Review for Supernatural


(#) sock_monkey 2011-06-12

Role: Ghost. Either to follow Gerard around or get help i don't really mind.

Name: Erin Smith

Appearance: Super short and curvy with curly brown hair. Pale skin with brown eyes and glasses. Can ghosts have glasses? Well if in your story they can't you can just forget the glasses :)

Personality: Very loyal and loving. I guess you could call it a 'mothering' personality. Always kind to people and generally happy. Feel free to change the personality if you need to.

If a Ghost, why are you hanging around the human realm: Erin is hanging around the human realm because she can't remember what happened to her. She doesn't know why she's dead, but she has this feeling that she's missing someone or something that's in the human world. She is determind to find what ever it is before she leaves.