard, Romy and her friend are waiting in HMV now,” Mikey hyped, expressing a huge grin. Sounding like he had something other, mixed in with his coffee this morning.

“W--what?” I asked astound.

“Urhh hello, going HMV now, to meet the girls,” he nudged me emphasizing the last words, as he winked gesturing for me to get in there with a chance.

I sniggered and then rolled my eyes as I was soon snapped out from my daze. “Alright then Mikes,” I replied delayed.

I then trudged behind the guys further into the shopping centre as they call it her, with my hands shoved deep into my navy blue shinnies that had wear and tear patches throughout and the knees visibly faded and worn. Then again that’s what you get when you try and do an Ollie on your brothers skateboard and snap it in half. Still, there my favourite jeans and it just reminds me of his face that day I brought it in snapped in half only hanging by a few strays of wood. To which has put Mikey off skateboarded for life, oh and the fact that he was absolutely terrible at it.

As we carried further I found myself zoning out again, something I did subconsciously until Bob snapped me out of it to guide me to the entrance of the shop. They then entered the shop gathering in the middle to meet the girls.

“Hey dude, are you alright you seem a little down?” Bob asked, unsurely seeming concerned.

“Umm yeah...yeah I’m good Bob. I was just urhh wondering what the new korn CD is called?” I asked, covering up my deep thoughts with a smile.

“Oh yeah that album is brilliant, it’s called ‘see you on the other side’,” he told me then smirked after. “Guess I will see you on the other side, in a sec,” he said.

“In a sec,” I agreed. He then gently punched my shoulder in a friendly gesture before he sauntered over to the rest.

When he left I let out a huge sigh I didn’t even realise I was holding, I suppose all this thinking has put way too much pressure on me. True fully, I wasn’t that concerned about korn’s new CD, even though I wouldn’t mine getting it one bit, but I really just wanted a little time by myself, not like I haven’t recently. I know I was being withdrawn and neglective but I would be going back to the hotel room soon and I need to know what I will be saying, how to gain his trust, befriend him. I don’t know why this was bothering me that much it just seemed to always reminding me, embedded into my brain, like a chore I had to complete.

It’s useless, I can’t think now, man, my brain can barely trigger where the metal section is, so how the hell my brain will be able to function to tell me what to say I don’t know.

My eyes then caught onto the metal section of the shop. Finally my brain actually works on some things. I then dashed over to the section, letting my eyes scan the metal artists and bands, searching for the CD through all the other CDs that were staked. My eyes then caught onto the CD and as soon as they did, I promptly picked up korn’s album and hastily made my way back to the rest.

When I joined the rest of them I was greeted by a beetroot looking Mikey and pleasantly surprised by two fairly pretty girls standing before me. Mikey’s cheeks were over powered with redness and he blushed due to the petit girls in front of him. This only made me crack up.

His face expressed a ton of shyness and slight awkwardness, as he wasn’t representing the confident behaviour he had possessed on that drunken night at the festival.

Mikey then must of heard me walk over as he then turned to face me with a face full of relief. He smiled and introduced me to the two girls in front.

He laid his hand on my back and brought me forward to start the introducing.

“Gerard this is Ro-o- Romy and L--Lucy,” he told me through stutters while gesturing his hand to each girl, Romy being on the left slightly smaller and Lucy being on the right. “A--and g-girls this is Gerard,” he finished by giving a gently squeeze to my shoulder. The two girls wiggled their fingers at me shyly and smiled sheepishly. I nodded back with a small grin as I discreetly scanned their appearance.

My eyes first caught onto Lucy, as she held a strong posture although I could easily see her nervousness. She was petit and slim, though she held curves in the correct places giving her a nice hour glass figure. She had very long silky dark hair that was like an inky midnight sea of velvet, laying just past her shoulders. It just perfected her opal pale skin that matched my own. Her wavy choppy hair and sleek side fringe completed her big gaping brown eyes that glistened streaks of caramel through the iris as the light shone.

Lucy wore slim fitted red skinny jeans that hugged her curved hips nicely and a black and white stripped t-shirt that peeked out of her half zipped misfits hoodie. This then made me smile as I registered her good taste in music. Her outfit was then finished with a pair of scruffy converse, laced with tartan laces.

She stood shyly and darted her eyes from me to the rest of the guys. She looked up at me and smiled timidly, before finding her nails and nibbling on them nervously. She looked to be a nice caring girl.

