Review for And Here We Go Again!

And Here We Go Again!

(#) Unicorns-are-real 2011-06-20

AMAZING at playing the Joker, he had the balance of mental, deranged and creepy-as-fuck just right. No one can compare...

Wait. How the hell did I end up talking about Batman? xD ah well, that's me; discuss the story, ramble, quote a comic book hero and SHAZZAM! I end up talking about Batman and Heath Ledger, I have the attention span of a goldfish... o.o

Right, back to my Spidy senses (haha Spiderman fails, as in the words of the comedian Andy Parsons, "Spiderman look out! It's Rolled-up-newspaper man!!!" xD ) that if the guys don't know Shockwave is robotic then they are gonna shit themselves when she tells Kendall :)

And hooray! Violet is back! :D And hooray! Violet already got pissed off with Sonic! And hooray! Party is alive again!! (Dunno where Shockers got liquid adrenaline from- but she is a mysterious character, she locks herself away and only truly opens up to Fun :) )

Does this all mean that Party has forgiven Ghoul? :) They better have or Shockwave will frickin' force 'em to apologise lol xD