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8 Dead Agitation

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Ah, the semi-normal life of a Killjoy.

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Ooh, a big word, Violet. Looked at a dic--

“Shut the fuck up,” I growled, my lips curving back in disgust, a reply to both my mind and Kendall. “You know, I bet you think you’re all that to daddy Korse. That you’re his world. Bet you didn’t know you had a sister,” I said to the girl, my eyes boring into hers, albeit she couldn’t see mine.

I watched the girl’s face turn from scorn to astonishment. (A/N I have a web page full of emotions xD Expect a lot of them this chapter.) “I… I h-have a sis-sister?” she stuttered, confusion clear in her eyes. “I’ve been an only child since I could remember.”

I laughed bitterly while I reached up to take my Bans off. “Oh, daddy Korse didn’t tell you? Hm, must have erased your memory, chickadee. That seems like a normal thing for your father. That means…” I took my Bans off my head and placed them back in their pocket. “That means you should remember me.”

Kendall was silent for a moment. “You know what?” she asked, getting this look of amusement on her damn face. “I do. You killed my father. A number of times. So I guess I should repay his favor…” Kendall whipped her Drac ray gun out and aimed it right in between my eyes. “I’ll see you dead before he wakes up, Jennifer.”

“Uhh, y’know what, girls?” Sonic said, making us turn to see what he had to say. “ I’m just gunna take this…” He took Kendall’s gun, “And this too…” he put his hand on my gun and tugged. “I’m gunna be taking this, Rage,” he said, staring me in the eye and tilting his head down. I raised my eyebrows and he let go as he fell back in his seat. “Okay, okay, I take it we love our gun too much. But you two,” he pointed his left index finger at me, his right at Kendall, “should seriously talk something out. I know, both of you are biased against each other, but I know both of you are dolls that should avoid being shot at all.” I shifted my gun away from Kendall to Sonic. He panicked and lifted his hands, which he proceeded to use as a shaking method. “Okayokayokay, I take it you don’t like sweet talking, but y’all should be nicer to each other. I—“ I clicked the lock on my gun. Sonic’s eyes widened considerably. “I’ll shut up now.” he murmured, staring at my gun like it was the first time he’s seen a ray gun so close he could kiss the barrel.

Kendall rolled her eyes. “Hicks, I swear…” she said, shaking her head as she folded her arms and sent her gaze down. “So.” Her gaze lifted to look me hard in the eye. “You gonna shoot me, or waiting for my dad to kick your ass?”

“Y’know, such pretty girls shouldn—“

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Kendal and I screamed simultaneously at Sonic, who sunk back in his seat and mumbled his apologies.

I looked at Kendall again, thinking. She is a Drac, meaning she can fight… But, daddy’s damn little girl. And, we have the issue of her meeting Current… Wonder how that would play out… I smiled a… Erm… Tim smile and raised my gun, into a mere holding position. “I’m not going to kill you…” I drawled, batting my eyelashes. “I have much better plans for you, Kendall. Or should we say… Rusted Rose?”

Rust narrowed her eyes at me. “You wouldn’t fuckin’ dare.”

I smirked. “Oh I did. Sonic,” I cooed, turning to him and putting on a pout. “Be a doll and tie Rust up for me, please? I have something I need to do before we go home.”

Sonic nodded, looking flustered. “Uh okay,” he said, pulling rope from his pocket.

I grinned. “Thank you, Sonic.” I turned halfway to face a still unconscious Korse. “We’re just gonna check you for a radio…” I mumbled, slipping my hand into his cream jacket’s pocket. Fuck yeah! Radio on the first shot! I thought, pulling the plain black radio out by its antenna. I blinked, and clicked it on. Station… 8, right? I thought as I turned the dial and listened for anything. Feint voices were present under the crackling of the radio, but I could make out Moon’s. I smiled as I pressed the talk button down. “This is Purple to anyone in the Fab Five and accessories, lemme hear you sing it loud,” I said, smiling as I knew I was getting contact from someone.

The radio crackled for a bit before anything came on. “Purple?” I heard Current ask, sounding shocked yet muffled.

“Yes, Electricity,” I said, wondering why she was sounding muffled.

“Where are you, Purp? We got Double P over here in the tree… He’s not, uh, doing so hot.”

“Well, what is it, Electricity?” I asked the radio while I began the task of removing the evidence. I leaned over Korse and opened the passenger’s door, waiting for Current’s response.

“Purp, first, you can drive, right?”

“Yeah…” I said, placing my hand on Korse’s side. God, just know… This is not fuckin’ sexual at all.

“Where are you now?”

“Well, I don’t know, Electricity…” I said sarcastically as I gave Korse’s body a push closer to the open door. “Just in the middle of the fuckin’ desert.”

“What direction are you facing in?”

“What time is it?”