It was hard for me to advert my gaze away from her but I soon enough did to view Romys appearance. Romy was slightly taller than Lucy and very slim. She had the appearance of the girl next door, as her look appeared innocent and very sweet. However, she held more confidence. Her hair was a fair light brown shade that softly brushed past her shoulders. She was also very pale and as I could see she had blue eyes that streamed flecks of grey in her shining bright orbs. Her eyes never met mine, not since our introduction but only frequently as they were immediately back on Mikey. As I could tell, her eyes were discreetly peeping up at Mikey sweetly.

Romy was wearing a black baggy t-shirt that had the writing ‘Anthrax’ spread over her t-shirt. I could already tell that she and Mikey would get on perfectly.

Out of the two I felt Lucy seemed more appealing, she held a vampire essence to her as her pale skin matched her dark ebony hair. Romy was very pretty indeed, I just couldn’t crush on someone that was so head over heels over my brother now. I could sense the connection shared between them two already. The sincere looks they expressed on their faces and the shy looks they passed to each other, trying not to meet eye level. I could defiantly tell there was already a spark occurring between them two love struck teenagers. And I wouldn’t want to tear apart such a wonderful beginning.

Soon the awkwardness was afar and the nervous glances were long behind us. We were getting on great , I felt like we were a bunch of friends who had know each other since kindergarten and I think the feeling was mutual. We laughed and joked in HMV, picking out our favourite albums and a few awesome posters. Then headed over to the other shops that were round the area. They were awesome, very different to the ones back in America, still I loved all the same.

After we shopped and searched around the different shops we then lazily made our way to Costa for a coffee and relaxation. (Costa rules better then Starbucks sowwy XD) it was almost unreal to me being with Bob and Mikey just like before, best friends hanging out but this time with females that weren’t mocking me of my fashion sense... or lack of it, with their fake tan and cheap tacky products. They were just theme self and we all got on great, they didn’t wear shed loads of make-up or pretend to be something other then what they were. It was really nice, we easily broke down the wall of shyness and fell straight into a very comforting zone that I loved.

I learnt that Romy was a very cheerful, easy going girl. She talked about her favourite bands a lot, and I loved to listen. She told me that she liked Anthrax ...if that wasn’t obvious due to her t-shirt and matching messenger bag. She also loved green Day and Linkin Park, which I for one must agree on, they totally rock. As well as that she seemed to take much interest in the comic book stores, that I could tell would go perfectly with Mikey’s hobby, interest and most importantly. OBSESSION!

I couldn’t find out much as Mikey had literally chewed off her ear with the amount of chatting I heard from him in front. It was as if they were in a completely new planet. Mikey NEVER talks to a girl...EVER. Therefore, I would be pretty intrigued to see what his world is like.

No doubt a bunch of unicorns, comic books, toasters and probably a Chester Bennington lying somewhere in the corner. I always wondered about his strange fetish for him. (A/N: because Chester loves unicorns XD seriously. It’s a hidden love.)

Once them two had disappeared into the comic book store ,Bob, Lucy and I made our way to a small milkshake bar. Telling Mikey and Romy, who were so besotted with each other already, to join us later, before Mikey chews off Romy’s face too.

While we made our way there I noticed that every once in a while Lucy would dig into her pocket of her red jeans and grab a crumbled up piece of paper. The paper was covered in ink scribbles. She then added to the squiggles of mess with a biro pen she took from her hoodie pocket and jotted a few things down on the paper, filling the little space left.

As I discreetly took into account what she was doing I noticed her hands were small and artistic, holding a talent within. They appeared skilful and slender, an authors hand maybe? She then hid behind her fringe when shoving the scrunched piece of paper back into her pocket.

“So,” I started , as I looked her way. “ to write or anything like that?” I asked nervously, whilst twiddling with my thumbs.

“Umm...yeah I do. I write,” she smiled sheepishly, lifting her fringe to look my way.

“That’s cool, I had a feeling you do some kind of creative art,” I said.

“Yeah, I’m writing a story at the moment, it’s a great way to express your feelings,” she replied with a flutter of her eyes as the wind was now catching up, flaring her hair in all directions.

“Yeah me to, I draw though,” I smiled. “So what was that you were writing for you story?”
“That?” she said pointing to her pocket. I nodded. “That’s my shopping list.” She exclaimed with a serious face.

“Oh,” I said. “So you write shopping lists too. Impressive,” I laughed.

She joined in and so did Bob merely.

“Yeah, and I can also write up to 10,” she smiled enthusiastically with sarcasm.

“No way!” I shouted over excitedly. “I can count to 10,” I said with a huge grin making her giggle sweetly.

“Oh yeah, and I can hop to 10,” Bob joined, hopping forward 10 passes.

“Yeah, I’m surprised you even made it to 10,” I added sarcastically, just to get a whack on my shoulder and a grumpy Bob beside me.

