Review for Holiday in Cambodia

Holiday in Cambodia

(#) FlyingSmoke 2011-06-16

Lorna, just wanna let you know this will be as good as Full Of Holes. Just sayin' that.
Anyone else laughing their ass off, despite this being war? I'm sorry, but the things happening so far (besides the goddamn, sickening death of Bob [of course you kill off Bob, Lorna. Always Bob to go first...] and the whole war part...), like all the gay references (Ferard, maybe?), and Ray's 'n' Gee's reactions to losing their hair (I teared up at the disappearance of Gee's hair), it is Jeff Dunham or Dane Cook funny (I laugh my ass off with them [wow, loads of parenthesis]).
Kathrine, you are making me go out and buy a fuckin' trampoline just to play X-TREME TRAMPOLINING (you have to put it in caps, y'see? [See? too many parentheses]) with my sister. And my bat shit crazy, not-scared-of-anything-but-will-go-'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH I AM DYING OIHOEIUB'-when-they-hear-a-fuckin'-noise-in-the-night-before-dawn friends. But, to both of you, Jennifer and Kathrine, gracias for the examination of Lorna's hard drive and posting of all this stuff, you literary whores :) I actually thought Lorna had come back from the dead, in the first few chapters until I read the author's friend's friend note? Legit, like I thought she was, urm... You get the point.
Keep posting this soon!