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7 Sand Bad

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Coming back and going away.

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Perfect song for Violet's part. ‘I Can See For Miles’ by The Who.


Endless sand.

Hey, wasn’t that in a Jimmy Neutron episode before…?

And insanity.

I pressed my foot to the metal harder, hoping to gain more speed, albeit I was already flying in Korse’s white car. It was endless sand, though. I didn’t see one sign of life. Not good, Violet. What if you’re headed in the wrong direction? Then who knows what Gerard’s going to do then… Hopefully nothing’s been fu--

A noise, a fuckin’ noise, from the back seat interrupted my thoughts. I tilted the rear view mirror down a little, checking the back seat. The
Drac behind me had woken up, and was stretching against the window, looking around. It was a guy, one with black hair that went down to his shoulder and light green eyes, not that I was looking. He yawned and looked in the rear view mirror, his eyes growing wide. “You’re… You’re not going to kill me… Are you?” he asked nervously, looking in the mirror as I scoffed and turned my attention back to the road. “Wait… I know you,” he said, blinking out of the corner of my eye. “You’re easily recognizable, from Texas… Violet Rage, is it?”

I rolled my eyes and pulled my Bans over my eyes from their pocket. “Kid, everyone knows who I am,” I said, sounding confidant but avoiding the Texas comment. Nobody knows where you came from, Violet… No one. Not unless they came from Texas at the same time, Vi, an inner voice of mine said. Shit, you’re right.

I know I am. I am you, y’know.

“No shit, Sherlock,” I mumbled quietly, tightening my grip on the steering wheel. Damn, we’re way out here. So the sun is almost behind us, the shadows are in front of me… Shit, what time is it?

“It’s nine in the afternoon,” I heard another voice say behind me, and I looked in the rear view mirror to see the right Drac had waken, too. It was a girl, a fuckin’ girl. Damn it, Korse, you have no respect for anybody, do you? She only looked to be about 14, with blue eyes and huge red curls that looked to be pinned down on her head. She looked so innocent… “Hello? Earth to driver?”

I snapped back to attention to see nothing had changed. “Gee, thanks, helps me a fuckin’ lot,” I said, remembering my iPod back in my tree. “Shit!” Didn’t have my radio either… “Damn it damn it damn it.”

“Awh, did the purple haired driver forget the directions?” the girl said behind me, sounding mocking. “Forget which way we were going?”

I slammed the brakes, budging forward a little but hearing the satisfying sound of two heads hitting seats. “Listen, girl, I will fuck up your face if you don’t fuckin’ shut up. I just need the damn time and then you two can get the fuck out,” I growled, putting my right over Ricky in its holster.

There was silence in the back for a while, yet I still didn’t drive again. Finally I heard a tiny squeak of a voice, probably from the girl. “Please don’t kill me.”

I chuckled darkly, pressing the gas again. “Try me,” I menaced, shifting gears and watching the sand begin its hike up in the air as I flew by. “Just because I can see your faces doesn’t mean I won’t shoot. Hasn’t stopped me before.”

“But I’m Sonic Blast,” the voice squeaked, and I looked in the rear view mirror to see the guy behind me looking scared. “You were in Ricky Crowe’s class for killjoys back in Texas with my brother. You always wore the business suit, he always said.”

Shit, damn, fuck, ass, shit damn fuck ass, shitdamnfuckass. “And who was your brother, little boy?” I asked coolly, whilst racking my brain for anyone I became friends with, though I spent most of my time with Tim. Shit, don’t you fuckin’ think about that damn asshole, Violet. Not now.

“Melodic Riot.” His face morphed into one of sadness, yet he managed a smile that looked more like he needed to go. “He was ghosted with the Battle of Battery City a few years back. How have you lasted this long out here, though? That was forever ago, since the class.”

“I have my ways,” I said, wondering about the girl back there. She hadn’t said anything.

“Well, unlike you two freaks, I’m a proud Battery City citizen. In fact, my dad’s the high up. So if he find out that you have me, Violet Rage,” she said my name with a disgusted tone, “you’ll have hell to pay.” Bitch.

“Oh, really, girl?” I asked, leaving my face emotionless. “How do you know I don’t already have hell to pay with BLI?”

“Because you don’t have as much yet. You did kick him and knock him out. He doesn’t like you, Jennifer.”

I stopped the car again and pulled my ray gun out, watching the flash of blue, green, and yellow before it was aimed at the red haired chick. “And don’t tell me, your daddy is Korse,” I said with disgust, narrowing my eyes even though nobody could see them.

The red haired chick smirked and crossed her arms over her black suit-clad chest. “I’m Kendall Jacobson, his daughter.”

