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Apologies and such inside.

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It was a love hate relationship. I mean, I loved driving, but I hated sitting for too long.

Well, that’s why you’re not driving, Violet, my conscious snapped at me. This is why you’re in your truck, with Party driving.

I rolled my eyes and leaned back in the passenger’s seat. It’s not like I didn’t offer, I pouted, glancing at Party nodding his head in time to the music. Well, rhythm. This was one of my weird songs I liked, Genesis 16:12 by The Left-Rights. Just a random song. I told Gerard he shouldn’t drive, I mean, he did have his problem… I giggled softly at the thought of the Star Struck sighting after I made Current shit a brick.

Party looked at me and raised an eyebrow. “Remembering something funny, Vi?” he asked in his quiet voice, and I smiled at him. Y’see, this is why I loved him. Two totally different personalities within one person, and only Gee can pull it off and make it work without seeming too crazy.

“Oh nothing, Gee,” I said, waving my hand and dismissing my giggle. A very girlish giggle, Violet. Must be on something Hrm, mind, not feeling too well, are we? I asked back, pouting at Party’s prying look. “It’s nothing, Gerard. Just go back to driving. It would suck if you killed us both because we were talking.”

Party frowned as his eyes grew wide. “Are you telling me you don’t like us talking?” he asked moodily, letting his mouth hang open a little and looking shocked.

I shook my head quickly, frowning. “No no,” I said, remembering Jet and Moon. “I…”


“You know how Bob and Ray have all the sudden been in that love hate relationship?” I asked, wondering what Party’s answer would be. He should know, I mean, he and bob and Ray talk to each other, so it’s not like they’re uninformed… right?

Party smirked and turned his head back to the desert road yawning ahead of us. “Ah. Them. You saw them together, I’m guessing?”

I nodded, looking passive. “Spot on,” I said, shrugging. “They slept together, in a way. It was hilarious. Bob couldn’t back up his explanations. Well, what he might have had as explanations.”

“So they were basically cuddling?”

“Holy shit, Gee, were you there?!” I asked loudly, looking at him with a rather confused face, if I were to say so myself. “Could you tell me what Bob was thinking?”

“He wasn’t thinking about the rest of us, if that tells you anything,” Party chuckled, smiling and shaking his head. “Mostly about Ray, about Star Struck, about how he actually likes the name ‘Bobi’.” Party’s air quotes said it all.
“Ar—are you a mind reader?”

Party shook his head at me and smirked. “Bob and I do talk, you know,” he said, smiling. He reached over and patted my hand. “I can’t read minds, don’t worry. If I could then I would know what the hell Frank was thinking.”

I rolled my eyes. “Really? Not what Korse would be thinking, not what the Dracs’ next move might be… What Frank is thinking?”

Party looked at me, looking shocked and dumbstruck, nodding. “Duh,” he said, doing this little head thing where he shook his head and stuck it out a little. Well, sassy bitch, are we? “C’mon, that guy is more unpredictable than Korse. At least we know how to draw Korse out of his shell.”

“Huh?” I asked, thoroughly confused. Violet, don’t be a dumbass. Put two and two together. Ghoul. you’re supposed to talk to him. About Party. Hmm? Come out with four?

I have a smarmy self conscious, don’t I.

Party sighed. “Frank is… Frank is Frank. We have no idea what the fuck he’s going to do or say next. You just watch, when we get back, he’ll have probably pronounced his love for somebody like Shockwave,” (A/N Don’t worry Current! No incest!) me giving an ‘eh true’, “Or… he would have figured out the weakness of Korse.”

“That would be amazing, finding the weakness for that cunt. So far, there’s nothing,” I mumbled, staring into space and thinking about what happened with Ghoul and Party. Well, imagining what might have happened that made Party take the pills and vodka. (A/N Mama, we’re all gonna die. That’s all.) It could be anything, Violet. Bad news. Uhh… Damn it, it was bad news. How bad was that news, though, to have Gerard nearly kill himself?! It had to have been fuckin’ bad. And I don’t think it was because of me… Was it? Gerard normally just goes mute and numb when shit happens to me… He doesn’t fuckin’ kill himself! Could be somebody died… Or an adva--

“Vioooooooolet,” Party was singing, and I looked at him, my eyebrows knitted together. He blushed and looked out the driver’s window. “You were spacing on us.”

