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The realisation part 1

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"Gerard and the fart...or is it?":
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A/N: GUYYSSS I am SOOOOO SORRY for the late chapter, I feel so bad please please forgive me with a cherry on top plus Frankie :D I have had writers block kind of bad, and when I got round to writing this, I have just been super busy and well...I do have a life so I have kind of wanted to live it. XD lol you know what I mean we all have life’s, so I got really side-tracked and distracted with other things, not just that, but when I haven’t been distracted I have tried my very very best to make this chapter good. When I looked over my last one, I realised that I had written it really bad, and was kind of surprised at how many reviews I got, which of course I am soo grateful for.

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“Hey bro, you ready to go?” I asked, as Bob let me in.

“Ha-ha you’ve got to be kidding, been waiting for him to decide on something to wear for ages,” Bob huffed, pointing to the frantic mess that was my brother, Mikey. And I thought I had it bad.

I looked over the room, my eyes finding a huddled mess on one of the three beds, realising that that one heap was Danny.

“Hey, what’s wrong with sir sleeps a lot over there,” I said, nodding my head to Danny on the bed.

“Oh well he is...‘ill’,” Bob said, as he rolled his eyes using holding his two fingers up to make a quote, to exaggerate the obvious lie.

“Ohh,” I said, huffing as I rolled my eyes too, finding my way over to Mikey on the opposite side of the room.

Mikey was now in the same position I was not long ago. Clothes piling the floor and heaps of more unwanted clothing spread around his bed and all over the hotel room’s floor.

He waltzed around the room with his head dug into his hands, mumbling useless words to himself. Damn, we are so alike.

“Seriously Mikes, you STILL... haven’t decided what to wear?” I questioned, raising my hands along with my eyebrows whilst asking.

“What’s it look like?” he said with annoyance hanging in his voice. “no, I haven’t. What the hell do I wear,” he complained, as he flailed his arms in all directions, the only way he felt he could express the true depth of his frustration, whilst speaking in a rushed tone, hands pulling at his mousey brown dishevelled locks, making them stand on end and stick out in all angles.

“I have to look good for...Gerard!” he shouted annoyed, as I was previously nodding looking deeply concerned, and now sneakily turned around facing the other direction, so he was now speaking to my vast amount of hair.

Bob chuckled to himself quietly as I can recall Mikey’s face a bundle of mess, plus annoyance plus...well... Mikey and that is just a mess itself.

“That’s not funny Gerard Arthur Way!” he yelled down my ear, the sound ear piercing as his voice rang.

I was already spun around by that point, whaling with laughter as I wound him up. “Oh I think it is, you want to look good for me. Aww bless I’m touched,” I said, sarcastically with my hands placed on my chest, fluttering my eyelashes emphasizing on his oh so heart warming words, then howling with laughter again.

“Oh shut it,” Mikey snorted, but I caught him with a small smile and giggling lightly, then hopping over to Bob.

“Bless, he thinks his Jim Carry,” Mikey said sympathetically, as he pointed his thumb to me making Bob chuckle.

Bob stood up, brushed down his black buttoned t-shirt and matching leather jacket, as I scanned the rest of his outfit that consisted of baggy denim jeans and a black pair of air walk.

“He’s been like this for ages dude, he won’t listen to me, maybe he needs some brotherly help,” Bob informed me as he ambled over to me and sat on his bed, away from the grouchy complaining, very deformed Tasmanian devil Mikey.

I rolled my eyes as I adverted my stare back to Mikey, I sluggishly lumbered around the room, hands on head, now my turn to huff and stress about what he could wear, Pondering around searching through Mikey’s many heaps of clothes.


Not long after, I had Mikey finally dressed in a really suitable fitting night attire that I’m sure will catch Romy’s eye. His glasses replaced by contacts in case he had stupidly misplaced them, his chestnut wispy hair gelled up, but messily ruffled. He was suited in a grey and black buttoned shirt with a black tie tucked into his black waistcoat, paired with black skinny jeans and as if it wasn’t obvious, black Doctor Martins strapped tightly, topped off with Mikey’s favourite wrist bands. We were all ready to set off, luckily with a few minutes to spare, so we may just make it.