I paused for a moment. Noon, sun behind us… “North.”

“And you’ve been driving that way originally, or you turned from the way the bald ass was going?”

“The latter.”

“Then keep heading north.”

“Electri—“ I began whining, but I was cut off.

“You’ll be here soon, don’t worry. Hey, be optimistic, you’re not in Battery City yet.”

“Yet? Electricity, you know I’m not optimisti—“

“Sorry, gotts go, see you soon!” The line clicked off, but not before I heard Moon’s voice sounding very worried.

“Shit.” I gave Korse’s body another push, and it rolled out of the car onto the dusty ground. I leaned over and smirked. “Bye Korse,” I mewled, and pulled the door shut. “Now to see about the others. Sonic!”


“Rust is tied up?”

Muffled words and a reassuring ‘yes.’

I nodded and smiled, pulling my Bans back on. “Good. We’re headed home.”

Jet Star (A/N yes, Jet’s POV)

He’s dead.

He’s gotta be. He is not moving, no pulse, really pale…

“How do you know he’s going to fuckin’ wake up?” Bob barked at Current, looking angry and full of new grief. Dang. Wish I could cheer him up. I know he’s gay, though, no one like him can be straight.

Current looked at Bob, sympathy in her eyes upon looking at him. She sighed. “Because I know. I can tell. His heart’s still beating, albeit I can’t feel his pulse.”

Okay, I’m confused. “How can you tell, Current?” I asked, squatting down to feel Gerard’s pulse again. Still nothing. I looked up at Current, who was pulling out a syringe and a dark green bottle. “Still no… pulse… What are you going to do with that?” I asked slowly as she put the syringe in the bottle and pulled the plunger back, filling the barrel with a strange blue liquid.

Current looked at me as she pulled the syringe out of the bottle. She smiled and turned her head a little, casting her gaze down. “Liquid adrenaline,” she said, and plunged the syringe into Gerard’s chest, right at his heart.

The world slowed as Current pushed the plunger down. Bob began yelling at Current. Current shut her eyes. I couldn’t tell, but I think I began reciting the Spanish prayer I always have in my head.

Gerard twitched.

“AAH IT LIVES!” I screamed, jumping up and pointing my finger at Gerard’s body, which had lost its paleness a few seconds after I registered the twitch. Then the Spanish prayer resumed. “Padre nuestro que estás en los cielos… Santificado sea tu Nombre… Venga tu reino… Hágase tu voluntad…

“Ray, will you stop that damn chanting?” I heard Gerard ask, and I looked with wide eyes as he pushed himself up off the ground with his hands. “It’s annoying, really. Trying to kill my ears or something?”

I blinked. “Gerard, you wer—“

“Were asleep, and we needed to, uh, wake you up,” Current said as she quickly hid the syringe behind her back. “It’s lucky you woke up, we were about to start using the old cold water method.”

“But…” Gerard said, raising a finger in the air, “you guys weren’t here a moment ago. And I wasn’t on the ground…” He stopped. “And Violet’s still gone…” He put his elbows on his knees and put his head in his hands. “She’s still fuckin’ gone…”

I looked at Current and Bob, and both of them were smiling. “What the heck…” I asked, closing that gap in between my eyebrows. “Why are you to so happy? She’s gone! That’s nothing to be happy about! I’m ashamed in you, Bobi.”

“ACK I’M NOT FUCKIN’ GAY, RAY! GET THAT UNDER YOR FRO!” Bob yelled at me, storming out of the tree and frowning as it filled with Current’s laughter and Gerard’s chuckling.

“Gerard,” Current said, ending her laughing but keeping her smile. “You’ll never guess what happened while you were… err… asleep.”

“Two things, Shockwave,” Gerard said, pinching the bridge of his nose.

Wave’s smile faltered a little. “Shoot, Gerard.”

“One. Drop the syringe and tell me why you were holding it in the first place.”

“Shit,” Current said, setting the syringe down. “Uhh… RAY YOU TELL HIM!”

“What?!” I gasped, very confused. “Why me? I’m not sympathetic!”

Current rolled her eyes. “Tell him or you’ll wish you were born a woman.”

“Already wish that…” I mumbled, putting a hand in my afro and began spiking it up. “Gerard,” I said, taking my hand out of my hair and putting my other beside it in the air. “You, uh, well… You died.” Gerard opening his mouth to talk, but I cut him off with a wave of my right hand. “You overdosed on vicadin while you were talking to Frank and Sun on the radio. You probably polished a new bottle of vodka off, too. We’re lucky the adrenaline Current just sent into your heart worked that fast. Oh, and you’re bleeding a little.”

Gerard frowned. “I hate blood,” he said, looking at his exposed shirt and took in the red spot that was slowly forming. “Seriously, adrenaline? That stuff kills.”

