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Authors Note again

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Sorry i know you wanted this to be a chapter. Read this please it's important xx :)

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Hello everyone!! :) your probably woundering why i havn't updated with my story as i normally do on the weekend, but that is because I AM NEVER WRITING EVER EVER AGAIN I'M GIVING UP!! D:

hahaha fooled you ^.^ i love writing and would never give it up for the world, and it's thanks to you guys that i carry on writing and enjoy it so much :p i love you all xx anyway going off subject now but it needed to be said, you really don't know how awesome you are for all the support reviews rates, it makes me feel important and special unlike at school :/ booo

DAMN again going off subject ugghh sorry xD basically i havn't wrote hardly any of my next chapter :/ i have wrote two pages which isn't much and is really crap. I have been working so hard recently with school, trying to improve courework and revising for exams. My last day of school is tomorrow :( i don't want to leave :( i have all my exams in the hols but i only have 4 then thankfully i have time to write yay i have missed it soooooo much and i have a bunch of ideas planned for this, so i suppose if you give me another week or more it should be done :D i'm really sorry i am going to have to keep you waiting, but then again i need to get my grades for school and once thats out of my hair i can concentrate on this.

sorry to bore you to death with this but i thought you had a right to know since i wouldn't even be doing this if it wasn't for you amazing support, and i know i say it too many times but your reviews, support and rates mean the world to me, they really do your so nice i love you all, the fact that you take your time to read my work is estonishing but also fantatsic your all so sweet :):) so yes your all epic basically XD hehe
i havn't even read stories on here for ages :O now thats just worng i need my daily allowence of frerard lol so to the peoples stories i do read i will be reading and R&Ring and to the poeples i dont i will i promise :p
love you allll and you all deserve the medal of best audience because your ace
chazom signing out
peace xxxxxxx
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