“Aww cheer up Bob,” I said patting his head enthusiastically, with a grin, then skipping over to the entrance of the Milkshake bar.

“Come on now doggy, come on, good boy!” I said as I patted my knees gesturing for him to run a long into the shop. Resulting to Lucy laughing hysterically and Bob trying to put on a angry glare but grinning slightly trying to maintain his laughter inside.

“Oh made him angry now...he...he might bite you!” Lucy shouted through laughter. “Run!” she said, whaling her arms in the air to emphasize on the danger I was in.

“Oh no...who let the dogs out!” I shouted and then sped into the bar as Bob chased after me.

After my little antic, we settled in the bar and had bought our milkshakes. Mine being chocolate and Lucy and Bobs being strawberry. I can’t stand strawberry, chocolate is the way.

As we sipped our milkshakes we talked about films we liked, school and the horrors within them, which of course I added Mrs withers and how vile she looked, I mean if she looks that bad with makeup I can’t even imagine how bad she would look without. I shuddered. Lucy had told me she loved the lost boys film and her school was just as bad, and isn’t very accepted to pupils with individuality.

Not long after, Mikey and Romy had joined us, looking even more happier than ever. This time I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to know what was in his world. We all talked and drank our milkshakes, talking about bands and anything our minds would wander to. Lucy talked about the Misfits, AMEN, and Green Day which were her favourite bands. I also noticed that she had the tendency to chew on her lip occasionally, which was very sweet, reminding me of another 5’5 individual.

The day went great, and I really enjoyed myself. Occasionally my mind would wonder off feeling that something was missing, something at the back of my mind telling me that I shouldn’t like Lucy the way I did, but letting that rest aside, shake it away. Needless to say, the day was so fun, and what can I say? No teachers make it even more enjoyable./


“Damn, what to wear, what to wear?” I mumbled as I told myself, frantically rushing around the small room, gathering useless items of clothing I knew I wouldn’t be wearing or at least chucking off after the next few seconds. I pulled out all my unwanted clothes from the draws and onto the room, now looking more familiar to my own room at home, it now had that Gerard signature look. Clothes scattering and filling the floor, all of my clothes crumpled on the floor and bed, contaminating the room black. Why did I bring so many clothes?

This was the time my feminine side came out, and it isn’t one I’m fond of. I was wearing my best black baggy jeans with the rips in the knees and fraying slightly, with my black converse, studded belt and wrist bands. The only problem yet to resolve was what t-shirt to I wear.

You see, the rebel I am, have planned to go out to a club strictly off bounds tonight, without the teachers knowing. Mikey, Bob, Romy and Lucy going. Doing the oldest trick on the book and filling my bed with clothes to appear that I was sleeping, now Frank and I are on good terms I can get away with it.

I decided on a black buttoned shirt and a dark red tie. The shirt slightly tattered and faded but went well with the tie and converse, but as I scanned myself in the mirror I found it appearing too formal. So then, yet again, I took it off and started again.

After much complaining and contemplating on what to wear I finally decided on a outfit and for once I actually felt comfortable with myself in it. I stuck with the shirt and tie but changed the jeans to a tighter fitted pair that were a dark denim colour. Black converse and a black scuffed blazer, but suiting nice with the outfit. When I viewed my figure in the full size mirror that hung on the wall beside my bed, I checked my room and saw a decent dressed boy, but failing to see a decent looking boy that looked at least 18 instead of 16. The mass of black tangled matted hair was reflected in the mirror, dark bags under my eyes and tired vacant eyes staring back at me.

I trudged over to the bathroom hoping to fix this problem. I raised the volume of my hair and applied some cologne with some eyeliner rimmed around my eyes, only to smudge it around slightly to give it a nice Smokey look. It complemented my lime coloured orbs that swirled gold in the iris slightly.

I smiled at my reflection, one thing I never thought I would achieve whilst in front of a mirror.

Just then Frank strolled in, bouncing on his bed with a huff. I appeared from out of the bathroom to wear I was peering out from and sat on my bed. Feeling slightly nervous, I hope I’m not to overdressed.

He then peered from his dark fringe and looked at me, smiled and gave me a warm welcoming.

“So, I see you’re off out...after curfew?” he said raising his eyebrows, looking at my outfit as if not believing the words that had escaped his lips.

I nodded a yes and smiled at him. “Well just going to a club, do you reckon I’ll get in for an 18?” I asked.

“hmm well, if they squint their one eye...then turn sideways, then maybe squint their over...close their eyes and imagine an 18 year old before them, then yes,” he grinned.

“Oh well thanks,” I said and rolled my eyes laughing lighting, making him grin and giggle.

