Review for The Academy.

The Academy.

(#) emocutter91 2011-06-15

Bambi-Munchy this is awesome! I'm such a sci-fi nerd and this is right up my alley!(or tube XD )
This is a really great start and I really hope you continue it coz this is just cool already!
And I don't think I've read any future fics that take place so far in the future! I love it already coz you've set the stage for my mind to go wild with excitement at what you can do with this! :)
Yeah, my opinion, is definitely continue this:)
And just update when you can; you know what I always say: absence makes the heart grow fonder:) xoxo Jamie

Author's response

YAY!!!!! Nerdy nerds are cool! just like bowties ^_^ If you get that reference i will love you forever. No joke.

I have started writing the next chapter, dunno what's gonna happen in the rest of it though :L

Loviesss.xxxxx Em.x