Review for Yet again another audition.

Yet again another audition.

(#) mcr_killjoy 2011-06-14

Name - (first and last please, make it up if you wish.) Amy Jacobs.

Age - (may need to change if you're okay with that.) 17.

Appearance - Long dark brown wavy hair, side fringe on left, shaved side at front right, wears a lot of bandanas, bows etc, not pale but not tanned, hazel eyes, wears smokey eye make up and black eyeliner, few freckles but covers with foundation, lip piercing and nose piercing, opposite side to franks, several ear piercings and gauge in one ear, 5ft4, slim, 3 tattoos, roses up back, flowers on foot and stars on hip.

Style - vintage/indie/rock, varies depending on mood, either band tees, hoodies, skinnies, converse & vans or skirt/shorts, tights, boots, oversized tees, floral stuff, dresses.

Personality - (I need some substance here, not just 'I'm shy.', I need some depth here.) Really down to earth, will speak to anyone and likes to make new people feel comfortable, always up for a laugh, hyper and immature at times, giggly, outgoing, whole style and image can be deceived, but a smiley and friendly person who doesn't hold grudges and really doesn't like to upset people, likes to keep the peace between people, not very keen on confrontation.

Likes - piercings and tattoo, food especially italian, drawing, making new friends, sunshine, penguins, car journeys, long walks, reading, concerts, partie, drinking, random bracelets.

Dislikes - stuck up people, bitchiness, spiders, friends or family being upset, backstabbers, stereotyping, being bored.

Favorite Color - Blue

Favorite place to be - around others.

Backstory - (be unique, this is important.) born in England, but moved to America as her dad got work over there, lived there since the age of 6, has a brother who is 14, very close to her mother, not so much to her dad, starting playing guitar at age 9, has serious trust issues, has been messed about a lot in the past, especially by guys, made her feel like it was her fault, so this led her to self-harm, also suffered severe panic attacks, didn't like school to start with but gradually grew to it and achieve good grades. (feel free to make up more!)

Misc stuff I should know about the character - plays guitar, gets angry/upset but tends to keep it to herself, likes to try new things!

Anything you do/don't want your character to do - (there may be some R rated stuff here - sex, drugs, etc - so if you're not cool with that then I'd advise not to audition.) Fine with everything!

What role you desire - Franks girlfriend, if not then don't mind :)