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Remembering the past.

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Gerard's delayed reaction to being home...

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Once Gerard had been mauled by his mother and questioned by his dad he made his way upstairs- to his bedroom. The room was almost bare, compared to what it used to look like, he had taken down all of his small drawings and packed them in a box and only a few, very old posters remained on the walls, the bed didn't have any sheets and the duvet was folded neatly at the end of it and his wardrobe and drawers were almost empty. A sickening wave of nostalgia washed over him, all of his childhood had been packed away and the pictures of him and Frank had been either taken to The Academy with him or packed into boxes. Frank had gone mental when Gerard made the decision to enroll, the couple had participated in a mainly one-sided row that had resulted in the younger running out of the house in tears, after slapping Gerard. Gerard dropped his large backpack at the foot of his double bed and routed through his bag for his wristband (Like a bracelet with a mobile phone in it ~futuristic~) and charger then plugged them in.

Suddenly there was a knock at the door and Gerard looked up to see Mikey walk in with two cups of coffee and a packet of cookies. Mikey grinned and sat next to Gerard on his bed and handed him a mug, that Gerard took gratefully. Despite being home Gerard felt depressed, the lack of Frank hadn't been as pressing at the academy because he was never there, but now, at home, it was a crushing weight on Gerard's chest. His eyes started to glass over and a tight constricting feeling took over his throat. Mikey hadn't noticed Gerard's flushed face, as he was hiding it under his fringe and Mikey was chatting about what they could do, until there was a patter of tears on Gerard's tight uniform pants. Mikey crunched the last of his cookie into his mouth, took Gerard's coffee from him and pulled him into a loose hug, rocking him back and forth.

"Hey, shhhh, It's going to be okay," Mikey rubbed the small of Gerard's back, whilst the older weeped into the younger's shoulder, slowly calming as the beads of glassy tears started to dry up and his sobs turned into sniffles.

There was a buzz on Mikey's arm, it was a message from Frank,Gerard leant back so that Mikey could read it. Mikey pressed a button on the touch-screen device and and hologram of an envelope popped up, expanded and then burst into a short paragraph of text. Gerard took a slow inhalation of breath and released it after about half a second, almost as if he were taking a drag of a cigarette. Mikey glanced at him sheepishly, and went out of the room. Gerard rubbed his eyes and held his head in his hands, he should have realised that Mikey would have kept in touch with Frank, they had become really good friends before Gerard had left. The boy ran his hands through his white-blonde hair and started sifting through the bag that sat next to him, He sorted the clothes that were in it into a pile of dirty washing and a pile of clean clothes and went to put the clean in his large wardrobe. He touched an icon on the panel next to his bed and the wardrobe door smoothly slid open. He stood gazing at the clothes that hung there and the contrast between them and the ones in his hands. The ones that hung were either red or black with rips, paint and god knows what else adorning them, whereas the clothes that he held were casually smart and fit with the mainstream lifestyle. Gerard sighed, yet again, and placed his clothes in a half-empty drawer. The remaining items in his bag were a few toiletries, a sketchpad (Not like the paper ones, but like an ipad that works like paper, if that makes sense... :L) and a picture of him, his parents and Mikey, with a note from Frank that he had been given years ago tucked behind it, He set these on his bedside cabinet and went downstairs.

The person that Gerard encountered at the bottom of the stairs was not who he was expecting.


Why hello there. I realised i should prolly get this updated....

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