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9 Alone and Happy

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What?! Two unexpected things?! Whoa!

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Fun Ghoul

I felt alone.

Gerard could be dead? Well, y’know what, that sonofabitch could die in a fuckin’ hole for all I cared.

Shit, I did care.

I gave an exasperated sigh as Shockwave left the room, taking deep breaths. She was just going to save Gerard? After what he just said? He didn’t deserve to live. Yet, I still loved him. I still. Fucking. Loved. Gerard. I don’t know how, but I still loved the guy. It still hurts. And that’s why he deserves to be dead. I loved the man that was slowly killing me inside.

“Frank?” I heard somebody breathe, and I looked around the room to see Scarlet standing in the doorway. “Can I come in?” I grunted my response and she tip-toed in the room, over to the bed. “Thanks,” she said quietly as she flopped on the bed to my left and began kneading her temples, shutting her eyes. I watched her as she began breathing easy, still rubbing her temples. “What?” she asked, stopping her hand and cracking her left eye open. I shook my head and she nodded, shutting her eye again. “Have any more absinthe? That stuff is fuckin’ amazing, but man, does it fuck with you.”

I shook my head as I fell back on the bed, in my previous position before Shockwave came in the room and made me fuckin’ cry. “No, but Shockwave told us we should sleep it off,” I said quietly, noticing the feint headache I was developing. “How is the stuff fuc—“

“I’m sorry for possibly fucking up what you and Gerard had together and I’m sorry for possibly being the cause of him passing out,” Scarlet blurted out quickly, shooting up and turning to face me. “I didn’t know that, even shitfaced, I could ruin anything, and I wanted you to know, needed you to know I’m truly sorry for possibly killing everything.”

I was speechless. Scarlet… Damn, that was straightforward. I don’t think I could shoot that straight. I mean… But, she thinks that she messed it up with Gerard? Oh how wrong she was.

“No, Frank, I’m not wrong,” she said, shaking her head, which made me wonder if I had thought aloud on accident. “If I didn’t mess it up, I know for sure I wasn’t helping it. I just hope I didn’t fuck anything up too much.”

“I don’t think you did, Scarlet,” I said, sighing. “But we’ll see when Gerard gets back.”

“Frank, didn’t you hear me? I possibly killed Gerard,” Scarlet said as she shook her head. “That means he might not be coming back. Means you might never see him again.”

I shut my eyes. “Then that’s it. Gerard hates me.” I bit my lip and shook my head. “Not the way I wanted it to end… But beggars can’t be choosers.”

“Frank…” Scarlet started, and I felt her flop back down on the bed. “That’s what you get when you let your heart win.

“Huh?” I asked, thoroughly confused and kinda scared. In the past three years of knowing Scarlet, I’ve learned that when she breaks out lyrics to a song or starts singing, shit’s going down. Ugh, I’m thinking too hard. I’m giving myself a headache.

“That’s what you get when you let your heart win. Gerard might be gone, and you became drunk during the process of talking to Gerard. Both things that can fuck things up. He let his heart stone over, yet you let your heart win by saying it.”

“It?” I asked, shaking my head. “What the fuck is it?”

“I love you,” Scarlet said quietly, and I cracked my left eye open to see her staring at me with… Man, what was that on her face? I couldn’t tell, but whatever it was it made me sick to my stomach and feel amazing at the same time. It was like a high, something I only got when I said…

“I love you too.”

Violet Rage

For once in… pssh… 4 hours, I felt happy.


Yep, happy.

“Hey, Gee?” I asked, looking at an empty pill bottle on the ground next to my prized blue crate that I was about to pick up and take to my truck. “Why is there a random pill bottle on the ground?”

Party walked over and picked it up, giving me a view of that pert ass of his. “Shit,” he said, tossing it outside. “I love you, Violet?”

I sighed. “Gerard, what did you do-slash-take?” I asked, running a hand through my hair.

Down on one knee, Party asked, “Violet Rage, will you marry me?”

I slapped Party upside the head. “Gerard, we’re married already. What did you take?” I growled, narrowing my eyes at him as he stood up.

Party sighed. “Well…” he said, scratching the back of his neck and looking sheepish. “I don’t… Exactly know, Violet. All I remember is having a massive headache, and then nothing from there. Apparently I took out a bottle of vodka and that bottle of vicadin I just threw outside. Heh heh…”

I couldn’t speak. A whole bottle of vodka? And Sun’s vicadin? “And…?” I trailed, looking at Party patiently and raising an eyebrow.


“I swear to god, Gerard, if you say ‘well’ one more time,” I threatened, raising my fist and shaking it at Party.

“I don’t know, Violet…” Party said, shrugging like it was nothing. “Nobody’s told me what happened while I lost my memory.”

