Review for Yet again another audition.

Yet again another audition.

(#) xxXLadyOfSorrowsXxx 2011-06-12

Name- Natalia (Nat, Tallie or Lia-she doesn't care) Montissey

Age - whatever floats your boat[:

Appearance- jetblack hair just past shoulders. dead straight, choppy layers. not too big on dying her hair. really pale skin-but it always blushes. lots of black eyeliner and almost teal eyes. she doesnt wear alot of makeup, only eyes and chalk white foundation. has 00 (tiny) gauges and a rod in her left ear. pouty lips and long lashes. monroe piercing with a diamond. tall (5'9'')and on the thin side. she tends to have pokerface most of the time but has a nice smile-she hates it.

Style- black minidresses, if she wears shorts, their ripped and have seams hanging down, and she always has an oversized band tee/hoodie to go with them. not too big on the typical 'emo' look and likes to mix it up. not afraid to dress girlier but tends to wear dark colors-especially grey. she loves light grey. always has converse hightops, vans, or doc martens. black fingernails, studded belts, and lots of bracelets: cuffs, chains, really anything she finds. denim skin tight jeans, oversized tops and fishnets, or an old, worn out concert shirt. never EVER hollister, aero, abercrombie, etc.

Personality- not too shy, but not the hyper, outgoing one. she isn't afraid to do something, talk to someone, introduce herself, etc (she doesn't care what people think) but don't think she's just, /super in-your-face outgoing/. she's a drummer and a bass player but she's more into drums. kinda cautious-she'll ride the ride but not jump to it. she's very sweet and funny. hides her emotions and keeps things bottled up. she does cry, but only when she's by herself. will stand up for herself and hates the label 'emo'. not one to get easily offended. rebellious and doesn't believe in rules. never fangirls, she's very respectful.

Likes- roadtrips, barbeques, halloween, horror movies, comic books, amusement parks, monster, chubby things, aquariums, romantic things, making memories, photography, talking about bands, sushi, going for pizza at 3 AM, take-out, guitar hero, videogames, long car rides, cuddling(xD), watching people draw, eating jellybeans, making cookies, icecream cones in summer, going for walks, laughing, concerts, being backstage, holding hands, metal music, headbanging,
living life to the fullest

Dislikes- when people are depressed, attention seekers, over dramatics, sob stories, sappiness, all the -isms, when people care about their appearance, slow walkers, vegetables, stereotypes, fangirls, idiots, politics, hate, tans, getting forced to do /anything/, fishing, bad smells, when people pass gas, bats, when people try to get her to open up about her feelings (she always gives in though)

Favorite Color- light grey

Favorite place to be - at a rock concert

Backstory- she almost drowned as a kid in a boat accident so she hates boats and oceans (she will shake and almost cry) her mom left her and her dad when she was 6. she doesn't let it bother her because she had a great life. she's been through depression before. her dad always made her have fun, listened to her, and believed in her. she never fit in but never cared-she was herself. money was never an issue. started playing the drums at age 6. her dad is sick and its killing her. she works as a tech for many tours, and has dated many differentrock stars and has gotten her heart broken plenty of times. she's a bit reluctant to love.

Misc stuff I should know about the character - um, has a room full of posters. loves to have jam sessions[: and has a ramen noodle and fortune cookie fetish.

Anything you do/don't want your character to do- sex, rape, hospitalization are absolutely okay and encouraged xD i don't want her to have a sob story tho, or cut unles its absolutely necessary. its your fic, so go crazy! change her, you can use her in anyway that fits.

What role you desire: mikey's gf(: please. frank is second choice.

if i'm not in, i'll still read[: can't wait.! xx