Twenty minutes later and a lot of Nirvana songs we were now right outside of the night club, the intermingled smells of booze, sweat and urine hitting my nostrils at full speed as I inhaled deeply. My adrenalin was rushing and my breathing sped up, hoping that we would all pass for 18.

Unexpectedly, we all got in, escaping the cold harsh bitter night of London streets, the dusky dank air now amiss as we were entered by a overcrowded heated club, lights low and music blasting down our ears from every angle, the smell nor air no better than outside.

Bob and Mikey were hyped, and really excited to be in the club and meeting the girls, more enthusiastic than me for sure. Entering the club hearing the loud sounds of clinking glasses shared between friends and lovers, and fast upbeat music banging down my eardrums and bright vivid fluorescent neon lights beaming down blinding my every move, as my eyes desperately tried to adjust to the harsh lights blaring across the dance floor and push through the many swaying drunken bodies. The music seemed to be alternative and very catchy, soon enough feeling the volume increase as the club crowded with more souls, everyone bouncing around like a vast amount of crazed frogs on heroin filling the site. The music harshly eating away my ears, as it thumped out the rhythmic beats, vibrating through me as if I were the speakers emitting the music, still not adjusting to the whole atmosphere swimming around in the air. It’s safe to say it’s been a while since I last went out.

I followed the guys through the maze of people, my body trying to cram through the mass of bouncing bodies, squeezing through the squashed, sloppily bodies , as they danced and grinded in the smallest amount of space. This almost did hinder who I had left behind, but no matter how exciting the club seemed my mind couldn’t help but wonder to Frank, all alone right now, the sadness that he expressed when I left, the hurt visibly noticeable in his twinkling bright eyes. The lump in my throat not easing, but only increasing. I felt so bad for leaving him.

When we all met the two girls Mikey was love-struck yet again, as the bright lights illuminated Romy’s figure resulting to Mikey not able to pick up a mouthful of words. I let my eyes scan their forms, seeing them more clearly, two slim petit pretty girls standing shyly before me.

Romy was dressed in a nice tight little black number, purple tights and a black pair of converse to match. Her hair laid neatly curled to one side and only brushing past her small shoulders, that were covered by a small lacy black waist coat that I noticed Mikey couldn’t help but daze at. Her outfit was slimmed fitted and suited well , looking very sleek for the occasion, to which Mikey never took his gaze away from her pins and everything else she possessed.

I then let my eyes observe Lucy before me, looking dashing and most definitely attractive. Looking over her outfit it looked to be more punk then Romys, her whole style tainted with a different essence that I have never seen before. Her hair flowing straight past her shoulders, swaying in the same rhythm as the crowd as she lightly swung to the beat. She was dressed in a misfits t-shirt, a red tartan skirt that matched the tartan laces that finished her converse that she wore earlier. The skirt just above her knees showing her petit legs and slim curved physique, and very funky black tights that were scattered with a dozen dark black skulls, finishing off with a pair of classic black matt Dr Martens.

“Hey girls,” I greeted, as Mikey couldn’t seem to spit his words out yet. I waved my hands to them gesturing them to come over as we all lead them to the bar.

Mikey awkwardly said hello to Romy, and timidly smiled, as she sheepishly lopsidedly smiled back, he then plucked the courage to confidently hook his arm around her, seeing the nervousness present on his face only made me cringe but smile at the cuteness of my little brother and his very obvious girlfriend. We all weaved our way through the chaotic crowd, the staggering drunks, ditzy girls laughing hysterically, and bubbly beer heads busy having drinking competitions, swigging down the beer like their life depended on it. The night was still young and we had a lot of time to spare, it was tightly packed, with a huge amount of people pissed out of their minds, stumbling over everyone, stepping on their feet in their drunken state, soon enough finding themselves with a gaping hangover the next morning, full of confusion and a pile of mess, and not just the contents of their stomach. Feeling regretful and horrid about the previous night before, one of which I hope never to feel, but at this precise moment I’m feeling regretful and horrid about something other.