I gritted my teeth my nodded calmly, casting my gaze down so Party wouldn’t see the annoyance and rage creep in my eyes. Why hasn’t anyone fuckin’ told him? Or me, for that matter?! Oh, Current, you have some explaining to do… I blinked to clear my thoughts and plastered a convincing smile on my face. “I need to go have a chat with Current for a moment, Gerard,” I said in the ‘proper’ stuckup English, and I hoped my eyes didn’t hold any tell-tale signs of the anger I was feeling. “I will be back.”

Party smiled, not catching my voice and accent change. “Okay, Violet,” he said, cupping my cheek. He leaned for a kiss, one I half-heartedly returned. ‘Better come back,’ his eyes were speaking to me as Party stroked my cheek with his thumb. “You still need to fix the alcohol in your truck so we can fit everything in there, so hurry back.”

I smiled and shut my eyes, nodding casually. “Will do, Gerard,” I said, opening my eyes. “But do try not to save me any crates, please?” Party nodded, grinning, and I kissed his cheek lightly. “I will be back.” I turned away from Party and walked outside, into the harsh sunlight, looking at my truck as my hand instinctively dug in my pocket for my Bans. “Oh, Current,” I called out sweetly as my hand pulled out of my pocket, sunglasses in tow. “Where are you?” My hand put my sunglasses over my eyes, colouring everything with a darker tint and making it easier to spot the electric blue hair by the passenger’s side of my truck. “There you are,” I mumbled, smirking, and I stepped around the back of my truck to see Current digging around inside my truck.

Current looked up, out of the truck, her hand covering her eyes. She glanced around the truck, only stopping her scan when she saw me standing by my truck. “Hey, Rage,” she said, standing up straight and fixing her hair. “You seen the aspirin? Mikey’s got a headache.”

I shook my head, leaning on my right foot and walking forward. “I have not seen anything medically related all day except the empty pill bottle on the floor,” I said, keeping my tone cool. Heh, cool. Good fuckin’ luck with that. “You, on the other hand…” I began, placing a hand on Current’s shoulder, feeling the shudder that passed through her, “have, if I remember so. You even used some medical supplies on Gerard earlier today when he had his… problem.Holy damn, Violet, are you trying to scare the shit out of Current? Are you TRYING to sound like Korse?! my mind shot at me, trying to beat its way out of the recesses of my mind. I thought for a moment, my hand still on Current’s shoulder. Yes, I thought back, leaning closer to Current so my head was resting on her open shoulder. “I do have to ask, Current…” I chilled, speaking quietly, “What was Gerard’s problem?”

Current took a breath and shut her eyes, her nose flaring ever so slightly. “Rage, I don’t know what the fuck you’re doing, but whatever it is, it’s creepy. Please, get off me.”

I tightened my grip on Current’s shoulder, to the point of making her wince. “That’s not what I asked, Current,” I breathed leaning into her ear. “Tell me. What. Was. Gerard’s. Problem.” Each word had its own harming squeeze.

Current opened her eyes. “Rage…” she trailed, shaking her head. “I honestly don’t know. If I tell you everything I know about what the hell happened in there an hour ago, will you please get the hell off me?”

I sighed. “Oh, I don’t know, Current,” I drawled in her ear, drawing circles on her other shoulder. “How much is everything?”

Current bucked backwards, which sent me back a ways, and pulled out her electric blue ray gun before I had time to react. She aimed it at my chest and got it read to shoot. “Rage, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but whatever the fuck it is, get it out. The little bits of information I know about Gerard’s ‘problem,’” here Current stuck up her finger on the trigger of her gun and made an air quote, “is that he had nearly died, he drank a bottle of vodka, and he took vicadin. That’s all the fuck I know. If you need to know anymore, ask Frank,” she spoke swiftly, her British accent popping out and shocking me for a moment. See what the fuck you did, Violet?! my mind screeched at me, shoving its way to the driver’s seat. You’ve pissed Current off and made her scared.

“No, I didn’t make her scared,” I mumbled back, looking in Current’s eyes. Holy damn, she is scared. I fuckin’ scared Current. God, I’m such an ass right now.

Current looked at me and shook her head. “Rage… What’s gotten into you?” she asked quietly, her eyes brimming with confusion and worry. “I swear to god, if you do what you used to do…”

“No no,” I said, shaking my head. “Not that. I was just… Uhh…” I began wondering off into my own little world of blue sky I’ve been seeing a lot lately. A tree was beckoning me forward as I shut my eyes. “Ever notice how beautiful trees are, Current?” I asked breathily, smiling as I followed the tree through a patch of tall grasses. Something hit my stomach, and I looked down to see a black-clad arm blocking my path. I followed the arm up to see Current holding her arm out, standing under a green sky in a wasteland of sand, looking very worried. “Hey, you took away the blueeeeeeeeness,” I stumbled, wondering what to call the sky.

