Review for Supernatural


(#) Heymimusic 2011-06-12

Role: cab I be a minion of the devil that helps Gerard along the way?? ( I know, what a traitor to the devil XD , I just like to add these kinds of twists, how weird of me ) 

Name: Lorelei Hikari (nickname: Lei) (How ironic that her last name means light XD)   

Appearance: this is what her hair looks like, except it will be black : And this is her outfit , but it's a pale blue and white : (there's a black hood in the back . ) she also has shackles on her wrists and feet and has a black choker on her neck that tightens when she does something wrong.  

Personality: she's a generally happy and cheerful person. Clumsy, but laughs at herself for it. She spaces out often, when she does that, she either hums a song or speaks to herself about her fears (often saying, "please save my soul" and "I don't want anymore", then screaming and cowering on the floor saying those words until someone calms her down) . She doesn't like harming anyone and tries to protect her friends. She always says "Sorry" whenever something bad happens around her or because of her. 

If a Minion, what do you hope to get by helping the Devil:  she may be a minion, but not by choice. Her mom sold Lei's soul to the devil . Strangely, her dad was able to partially save her soul and left her instructions on how to reach full salvation. She has to find certain humans to help her rescue the souls she collects for the devil. In the meantime , the Devil has her follow one human being at a time, causing that human to hear footsteps behind them (her walking) . He/she also starts hearing someone say "Sorry" alot an start getting paranoid. He/she believes that his/her closest friends and family are trying to kill them, ultimately leading the poor human into killing themself by clawing out his/her throat. That humans' soul then goes to hell and the cycle begins all over again with a new person the devil assigns. The souls can only be saved if Lei finds a way to completely be saved. Lei has to follow the victim, but she is able to leave that person alone for a few hours a day. She hates the Devil for making her do this. 

Even if you don't choose my character, I'll still read this story :) I love Paranormal things and stuff like this ! :D it's really fun to think about those kinds of things and there's so much imagination put into the Paranormal :D