I turned to the bar as we successfully made our way to the stalls, squished with sweaty couples harshly making out and knocking the glasses over the sides. I looked from them to the dancing silhouettes covered by the contrasting darkness of the nightclub, all huddled around, all over one another all seeking the same attention and receiving that gratefully. No one seemed to catch my eye; no one captured that uniqueness or had exotic features that were unusual or mysterious, not like the one person that has been swimming in my thoughts for so long.

My eyes then unglued themselves from the masses of bodies surrounding us and back to us group of friends, trying to swerve my mind off him. We had ordered our drinks from the bartender, coke and vodka to start us off. We all clutched on to our drinks, smelling the strong liquid that filled my nose, already feeling the slight buzz, whilst we carefully made our way to a booth, surprisingly finding a deserted one in the corner of the dim lit nightclub.

Once we managed to dodge the swaying heavily drunks and dizzy girls prancing around begging for attention, we finally made it to the booth. Mikey showing more confidence as he and Romy were currently cuddled to one and other on the booth.Mikey smiling widely at Romy, something strangely odd and scary about that as I’m not used to Seeing Mikey do something of the kind, but glad that I will be seeing that more often.

“Hey Mikes are you okay, is someone in there?” I joked fooling around, knocking his head as I questioned before sliding to the opposite side of him and Romy.

“Shut it, or you’ll be the skid mark in my pants,” he smirked at his own comment.

I pulled a face as everyone surrounding the table creased up, howling with laughter at Mikey’s comment.

“Wow, Frank eat your heart out,” Bob joked. “That was a good one Mikes,” Bob high fived Mikey making the girls giggle beside us.

“ha-ha... yeah sure,” I said uneasy, at Franks name being mentioned in such a mean gesture, however they don’t know we are on good terms, and I only have myself to blame for that.

“Ohh you two should have a drinking competition,” Romy announced, smiling at the thought.

“Hmm I’m not sure, I wouldn’t want little Mikey here, to be embarrassed when I kick his ass you see,” now my turn to smirk as I chuckled slightly, my eyes staring straight at Mikey.

“Oh’re on turd breath,” he called.

“Snot rag!” I snapped back.

“Scabby pants!”


“I’ll get the drinks,” Bob cut off.


Mikey and I were soon accompanied with a dozen beers, gulping the cold, icing and tangy liquid down, letting it slide and burn directly down my throat rapidly, not letting the strong taste linger in my mouth for long, before hurriedly grabbing the next. Mikey and I were both chugging down the beers with Bob and the girls cheering us on, both wanting to win the victory.

After too many beers, Bob and the girls had to stop our drunken state from anymore dangerous drinks. Their laughter filling our ears, echoing badly, sounding ten times worse. Mikey had gotten himself into a huge mess, he was now more than tipsy, giggling and flaring around over Romy and all over the booth, I on the other hand just slightly passed tipsy.

The buzzing feeling erupting even more, overpowering. Everything felt fuzzy and vibrant, myself feeling high and happy, as the room slowly started to spin, people standing and dancing in a blurry vision.

Okay so maybe I was a bit drunk.

Mikey swaying side to side with a drunken glass in hand, laughing over nonexistent jokes, then flaring his light weight uncontrollable body on Romy who was slightly tipsy herself, who seemed to laugh all the more at Mikeys drunken state.

“Wow—I—I think drunk I—am,” Mikey slurred, as he laid his head on the table. I giggled slightly, along with Lucy and Bob at his jumbled words, sounding idiotic and very funny, as his voiced seemed to rise in volume at various parts of his mixed up sentence.

“Hey Gerard how you feeling?” Bob spoke, smelling a little bit of alcohol and beer lingering in his warm breath, though he was never one to drink as much as me. Damn I didn’t think Mikey would either but I guess it just runs in the family. Even though I handled the drink more easier than Mikey his words still managed to ring in my ears twice. Right now Mikey reminded me of a retarded guinea pig on coke, his eyes wide and budgie like, with his head bobbing around like some sort of maniac...scratch that because I’m pretty sure he is.

“Hey—Gerard—y-you member that time—that fwank—re-recorded you-drunk in schoooool—a—and dared you –t-to-where a high heels!!” Mikey screamed to the top of his lungs with a giggling fit soon after. “Then—you-split-y-your jeans,” Mikey giggled, then letting out a gaping side splitting laugh, while the rest of the guys let our hoards of giggles.