He then stood up, maybe a little too quickly as he swayed and he suddenly came crashing to the floor. Damn, I thought as I saw him only just catch himself with his hands, I could have helped him to. I quickly got up and rushed to his side.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“No,” he said slowly lifting himself up.

I helped him reach to his feet and laughed sympathetically.

“Do you always manage to hurt yourself?” I questioned smiling.

He then forced a laugh and then steadily walked back to his bed, Gripping a hold of his injured hand that I took care of not long ago. He hissed in pain as I could see his hand hurt from the face he pulled.

“Let me have a look at your hand,” I said as I moved over to his bed and scooted beside him.

Just then as I was closer to him I could smell the very familiar scent of caramel, coffee and sugar that made my knees turn to jelly and feel all gooey and tingly inside. Yet a new scent that filled my nose. That was lavender just topping off the sweet smells that lingered in the air.

I tried telling myself that I was just receiving these feelings for my crazed obsession for coffee, just shake it off, it’s only a smell...a very sweet,, it’s just nothing. I shook it off, but luckily, Frank’s hiss of pain cut me off my stupid thoughts.

He held his sore hand with his eyes shut in pain as I could tell it was shooting straight through him.

“One sec,” I said using my finger to assure him I wouldn’t be long. I hurriedly rushed to the bathroom to once again fetch the first aid kit. I took it from its resting position in the cupboard and brought it too Frank.

“Here,” I said motioning for him to give me his hand. As he did he flinched slightly and just like before the strong warm fulfilling feelings came washing over me once again. I ignored the strong feelings and shook them away, concentrating on Franks hand as much as possible. When I unravelled the material from his injured hand, it was swollen and there was a small amount of blood trickleing down.

“It’s just the way I fell on it. Damn, I’m so clumsy,” he laughed a little.

I took care of the blood and gave him a fresh small bandage, the same as the previous days before, until his hand was securely bandaged and free of blood. His hands felt like none other, soft, smooth, and flawless and as I sat there, dealing with his injured hand all I could think of, was how much longer I would have left, to hold it.

No, Gerard snap out of it, you’re going to be meeting nice, pretty girls at the club. Then again, there most likely to be a bunch of over powered make-up, under dressed slags, that have been free to roam from the playboy mansion.

Holding Franks hands felt as if I were running my hands through silk, they made my hand tingle and every inch of my body felt like it was touched by an angle, though in actual fact it was only my one hand that was. His callouses were of a guitar players, I could tell, if not the guitar in the corner of the room would give it away. They were rough from playing which matched his bitten and chewed nails as the black paint was chipped, but nothing compared to the smooth skin on his hands.

He looked up at me and smiled. His face also, free of pain and unfortunately my hand free of his.

“Thanks...again,” he smirked, laughing a little as he released his hand from mine.

“Ha-ha I know, no--no pr--o- problem. Just please don’t h--hurt yourself again. I don’t know h—ho-how much these hands c-can do,” I joked, while stupidly stuttering raising my hands in the air. I stood up brushing myself over and placing the first aid kit on the side of the bed, just in case.

I walked over to the opposite side of the room and checked my phone, I should be on my way to Mikey’s now. I cleared my throat signifying that I was now ready to leave.

Frank had recuperated himself on the bed carefully; gently re-positioning himself leant on the bed board. I walked up to the door and then turned my head round to Frank.

“Oh your leaving now?” he asked, looking up at me, a small sign of sadness present on his face.

“Yeah, I am.” I reassured him with a small smile, but feeling a slight pang of guilt.

He laughed slightly. “Lucky, well have fun,” he smiled.

“Oh a--and if the teachers come, c-ca-can you p-please pretend that I’m in there sleeping,” I smiled, but feeling utterly guilty for leaving it for him and most importantly all alone.

“Oh...yeah sure,” he nodded, but I could see slight sadness hit him once again.

“Umm thanks, well cya later,” I said as I flickered my fingers at him.

“Bye,” he replied as he just waved goodbye a little and slid back down on the bed.

I existed the room and was soon down the corridor heading to Mikey’s room. Knowing that soon I will need to speak to Frank, and stop being the wimpy procrastinator I am.

A/N: Again soooooooooooo sorry for posting so late, i hope this has made up for it a lil hehe and i hope i have wrote you two girls okay :)? I will be quicker with the nest one, I will try my best not to be such a granny lol hehe. Well please be the stars you are and R&R pleaseee cause I love them so much and again where would I be without them ? haha be sure to check out my other work on my account and R&R :) oh and has anyone hoeard of Lifehouse? their not that big but they are great, and is anyone going to see them on sunday at the HMV institute?
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