Shockwave Current


Very bad.

“Fine, I don’t love you. I hate your guts. I also hate Sun. Hate her, and believe she’s a skank.”

I stopped walking through the Diner and looked into the room I was passing. Fun was lying on his back on the bed there, holding his radio in his left and pinching the bridge of his nose with his right, his eyes screwed shut. Had Fun really just said that? I was a robot, I know, but I didn’t need one inkling of database space to know he was talking to Poison. Or really lying. How he thought Poison could handle that right now was beyond me. Yet here he was, shaking his head and putting his arm down on the bed.

The radio crackled to life. “Thank you, Frank, I…” I heard Poison say on the line, but he stopped. The radio remained crackling, though, and I walked into the room to nudge Fun, who looked tired.

“Fun, I think we got a situation,” I said, poking his chest. “What did you just say to Poison?” Oh wow, I was using kill names.

Fun whipped his gun out of his holster and pulled his bandana up on instinct after hearing me use his killjoy name. “What, Dracs where?” he asked, sounding tired, worn, and sad. I touched his arm and he looked up at me with red eyes. “Shockwave, what are you doing without your mask on?”

I shook my head. “No, Frank,” I said, forcing myself to use his real name. “Not that kind of situation. What were you and Gerard discussing before he passed out?”

“He passed out?!” Fun questioned loudly, looking shocked and worried. “No, fuck no! He was fuckin’ going out on us, on Scarlet and I, took drugs. Took the fuckin’ drugs. I thought he had stopped this shit back in oh-four.” Fun groaned and covered his eyes with the palms of his hands. “I don’t even know why the fuck he would take that shit, Shockwave…” I coughed, and Fun looked up at me for a split second before groaning again and placing his palms back over his eyes. “Oh yeah. Fuck, it’s all my fuckin’ fault…”

I was silent for a moment, just silent. “You know what I’m seeing, Frank?”

“What?” he wailed, sighing and probably crying.

“I’m seeing both you and Gerard pinning this on each other, then yourselves. You two still love each other, don’t you.” It was a statement; not a question.

Fun sighed, rubbing his eyes. “I wouldn’t call it love, Shockwave…” he said, shaking his head. “You’re young. You wouldn’t understand. Just call this… Erm… Uh… Okay, so I don’t know what to call it. Just don’t call it love. It’s not love.”

“Mhmm,” I said, nodding sarcastically. “And you saying you hated Scarlet back there wasn’t love, either?”

“Shit, you heard that?” Fun asked, lifting his palms to look at me again, his eyes redder than they were before. “Shit, shit, shit…”

“You’re were lying off your ass, y’know,” I said lightly, hoping that didn’t cause a flow of the waterworks. I had seen it already today, when Struck was hugging Fun as he cried.

Fun shook his head. “No, I wasn’t lying.”

I rolled my eyes, shaking my head. “You really think I’m that stupid, Frank?” I asked, running a hand through my short blue hair. “You’ve been giving Gerard goo-goo eyes ever since I’ve met you, and recently you’ve been giving goo-goo eyes to Scarlet too. So unless your goo-goo eyes are your way of hating people, I know you were lying.”

Fun looked up at me and I noticed he was crying silently. “I don’t think I was, Shockwave,” he said, conviction and sadness in his voice.

I sighed, shutting my eyes. “There’s never a time without a little sadness…” I mumbled, rubbing my face with my palms. “Frank,” I said, removing my hands and placing them on my legs as I sat down on the bed beside Fun. “You remember how you used to tell me years ago that you were so in love with Gerard that it hurt to talk about him?”

I felt Fun nod. “And it hurts now. But I don’t love him.”

“So you lied when he thought you were telling the truth?”

Fun gave a silent groan. “I don’t know anymore, Shockwave. I honestly don’t know. Ever since Violet got here, it’s been jumping through hoops just to get my thoughts out.”

I opened my eyes and looked at Fun as he shut his eyes and put his hands back over his eyes. “Have you told him?”

“Told who what?”

“Gerard. Have you told him?”

“Told him what, Shockwave?!”

I ducked my head a little and stuck my bottom lip out. “That you two are worse than a bunch of girls.”

Fun shot up, taking his hands off his face once more. “What did you just say?” he asked, his voice quiet but I heard the angry laced within the whisper.

I took a breath in and held it for a second, trying to get the balls I knew I didn’t have. “Frank Iero, you and Gerard are about as bad as two girls bitch fighting over a boy.” God, that stuff sucked in middle school. I was there for those three stupid years and saw so many little friendships that would end because of one stupid reason; and most of the time it was about boys.

