Review for Yet again another audition.

Yet again another audition.

(#) DeathDefying 2011-06-13

excited for this fic. glad its not another frerard xD no offense to frerard writers, but yeah. im sure this'll be good.

jesus christmas man, stop fucking rambling and get on with the audition
well, here goes nothing.
i'm a guy, btw...
Name - (first and last please, make it up if you wish.) Riley Peterson. (typical name, i know. i'm not a very creative person. xD)

Age - (may need to change if you're okay with that.) 20. change is definetly a-okay.

Appearance - tall-about 5'11 with a pretty athletic body. he has fair skin, dimples and big green eyes. chocolate brown, choppy hair that always falls into his eyes. has a defined jaw line and a permanent smirk. has 5/16 gauges. when he laughs, he smiles with all his teeth, but other than that he usually has a smirk. handsome, but not confident or cocky.

Style - punk-ish, casual, fashionable i guess. he wears alot of skinny jeans (not skin tight) in black, grey or denim. plaid shirts in all different colors that he leaves un buttoned and ashirt underneath. studded belts. plain white tee-shirts, band shirts (punk-misfits, black flag, etc) beanies, converse, vans, doc martens. tank tops. no shorts, ever. wears cuffs and fingerless gloves. has his upper left arm covered in tattoos.

Personality - confident in himself and his friends-but not a cocky jack-ass. kind to his friends. very loyal and honest, and doesn't take shit. very sarcastic and humorous. he's very laid back. not shy, but not very outgoing. he's a guitar tech for many tours. he's an artist-he loves to draw people, design tattoos, whatever the hell it is, he'll do it. brave, strong, corageous. doesn't like to show fear or pain. likes to be someone to talk to. will fight for his friends. stands by people. monster addict. ex smoker. poker-master. grafitti lover. guitar hero addict. dog lover. romantic. horror movie junkie. not easily hurt and doesn't like to hurt others. can and will beat the shit out of people if you piss him off enough.

Likes - graffiting things, drawing, drinking monster, filling in for people on tour, playing in front of large crowds, making people smile, winning, ghost shows, haunted places, music obviously, hanging out, pizza and sushi, jaws, comics, reading, night time, parties, making a mess, take-out, making people happy, rollercoasters, las vegas, concerts, meeting new people, pranking people, and coca-cola.

Dislikes - all the isms, failing, people touching his stuff, getting made fun of, people giving alot of shit, assholes, jack ass sleazy rockstars, groupies, fangirls (they annoy the hell outta him) overly nice people, annoying things, flies,ants, seeing his friends hurt.

Favorite Color - red

Favorite place to be - on stage

Backstory - born and raised in Newark, NJ, he has been in bands since the age of 14 (he was the noisy band down the street) and has always had a love for playing infront of people. was a loner in school, and only had one true friend. was always pushed to do better but never cared or understood why. his parents don't understand his love for music and want him to get a real job. they piss him off royally. used to smoke but quit (but drugs are fine. left home at age 18 and has been a tech ever since. has been in a bad car wreck (the car flipped) and lost his little brother from a drunk driver, so he makes sure no one drives drunk-it would kill him if they did. has done alot of crazy things-sky diving, cliff diving, played basketball with shirtless geezers-and loves adrenaline rushes. lived a pretty good life.

Misc stuff I should know about the character - loves mcdonalds? xD rarely gets sick. loves mimes.

Anything you do/don't want your character to do - anythings fine. your fic, so do what you gotta.

What role you desire - best friend of mikey and whoever's his gf? if not, wherever you need him.

hope i helped. can't wait for the first chapter!