Current bit her lip and shook her head. “Rage. No. There is no blue sky. There’s no trees. There’s no grass. No plants. No moon. You’re seeing things again,” she said, looking like she was going to cry. “You’re going crazy again.”

I nodded, fully understanding what Current was saying. “I guess I need help then?” I asked, looking down at her.

Current sighed. “Yes,” she said after a while, looking down. “You need help.”

“Mkay,” I said, smiling. “I have you guys. I’ll be fine. But, seriously, have you ever noticed how beautiful trees are?” I asked, raising an eyebrow and turning away from Current. “They’re quite majestic…”

“C’mon, Rage, you need something to get you down from wherever you are,” Current said behind me, and I felt myself being tugged backwards by my shirt. Ahh, no? I frowned and walked forward a foot, just enough to get out of Current’s grasp and spin on my heel to face my tree.

I looked at Current and smirked. “I don’t walk backwards,” I said, taking a teetering step forward and looking up at the tree. “How much id there cleared?”

“Only a little bit, Rage. Somebody’s been slacking off,” Current said, and she nudged her head towards my truck. I knit my eyebrows together, but she nodded that way again and raised her eyebrows. I gave a soft ‘oh’ and looked to the driver’s side of my truck, which was cast in a shadow and turned away from my tree.

Peering around the corner, I thought, What could possibly be going… on… “Uhh…” I said quietly, my eyes tricking me. “Current, tell me you don’t see it. Tell me I’m seeing things.”

“Nuh-uh. You might hallucinate trees, but that’s real.”

I giggled. “It’s so sweet,” I said, smiling. “Who knew Bob would actually hug Ray and then fall asleep with him?” The latter were hugging on the ground, appearing to be sleeping. Ray’s fro was covering his face, but you could clearly see Bob. He was smiling. I giggled some more and nudged Bob’s foot with my toe. “Hey Bob,” I said loudly, kicking his foot this time. “You’re not gay, huh?”

Bob woke with a jolt, that smile being ripped off his face as he saw Current and I standing there, stifling our laughter and smirking. “I,” he said, pushing Ray away from his with force. “Am.” With this he stood up. “Not.” Bob walked over to Current and I, which sucked because he stood over us. “Gay,” he growled, looking like he wanted to kill somebody with his hands. Ah, a pleasurable past time.

“I don’t know Bob…” I said, smirking and reaching up to scratch the back of my neck. “That’s some solid proof right there.”

“And I bet Ray’s going to have a story to tell,” Current said beside me, giggling. “Good luck avoiding that.”

Bob glared at us both. “If either of you tell anybody,” he snarled, his eyes narrowing at the two of us, “I will kill you.”

“Ooh, a blond threat,” I taunted, crossing my arms and widening my smirk. “You think you’re actually going to go through with that?”

Bob growled. “I’m going to go help Gerard,” he snapped, walking away and leaving a giggling Current, a smirking me, and a confused Ray.

Current and I looked at Ray, and he was frowning as he was rubbing his head through his fro. “He doesn’t want me to tell either, does he?” he asked meekly, looking at us with a pout. I shook my head, still victory-smirking, and Ray pouted. “Can I still tell everyone?”

I nodded, shrugging. “Why the hell not?” I asked, smiling. “I’m sure he doesn’t want to stay in there forever.”

Current piped up next to me. “In where, Rage?” she asked, and I could hear the smile and the taunting in her voice. Ahh, I taught her well these past few years.

I smirked. “In the closet.” We all laughed at that, and I nodded. “But we need to get the tree packed up. Seriously. If Sun, Frank, and Mikes are here, then they’re at the Diner. And I need to talk to Frank,” I said, remembering earlier. “We should move out in an hour.”

My apologies this isn't up sooner. I didn't even touch a computer yesterday, and I guess you could say I had writer's block. A severe case of it. But I did satiate my creative outlet by drawing Germany. Ah, not that Germany, people. I drew Hetalian Germany :3 I swear, if you ever want ot know what I'm like (aside from the one friend thing), just watch Hetalia Axis Powers. There I am, as a blond guy. With blue eyes. Something I hope to never be. I look more like Hungary with shorter hair. And now I'm going all fan girlish with Hetalia. But, you should watch it. Learn stuff. I learned more there than I did in my middle school years.
Ok, so I know this was total shit-slash-fluff, but do you think I honestly care? I'm just reminescing in the fact that I've taken eight chapters so far, EIGHT FUCKIN' CHAPTERS, to write about eight hours worth of action. Well, this'll be long.
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