“Why… Why would you say that?” Fun asked, looking at me with eyes drowning in sadness. “He would be the girl…” Fun fell back on the bed, crying again. Dang it, he had the waterworks going. “I still fuckin’ love him, okay?!” he said, curling into a ball and crying. “I still love Gerard…”

I patted his back and sighed. “I know, Frank. I know. I’ve known all along.”

Fun shook his head. “But I haven’t loved him all along.”

“Yes, you have, Frank. You might not have known it, but I always saw your eyes light up when Gerard was mentioned in any conversation. When you saw him, you grew happy; giggly, even. You do realize that he’s possibly dead right now, right?”

“I don’t care. That sonofabitch can die in a hole for all I care.”

“Lying, Frank. Lying.”

“I’m not lying, Shockwave.” Fun looked up at me from his curled ball and I didn’t see anything remotely attached to love. “I don’t care.”

I looked around Fun to see if there was anything he might have taken. An empty bottle of absinthe was lying on its side on the bed. I picked it up and showed it to Fun. “Really, Frank? You finished the bottle?”

“Not all of it,” he mumbled, frowning. “Scarlet stole some… a quarter… half.”

I shook my head and stood up off the bed. “You need to sleep it off then. Stay here, tell Scarlet it’ll be all right, but I have to go. I’m taking Bob and Ray with me. I’m gonna go save Gerard.”

Fun grabbed my wrist and tugged me closer to the bed. “Please don’t go?” he asked, pouting his bottom lip and giving me his signature puppy eyes you only saw when he wanted something. “He can die, it’s all right.”

I twisted my arm and walked backwards, causing Fun to let go and grab his own wrist in pain. “I’ll tell Mikey to keep an eye on you.” I turned on my heel and walked out of the room, taking steady breaths to calm myself. I may be the one to help the group, but boy did it suck sometimes. Over the littlest shit sometimes. “Bob! Ray! Where are you two?” I called out, walking into the main room of the Diner to see it was empty. “Where are you two?” I mumbled, tilting my head to the left and running a hand through my hair. “There better not be anymore Bray going on…”

“Really, Shockers? Really?” I heard Moon say, and I turned right to see him leaning in the doorway, shaking his head and pinching the bridge of his nose. “’Bray?’ There is nothing going the fuck on.”

“Ooh, pissed, are we? Cheer up, Bobbert, we’re going on a rescues mission,” I said, feeling my pants’ pockets for my ray gun. “You’ve seen my gun?”

“Got it,” Star said, and I watched him as he walked in the room from the doorway in which Moon was leaning in, fixing his hair with his right hand and holding my gun out with his left. “But did I hear rescue misson?”

I nodded. “Mhmm. Apparently Gerard’s taken drugs and probably OD-ed.”

Moon’s face fell into concern and slight anger. “And we’re still here? What the hell?! We need to go and make sure he’s okay! Where was he when this happened?”

I thought for a moment, while I put my gun in its holster. “The tree,” I said, looking up at Moon. “And he took the Death Machine, so unless you guys have your own bikes, we’ll have to take Rage’s truck.”

“Cool. I call shotgun!” Star yelled, running outside and hopping in Rage’s truck. “C’mon, guys, we need to get up and gooooo!”

I shook my head and looked at Moon. “Bob,” I said, raising an eyebrow, “did you have anything to do with this?”

Moon looked confused as he answered. “What? What do you mean?”

I nodded my head towards Star, who was pantomiming driving and making random noises that I guessed were the engine. “That.”

Moon looked and Star and looked back at me. “I swear, I had nothing to do with that.”

I nodded passively and shrugged past Moon to my bike, which was nicely undusted and dirty as all fuck. “Good luck then, Bob,” I said, getting on my bike and turning it on. “I’ll go ahead of you guys and see if Gerard’s even alive. You guys better fuckin’ come, too,” I said with a twist of the wrist to test the gas. “I need to make sure he’s even there.”

Moon sighed and nodded, folding his arms over his chest. “But you leave me with that?” he asked, looking at Star as it looked like he hit a bump on the road and jumped in the passenger’s seat. “You couldn’t take Mikey or Sun?”

I shook my head, smiling deviously. “I thought you and Ray needed your alone time,” I said, laughing, and I let the clutch go and shot forward, out of the garage, as Moon yelled ‘I AM NOT GAY!’ after me. “Ah ha ha, Bob. I just owned you,” I said, shutting my eyes and enjoying the flying for a moment before I opened my eyes and tilted a little to avoid a cactus. Driving to Violet’s tree was second nature, and driving in general was something I was born to do.

I shifted my left hand so it was clutching the middle of the bike’s handle and, with my right, I pulled my helmet on. Instantly my ears were filled with the sound of Star’s silliness, and I giggled. “Having fun, Bob?” I asked into the helmet, right where a built in microphone was set in.

