Review for And Here We Go Again!

And Here We Go Again!

(#) Unicorns-are-real 2011-06-16

her father is a 'fuckin' dildo' as you so correctly once put it. I mean, he fucking experiments on kids, beats up and kills Killjoys, he fucking stole Shockwave's boyfriend and made him a Drac (and there is gonna be hell to pay, Korse, because Shockwave is gonna get you for it), and-

Wait. If this girl is Korse's daughter, but Shockwave sort of is his 'kid' too, does that make us sisters?!?! Oh shit.

But someone definately has to teach this gal that Korse ain't all he's cracked up to be; he made his own DAUGHTER a Drac, and Shockwave a robot for crap's sake!

And don't let Party die! You can't! Violet is alive and Fun Ghoul still loves him!!!

But if Gerard isn't interested in Frank, I'm sure Bob will be the next boy Frank can, ahem, seduce? That would be rather amusing to watch, Fun could do the sexy spanish dance around Bob like Buzz Lightyear did xD I think I would DIE of laughter if that-

Bob:"I'M NOT GAY!"

Me: "You can't hide what's inside, Bobbert!"

Update soon!
- Sara xoxo

(wow. This is long xD )

Author's response

Holy fatherfuckin' shitcakes, that was long! You had to divide it up! Holy damn, Sara! Now you know, I have to beat you with the long review. I will. Even if you write a mini chapter, I will out-review you. You can bet your shit that's all over the ground because of the goddamn funny poster rape.
And, for some odd reason, I'm all giggly and shit. Like, if it's even remotely funny, I laugh.
heh heh
Now, from the top (in a sense that makes sense)!
/HOLY SHIT MOVEMENT IN THE HOUSE/, AND IT'S whistle 3 am? Yeah, I sleep in till 12 xD
Yes, Gerardine and Frankie are two bitchy girls fighting over boys. Ech hem, themselves. I just couldn't resist when you put that in. I'm sorry, but I shat (random ass giggle inset here) my pants when I saw that and went, "Yesh, that's going in."
Hopefully your hip'll fix itself. It sucks ass to mot be able to happy dnce properly.
Heh heh... I'm sorry, but all the sudden I can't them together out of my mind (random giggle, thought of feckin'). Yet, Bob's as straight as a ruler. A bent ruler, Rachel. Can't you see it? You write it?
I had actually debated in the first chronical (yes, we're calling it that xD) to have Shockwave and Ghoul together. Then I actually thought about it, and went, 'eww, frank is not a pedophile.' So you two are basically sibl-- DUDE MORE MOVEMENT! I SEE A FECKIN' GHOST CAT!
And don't worry, he still likes Shockers. Nobody can not not like Shockers. She the epic spiritual advisor that can hold her alcohol xD
Aha ha ha, poster rape. How would that even work... And yes, he has a scary face. But have you seen Frank's high school photo that's floating around on Google Images? I mean, it's old, but DOOD, he has a THUNDER! /Awh, shud up, Rachel. It's just thunder./ scary muthafucka smile (you gotta say it that way). If you see it, it'll be in black and white, and he appears to be chubby. Which, was an insult, but now he's guitar sex personafied.
Don't worry, SPOILER FOR NEXT WEEK'S SHOW Kendall will be knocked into senses. OKAY THAT IS NOT THUNDER! I'm gonna be mugged D: And yes, you two are sisters. She's not a robot though. So... Even I'm wondering how the hell that works out...
Hey, just remember, if I kill off Party, then that sets off a chain of death, cause Frank 'n' Vi'll be sad, then the others'll be sad, and Korse'll be like, 'I lost everybody... D:', and... yeah. Just bad shit'll go down.
Frank seducing Bob? Well, that's one drunk night waiting to happen. Gracias for the idea, Sara xD...
But, no seriously, he's not gay. It's like all those Ferards out there that have it sounding like Frank and Gee Oh, okay, it is thunder. Glad I won't be mugged ton- this morning. having their 'up the ass' fun, yet it'll be like carving pumpkins or trying to reduce a fever... I might write one of those xD
Gracias for the long ass review! Bob's a sucker for slippers, you're a sucker for slippers, and I'm a sucker for long-ass reviews.
And, since it's morning, once I wake up at nine in the afternoon... I'll write! :D