Review for Yet again another audition.

Yet again another audition.

(#) kristine 2011-06-13

Name: Ellie Kristine
Age: 17 but can change :)
Appearance: Short around 5'5 with an athletic but curvy body. Long bleach blonde hair with pink highlights and tips. A square shaped face with strong cheek bones and jaw line. Dark green eyes and very full lips. Pretty tan and doesn't like to wear much makeup other than bronzer, blush, and mascara. Has two holes in each ear and a nose piercing, no tatoos. When she smiles she smiles huge showing off all her teeth, but that doesnt happen often. Mostly she keeps a very stoic expression which makes it look like something is wrong or she's angry when she's not.
Style - Girly. She loves dresses, skirts, and shorts. She hardly ever wears pants or jeans- like never! She loves the color pink and floral patterns and accessories. She always wears high heels or flip flops. She doesn't like to wear alot of clothes or layers, like hoodies or jackets. Mostly she likes tank-tops that show cleavage and short shorts. She wears the color pink and blue the most. Her nails are always fake and french-tipped. Loves Victoria Secret and Charlotte Russe! She's very beauty-queen.
Personality - She was a cheerleader in high school so she can be very peppy at times. When you first meet her she can come off as extremly happy and preppy but she quickly becomes very quiet. She doesn't talk alot unless spoken too and she can have extreme bouts of shy-ness. She has insecurities about her body but she plays them off by showing a bit too much skin sometimes. She has a very icy exterior sometimes when she tries to protect herself from people she thinks are making fun of her. She covers up her paranoia that everyone secretly laughs at her by being a bitch to everyone. She can be very clingy to the friends she makes because she has a sercret fear that she isn't good enough and that if she isn't constantly with her friends they'll leave her. She gets jealous easily if her friends hang out with people other than herself. She's very studious and naturally very smart. She's competitive about school and doing well in life and eventually making alot of money. Despite her girly exterior the only way for her to relax is through rock music, she loves the bands and the scene in general. She loves shocking people with her rock knowledge who think she's only a mindless cheerleader. She can be very uptight. She's also a huge closet nerd.
Likes - tv ghost shows, school, jeopardy, cheerleading, rock n roll, screamo, bright colors, star wars, LOTR, reading fantasy and trashy romance novels, sitting quietly, doing others makeup, facebook, chocolate, painting, cleaning, tv shows like Sister Wives and 19 Kids and Counting on TLC, traveling to other countries, lipstick, tanning, sweet tea, high heels, big hair, and arts and crafts.
Dislikes - Tatoos (is anything really that important to have it permanently on your body), asshole guys, people underestimating her, loosing at anything, spiders, any kind of bug, zombies, pretentious hipster people, popular people, italian food, liers, romantic comedy's (hates with a passion) and politics.
Favoritie color: pink
Favorite place to be: alone
Backstory: She was born and raised in the south and loves everything southern. Her parents always expected her to be the smart one since her older brother was the popular one. Her parents pushed her in school at first but her parents stopped caring which only mad her try harder. She got extremly competitive in her schoolwork even though she wasn't the smartest naturally. She was a cheerleader for 8 years in high school and alot of the girls on the team left her out. She developed a desire to be just like them which is why she dresses like a beauty queen. She couldnt keep friends for longer than a year in high school which is why she's so clingy to people now. Her grandmother was her best friend throughout her childhood. Her grandmother was originally from Germany which is where she got her love of traveling. She started drinking and smoking weed in 11th grade and has been doing it redularly since then.
Misc stuf about character: She usually can get angry and annoyed very fast. She gets extreme motion sickness wether she's in a car, bus, or plane. She loves loves loves the comedian Bo Burnham.
Anything you do/don't want the character to do: Sex and drugs are fine, smoking weed is her drug of choice, it's how she gets to calm down. Sex is fun, haha. Let her do anything you want :)
What role you desire: Gerards gf would be amazing!!! But anything else would be fine haha

It's not every day rock n roll bands meet smart cheerleaders. I hope she's interesting enough :D