Us? “Who the fuck is ‘us?’ Gerard, do you have multiple people in your head?” I asked seriously, worrying for his mental health.

Party shook his head, frowning. “No, I don’t. At least, not since last time I checked. It’s just that you were doing that thing where you think so deeply I’m afraid you’ll drown. I can’t have you drowning. And thinking is just lessons on drowning.”

“Well, let’s just slip in a title here, a lyric there” I said, mocking Party’s tone and rolling my eyes. “I’m guessing you never think?”

“Eh,” Party said, shrugging. “I find the demons of my past lie in my thoughts.”

I frowned. “Lovely, Gerard, really. Lovely,” I said, sighing and trying to block out the past. “Just had to say past…”

“Shit, Violet, I’m sorry. Slip of the tongue,” Party said quickly, looking and me with alarm and worry. “I didn’t mean to—“

I cut Party off with a wave of my hand. “It’s nothing,” I said, hearing the chill on my voice like ice on a cold beer. Or, more like a scar on the skin, my self conscious butted in, disrupting my mental blocking and releasing a flood of memories from the past. Shut the fuck up, I growled back, knowing my self conscious had won in making me angry. Wait…. Am I having a fight with myself? Holy shit… This is weird…

The truck fell into an awkward silence after my inner demon finally shut up, but we were close to the Diner. Well, close enough to see it on the horizon. Man, love hate relationship with what’s about to happen. I don’t know if it’ll be good, if it’ll be bad, or if it’ll be life changing. God, I hope it’s nothing really bad…

“Violet, we’re here,” I heard Party’s gruff voice say, and I looked over at him to see him looking out the windshield, hands clenching the steering wheel. Great, he’s angry, and so am I. God, I hate it when we get this way.

I nodded and got out of the car, sighing. Well if that’s the way he wants to be th--

“Hey, it’s Violet!” I heard Kobra say to my left, and I turned to see him leaning in the doorway to the back part of the diner. “You wouldn’t believe what happened while you’ve been go—“

Party ran over and shut Kobra up by punching him once in the stomach. Kobra twitched and let out a shaky stream of air, shutting his eyes. I felt my mouth open and my eyebrows come together. (If you know what this is from, ich liebe dich.) What the honest fuck?! “Gerard, what the fuck?!” I screeched, watching Kobra slowly fall to the ground. “You don’t just punch your brother!”

Party looked at me and smiled, rolling his neck. “I do,” he said, his smiling turning into a Tim grin. Great, just fuckin’ great. “I also punch other people.” He stomped over to me, raising his fist and smirking. “I love you, Violet,” he said, and he hit my face. It didn’t feel like a fist, though. It felt like betrayal, hurt, fuck ups. It never felt like a fist. Never.

“Violet, wake up!” I heard Party say, and I opened my eyes to see I was still in my truck, facing the door. Or, rather, on the door. A dream…? Thank. God. I felt a hand on my shoulder, and I raised my hand to see Kobra holding my shoulder, looking concerned.

Kobra smiled. “Well, she didn’t die,” he said, and I felt myself pale. I think Party paled next to me too. “Erh… We think you black out for a moment.”

I nodded and turned around to look at Party. He had his sunglasses on, but his face looked worried. I shrugged and smiled weakly. “I guess it’s the heat,” I said to Kobra, though I had my eyes locked on Party. (A/N Get bar raped. Pretty sure I already put that in there…) “Just got to my head.” Party frowned and looked down, and I got a glimpse of his eyes behind the sunglasses. They were red, even in the shadows. I sighed. “I need to go talk to Frank, guys,” I murmured, turning my head to look Kobra in the eye. “He’s still in there?”

“Mhmm,” Kobra nodded. “Might be in there with Scarlet, though.”

I nodded, spacing out. “I can handle that. She might be about to help with what I have to ask Frank.” Kobra nodded his answer, and I smiled, pushing him out of the way so I could climb out of my truck. I brushed past Kobra and stepped inside the Diner, letting my feet lead to the one place I would know where Ghoul would be.

“Frank Anthony Iero,” I called out, looking into the room we used as simple storage. “You and I need to talk.”

“Can Scarlet talk with us too?” he asked from propped up on the bed, and I looked down beside him to see Sun sleeping on Ghoul, using his chest as a pillow.

