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Author's Notice (And here we go again...)

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Eh, drills.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Horror - Published: 2011-07-02 - Updated: 2011-07-02 - 226 words

Ello, loves.
I have bad news.
It's taking longer than usual to update...
I can't post chapters whilst riding in a car...
The chapter I've been working on is on the computer...
I can't type in ze car...
Y'see where this is going, kiddies?
Beat me with a rake if you have to, but I can't update today nor tomorrow. Probably not Monday, either. It's jut... I don't know. I can't write anymore. I'm not saying I'm dropping the fiction, heavens no, I'm just saying I'm getting out of touch. Like, I feel like my work is going south. And not that kind of south, kiddies. I'm talking about the bad kind of heading south, if you know what I mean. ...You don't? Damn it. Well, I feel like my stuff is starting to suck. I can still write, I've just lost that exhiliratin feeling I get when I write. Which I hate. The lack of, not the exhilirating feeling. I like that feeling. It's welcome.
Err... But, on the very bright side, I have at least a thousand words for chapter ten, which is titled Driving, by ze way. It's downhill, but hopefully I can overcome ze slump.
Ze 'ze's are because I'm Germany, with a litte bit of Prussia. (If you know what zat's from, ich liebe dich.)

Good luck vith ze vait,
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