“Mikey—th-that was ages ago!” I said, annoyed he had to bring it up, sometimes I wonder what it would be like if I accidently knocked out Mikey’s contact lenses...hmmmm.

“It-was—f-funny,” he confessed.

I shook my head, making my shaggy hair fall in front of my face, as I slummed further into the seat, clasping onto a glass of water, to ease my slight drunkenness. The girls carried on sipping their beers, swaying side to side with the music, feeling like waves pounding through us. The girls giggled, and the music carried on booming, filling the air, and satisfying the drunken bodies still filling the floor.

“I think I better clean Mikey up, he doesn’t look to good,” Romy suggested, standing up and grabbing a dazed drunken Mikey by the hand.

“Ha well I’ll be blown,” I huffed.

“Ha-I-I don’t think so bro-is-it’s me that will b-be in a couple of m-minutes,” he laughed, and winked at Romy.

“Urhh That’s just gross,” I said pulling a face that I’m sure even I would be scared of.

He just stuck out his tongue, as Romy blushed a dark shade of red, almost as bright to be one of the luminous lights shining around the dance floor. They then made their way to the toilets, well in Mikey’s case...staggering and clumsily stepping over Romys feet, toppling over a few times, but the pair soon enough made it to the girls toilets. I don’t really think people would care too much if Mikey entered, they would probably just mistake him for a girl anyway.

“Hey Gerard, do you want to dance?” Lucy whispered leaning over to me innocently as she smiled at me hopeful.

“Yeah sure,” I smiled back, hoping that I won’t do something too foolish, but then again it can’t be as bad as Mikey.

She then bit her lip sheepishly and looked around taking my hand in hers, leading me to the dance floor, that was filled of men and women mingling, grinding and dancing, all squished and sloppily pressed against each other. I stopped in my tracks to tell Bob we were off to the dance floor, but he was busy, accompanied with a girl, twirling his blonde growing locks flirtatiously.

My mind cleared a little from the beers, when we got to the crowded dance floor. The heat of all the bodies hitting me at full speed, already sweating in the heat. The music they played was the sort of soft rock that mostly everyone enjoyed, not really my liking for this particular moment, I was never a good one for the typical romantic slow dances. Unless you liked a geeky, clumsy hormonal teenage boy, with sweating palms clutching onto your shoulders, stepping on your feet and cussing every time they got the steps wrong.

Lucy giggled and smiled, as if reading my mind, but I then realised she was just reading my weird abnormal facial expressions. The song was slow and my heart thumped, I knew I would mess it up. She moved her hips closer to mine, raising her hand softly on my shoulder and then moving in time with the music.

We gently swayed side to side ,and I only stepped on her feet five times. Luckily she was wearing doc martens. There is a god. I nervously gripped onto her hips, giving me more balance and keeping our moves more steady, she smiled at me, then softly leant her head on my shoulder, surprisingly there was no jolt of the sudden reaction and no explosion of sparks.

She looked over her shoulder to our table and then back around to me and smiled. It wasn’t long before she glanced back round again, and when she did she took my hand and shuffled closer to the edge of the dance floor. Lucy then had her eyes fixed on me, there was something about her look that I couldn’t put my finger on, I was miffed. Then everything became clear to me as she bit her lip tentatively and then timidly leant over suddenly capturing my lips in a chaste, heavy heated kiss.

Her lips pressed forcefully against mine, slippery attacking mine and working out of time. Although I knew she was an attractive girl and I would never think over wise, somehow the kiss lacked one important ingredient that I seeked. No chemistry, no spark, no feelings were lifted; no fireworks exploded filling my stomach with uncontrollable butterflies scrapping the sides of my belly.

There was nothing. I disliked the kiss, there was nothing special about it, no magic in the air, it was exactly the same as before. My feet were still on the ground and cloud nine was still miles away. The kiss was dull and unsatisfying. In a way I really was hoping it would be filled of joyous and desirable feelings that I would be thinking about all night long, and sure enough doing a Mikey and blabbering about them to everyone all day, yet...deep down inside I knew that the feelings would never be received from her, and that’s when I realised...

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