I shrugged. “Doesn’t really matter, unless she was part of it,” I said coolly, crossing my arms and getting a confused look from Ghoul. “Oh, you know what the fuck I’m talking about, Frank.”

Ghoul shook his head. “No clue, Violet. Nothing I remember.”

I growled. “You know very well what it is. The reason why Gerard nearly died?” I spat quickly, feeling myself slip into the accent I used when I’m angry. Shit, way to tell the world. “You don’t know about that?!”

Ghoul groaned and shut his eyes. “So you know…” His eyes opened. “He nearly died?”

“Yes, Frank, he did. Nearly. Fuckin’. Died. But nooo, you have no idea about what the fuck I’m talking about, do you?”

Ghoul fell back onto his back. “She and I were, almost still are, drunk…” he mumbled, sighing.

“So what’s the story behind it, Frank?” I bit out, trying to calm down. Whoa whoa, you trying to calm down? Violet?! What’s with you today?! “Why’d he do it?”

Frank shook his head. “I don’t know. I think he was already out of it when I rang to him, and I was drunk… Absinthe is hard stuff, Violet… And Scarlet and I were just saying what came to our minds as we spoke. Or, argued. I can’t remember.”

I threw my hands up in the air in frustration, giving a groan of said frustration. “Nobody fuckin’ remembers,” I said sarcastically. “Frank.” I took my arms down and put them on my hips, my gaze boring into him. “I need you to tell me everything.”

Party Poison
“Mikes, everything has been far from normal today.”

Mikey looked over at me and nodded, yet he looked confused. “I do and don’t understand. I haven’t heard anything from Frank or Scarlet, but…” he trailed off, expecting me to finish.

“But…” I sighed. “I think I died.”

Mikey really looked confused now, concern taking it over. “Wh—WHAT?!” he yelled, standing up from the steel table and kicking his chair back as he did. “Why hasn’t anybody fuckin’ told me?!” He planted his hands firmly on the table, slamming it and making the beer in our bottle slosh around a little. “Gerard, I ... You need to tell me what happened.”

I shook my head. “Mikes, I can’t. I don’t even remember what happened. All I know is I had a huge headache, and I took some of Scar’s vicadin. Do I remember anything else? Nope. I went point-blank for an hour or two there. I only started remembering things about five minutes after I woke up.”

Mikey shook his head and sat down again. “I officially agree with you, Gerard,” he said, looking up at me and grabbing his beer bottle by the neck, “today’s been one fuck of a crazy day. But… This is going nowhere. We need to do something.”

I shrugged. “Violet’s talking to Frank now. Frank…” I sighed. “I can’t remembering anything, but I can’t shake the feeling that something between he and I happened. Something big. Something life altering… But if he can’t remember, and I can’t remember either… Mikes, you know what I’m talking about?”

Mikey nodded. “I know. I’m getting that feeling too. It’s… It sucks.”

“FRANK ANTHONY IERO YOU BETTER FUCKIN’ TELL ME!” Violet suddenly yelled, and both Mikey and I cringed.

I gave a weak smile. “Looks like she’s getting information out of Frank whether he likes it or not,” Mikey said, chuckling softly. “Wonder where Bob and Ray are too.”

I smirked. “Those two… I think we have another couple on our hands, Mikey,” I said, shaking my head. “Worst part: they’re the cuddling type.”

Mikey’s eyes popped out of his skull. “What?!” he asked, smiling like an idiot, eyes wide, looking confused. (A/N that’s a face I have perfected. Almost like a smiling deer in headlights.)

I chuckled and nodded, looking at my beer, which was sweating. Gross, I thought, picking the bottle up and taking a drink. “Those two… I believe Shockwave named them ‘Star Struck’,” I said, doing air quotes. “It’s kinda funny, because from what I’ve heard, Bob won’t admit it.”

Mikey shook his head. “That’s Bob for you…” he said, smiling and taking a drink from his beer. “Five bucks says they’re sleeping together.”

I raised an eyebrow. “The way I’m thinking? You’re on,” I said, leaning back in the wood chair and kicking it up on two legs. “I will get the money, Mikes. Bob isn’t the type to sleep with people like that.”

Ray walked in the door from the garage right as Frank began yelling at Violet, telling her he didn’t remember anything. He stopped walking until the yelling was over. “Jeesh,” he said, continuing his walking and walking to the nearest open chair at the table, “he’s really getting it.”