Moon’s voice crackled in my ears. “Fuck you, Shockers. You don’t even know what he’s doing right now.”

I heard Star giggling in the background, “You know you like it, Bob.”

“Uhh…” I said, blinking in confusion and worry. “Please tell me he’s just talking about slippers, Bob,” I mumbled, praying to god it wasn’t what I was thinking. Mind out of the gutter, I thought, mind out of the gutter.

“He’s… he’s, uh… he’s giving me directions of how to drive,” Moon said, me giving a sigh of relief. “What, you thought he was… EW I’M NOT FUCKIN’ GAY, FOR THE LAST FUCKIN’ TIME!” Moon yelled at me, and I began shaking in silent laughter as I bit my lip.

“No, no, I wasn’t thinking that, Bob…” I giggled. “But I can’t help it if Ray has taken a liking to you. It seems like you like him back, though…” I trailed, waiting for the reaction I was going to get.

The radio clicked off.

“Ass hole,” I mumbled, shaking my head. “What if there’s a group of Dracs ahead of me?”

“Wait, there’s a group of Dracs? Shit, shit, shit…”

“No, Bob,” I said, rolling my eyes and pressing the gas. “I was just saying you shouldn’t turn the radio off. Not when there is the Dracs running around. Albeit we know their weakness, but we still shouldn’t avoid telling the rest of us about any Dracs so we can fight.”

“Oh.” Silence… “Are you almost there, though?”

Yes, Bobbert, so don’t grip about Ray giving you head.” I turned my radio down a little to avoid the now classic ‘I’M NOT GAY’ speech Moon was barking at me. “Bob, cool it, I know you’re not gay. You might want to get that in Ray’s head, though…” I said, listening to Star in the background, who was meowing. “Seriously. He’s scaring me, and I’m at Rage’s tree.”

“Oh, fuck yeah!” Moon groaned, and I felt my mouth open in slight disgust. “I need that…”

“Uhh…” I said as I stopped my bike and turned it off, shaking my head as I took my helmet off. I took my handheld radio out from my jacket’s pocket and turned it on, breathing. “Please tell me that’s not what I think it is.” I clipped the radio to my jacket and left the button lock down, so it was constantly on. I swung my leg over the bike and touched the ground with my feet, instantly scoping around for any sign of life. “Shit.”

“What? He’s not there?”

“No, I can’t see any sign of movement here…” I said, walking gingerly into the tree. I scanned the ground, seeing a little white pill and an empty pill bottle on the ground, lying next to a vodka bottle. “Shit shit shit shit. Empty pill bottle, little white pill, and an empty vodka bottle. Looks new. Any ideas, gu—“ I looked by a blue crate and saw a boot. “He’s here.”

“Really? He’s alive, right?” I heard Moon ask from my radio, but I didn’t pay any attention as I squatted down and grabbed the boot. Yes, it was connected to a leg, surrounding a foot.

“He’s here,” I repeated, looking at Poison as he was spread out across the ground, looking shot. “No blood…” I climbed on the blue crate and leaned over Poison to check his pulse. “No pulse,” I breathed, shaking my head and pushing my fingers down deeper against Poison’s neck. “No, no no, don’t fuckin’ be dead, not on me, not on us…”

“Shockers? I see the tree. Is he waking up?”

I shook my head. “No, Bob. Hurry up. The medical supplies are in Rage’s truck.” I turned back to Poison and shook my head again, slowly this time. “Gerard… She’s still alive. I know it. You just had to go and do this…” I heard the roar of Rage’s truck approaching the tree. “Don’t be fuckin’ dead, Gerard…” I felt a tear slide out of my eye. “The last thing we need is a train of death…”

“Shitshitshit, he’s not waking up?!” I heard Moon yell behind me, and I felt his footsteps shake the ground as he walked over. “I told Ray to get the medicine. He calmed down and sobered up when you said no fuckin’ pulse… shit!” I looked up at Moon, who had his head in his hands. “This is not fuckin’ happening right now…”

“Guys, we can’t stick a needle into Gerard,” I heard Star say behind me. “He’ll freak if he wakes up.”

“When,” I said, looking at Poison ’s face, which had gone pale.

“What?” Moon and Star said in sync.

“When. He will wake up. We’ll bring him back from the dead if we have to. He’s not staying dead when Rage’s alive.”

What will happen with Violet Rage and Kendall Jacobson? Will Frank get his feelings worked out over Gerard? Will Gerard wake up? What was Bob doing with Ray in Violet's truck? Tune in next week to find out!
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