“Not the dead, Gerard.” Current sighed. “Oh, and Rage’s coming here right now. Probably be here in a… few… She’s here.” Current stood up. “Anyone wanna see her and how it went?”

Bob came running back in the tree. “Violet’s here!” he breathed, grinning like a sexy mad man. Then he looked at me. The smile fell from his face. “I. Am. Not. Gay. Ray,” he said, shrinking back a little. “I don’t do it up the ass.”

“Don’t or can’t?” I smirked, loving the way I teased Bob like this. I know it drives him insane. And that makes it all the worthwhile to see him squirm.

“Fuck you, Ray.”

“Ooh, gladly.”

“TWO,” Gerard said loudly, catching everyone’s attention. He sounded strong, but looked flustered and nervous. “Violet’s not in Battery City?”

“Wait, I’m in Battery City? Why the fuck am I in Battery City? Last time I checked I was here, in my tree.” Several happy gasps went up around the room, and everyone was smiling except Violet. She raised an eyebrow at me, and I shook my head, smiling and getting whiplash from my afro. Violet turned back to the group. “Guys, did everyone take my stash? I swear to god, if you got in my fuckin’ stuff, I’l—“

Gerard jumped up and shut Violet up by pressing his lips to hers, getting a chorus of ‘aw’s to go up around the room. He pulled away from her, smiling. “Violet,” he said, looking overjoyed. “Please don’t have somebody knock you out in a fight again.”

Violet smirked. “You say it like I had a choice,” she said, shaking her head and closing her eyes. “I’m just glad to be back.” Her gaze lifted with those words. “Wow, it sounds like I’ve been gone for years.”

Current snorted, and all heads in the room turned towards her. “Rage, you don’t know the half of it.”

Violet looked like she was growing confused. “But, you had said there was something wrong with Gerard… How long was I gone?”

Bob walked back in the tree. “Three hours. you’d be amazed at what happened in that time, Violet,” he said, looking at us stare at him. “What? I can be conscious of the time, can’t it?”

I smiled at Bob. “Good to know you can keep time, Bobi,” I said, batting my eyelashes, silently begging to retaliation. (A/N I’m seriously thinking if Star Struck really did happen, Bob would be the guy)

Bob opened his mouth to say something. “Well,” he said, then shut his mouth again. “Fuck you.” He stuck his hands in his pockets of his button jacket and looked at his feet.

I rolled my eyes. “You haven’t yet, Bobi.”


“You might not be, but you’re a poet.”

“What the fu—“

“Good lord, you two, you fight like a married couple,” Violet said interrupting Bob and pinching her nose as Gerard wrapped his arms around her. “Gerard and I don’t right that much. Bob, we get it. You’re not gay. But, seriously, you need to do something with Ray.”

Bob’s face contorted into something ugly. “WHAT?! You want me to fuck that ‘fro?!” he screeched, pointing at me as his eye twitched. “Fuck no. Not in a million fuckin’ years. Not if I was gay.

“Ouch,” I said, frowning and putting a hand over my heart. “That hurt, Bobi.”

“And stop calling me Bobi. Bobi is a girl’s name. Do I look like a girl?” Bob said, looking at me with his eyebrows raised.

I giggled. “No…” I said, looking down and playing with my thumbs. “But you act like one.”

“Why you litt—“

“GUYS WE NEED TO GE BACK TO THE DINER,” Current said, interrupting Bob, who began whining about how he’s always the one interrupted, and the quiet chat Violet and Gerard were having. “We do have Scarlet and Frank to worry about, y’know. Drinking absinthe straight is bad shit.”

“Ooh, liver’s gonna take a pounding,” Violet said, leaving Gerard’s arms and walking outside in the noon sun. “Well guys, we should pack this baby up,” she said, and she turned on her heel to face us. “Don’t want whatever the fuck happened here today to happen again, now do we?” We shook our heads, and she smiled warmly. “Then let’s pack up and move out.”

Upon Unicorns-are-real's request... I updated.
It actually took a lot to write this this time. Maybe because most of it is substance...? Oh, shit, I forgot about Sonic and Rust. Shit. Well, there's always a new chapter being written! I'm just glad I don't plan. That would suck.
And I NEED TO MAKE A CHART THAT HAS EVERYONE'S NAME AND WHAT PEOPLE CALL THEM. Seriously, I spent fiften minutes searching for what Jet calls Current. I originally had it set as 'Wave', but, like the name 'Rainbow Pause' (The name I used before Violet Rage and chapter... 4?, yuck), I just REALLY didn't like it. It sucked dick.
Okay, people, I have a fun question. Well, fun for me. Fun Party or Star Struck? Ferard or Rob? I'm just wondering here, cause I have a lot of fun writing the love sick Ray and straight (or so you think) Bob. Just... a blasty blast.
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