I nodded and Mikey smirked. “I also heard someone else was getting it…” he said, folding his hands on the table and looking at Ray with a cool expression.

Ray raised an eyebrow and looked at the two of us. “Really, Mikey? I would expect this from Frank or Gerard even,” he said, motioning to me, “but not you. How much is the bet this time?”

I smirked as Mikey’s face fell. “Five bucks. Enough for ten tanks of gas.” (A/N THAT SAYS A LOT.)

Ray smirked with me. “Nobody’s getting anything,” he said, and we chuckled to ourselves as Mikey brought the five out on the table and set it down in front of me.

“You guys really suck, you know that,” he mumbled, pressing the crumpled bill down to smooth it out. “I needed that.”

“For what, I may ask?” I tested, looking at Mikey with innocent eyes. “Going somewhere?”

Mikey blushed. “No,” he said, looking down. “Nothing.”

Ray giggled and leaned into the table, his arms crossed on his chest. “Then what did you need the money for, Michael?” he asked quietly, a small smile on his face. “You can tell us.”

Mikey shook his head. “I will never tell,” he mumbled, smiling a little. Creep.

I sighed and leaned back into my chair, admiring the five bucks I just got. “Such a pretty bill, the five… Enough to have a watermark, but not yet tainted by greed…” I brought the bill to my nose and took a breath (A/N WHICH IS A VERY DANGEROUS THING TO DO SO DON’T DO IT KIDDIES YOU’LL PROBABLY GAG FROM THE SMELL.). “It even smells as new as ’17, not too much handli—“

“I WAS GOING TO BUY A NEW COMIC BOOK, OKAY?!” Mikey yelled out, standing up once again and reaching for the bill. “The only issue of Paperinik I don’t have…” He had this faraway look in his eyes, and was smiling softly. “Oh, how I love Paperinik…”

I turned to look at Ray, who nodded, and we both jumped up and tackled Mikey to the ground. “MIKEY, SNAP OUT OF IT!” I yelled at him, slapping his face repeatedly. “YOU’RE A KILLJOY, NOT A COMIC BOOK COLLECTOR.”

Mikey shook his head, shutting his eyes. “No!” he yelled back, trying to push Ray and I off him. “I… Need… That… Comic!”

Ray scoffed and rolled his eyes. “Mikey, you need that book as much as Bob wants some,” he smirked, making me gawk at him and Mikey to do the same as he stopped struggling. Ray laughed and looked at us. “He’s not, if that’s what you’re wondering. God, you perverts. Always expecting sex.”

“Please don’t be,” I heard a voice say, and I turned around to see Scar walking into the room, yawning. “I don’t think I could take that.”

Mikey smirked and bucked, throwing Ray and I off him. He jumped up and brushed himself off, focusing on his pants. (A/N heh heh) He then walked over to Scar and hugged her. “You sure you couldn’t?” he asked her, raising an eyebrow and smirking.

I facepalmed.

Scar raised an eyebrow and took advantage of the situation, from what I could tell. “Well, I don’t know, Mikey…” she breathed, getting closer to his face. I gagged and turned away, shaking my head. “But, too bad for you. You’ll never know.”

“Oh really now?” Mikey asked, and Ray turned around with me, faking puking all over the ground. “I’ll never know?”

“Nope,” she said simply, and I heard boots walking away. “Not unless you’re Frank.”

I don’t know how that made it, but it made my heart fall. “Oh,” I said quietly, looking through the un-transparent wall. “Good for you.”

A hand fell on my shoulder, and I turned to see Ray looking at me sadly. “It’s okay, man. Don’t worry,” he said softly, giving my shoulder a squeeze.

I nodded and looked back at the wall. “I’m gonna go check the gas on the Death Machine…” I trailed, walking from Ray’s grip to the grip of desert heat. Ooh, I’m becoming a poet. I sighed and walked to the Death Machine, rubbing my eyes. “I’m getting too old for this,” I said to the car, opening its door and sitting inside. “Way too old.”

I looked at the horizon, just to look, and cursed. Of course, it’s Korse and his dumbass Dracs. I facepalmed and shook my head, praying to god I would make it out of this. I finished, shut the car door, pulled my mask on, got my gun ready, turned the car on, and hit the gas.

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