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The Academy.

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Set in Future. Gerard goes to the Academy against Frank's wishes and he's trying to win Frank over. Frerard, if it isn't already ridiculously obvious...

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It was six months since Gerard had been home. He had written to his brother, Mikey, every day. Mikey said that Frank was Ok, but he meant it when he said that if Gerard went to The Academy then he wouldn't speak to him ever again. The problem is, however, that Frank still loves Gerard and Gerard loves Frank even more (or so he thinks).

The tube system had deposited him at the end of the block. He trudged the familiar pavement, shaded by the tall oaks that filtered the bright sunlight. The weight of his bag pulled at his shoulder, the earthy green, tight fitting uniform of The Academy clinging to Gerard's slim and cat-like body. As he approached his childhood home Gerard felt a wave of nostalgia, He hadn't realised how much he had actually missed it, the neatly kept front garden was in full bloom and he was greeted by the gentle scents of his Mother's flower beds.

He got to the front door and was unsure whether to knock or not, it turned out that he didn't have chance to. The door opened to reveal the face of his younger brother, who almost walked into him. There was a slight pause of silence and confusion due to the surprise then a blinding smile swept across Mikey's face and infecting Gerard's. He was drawn into a tight hug, forcing the wind out of Gerard's lungs. Mikey released Gerard and span back into the house, bouncing, shouting loudly in an incoherently high pitched voice and dragging Gerard into the house. Donna Way came walking out of the kitchen yelling at Mikey for being too noisy, then she noticed Gerard standing in the living room and she threw the tea towel she was holding onto the chair next to her and practically ran up to her eldest son, shouting for her husband to get downstairs now. Donald Way was heard thumping down the stairs and came grumbling into the living room mumbling about, "all this goddamn noise", he saw Gerard in an embrace with his mum and grinned, walking over, arms spread, and wrapped himself around his family.

For a moment Gerard thought that nothing could make this moment better. Then he realised there was one thing. One person, to be exact. But the one person who he really needed to be there to make it perfect wouldn't even write a letter to him.


So this is just a starter chapter. It is supposed to be set in a few hundred years time, the tube system is supposed to be like thing off futurama :D The Academy is just called that. This won't be first priority, it was just an idea i came up with. First priority will go to my other fic Summertime. so i'm sorry if it doesn't get updated that often. :/

Anyway, i hope it's ok, as i said it's just supposed to be 'setting the scene'. Rate, Review. I want to know if you think there's any point in pursuing this fic, because it's just gonna be waste of time i won't bother with it... -End Transmission-
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