Review for And Here We Go Again!

And Here We Go Again!

(#) Unicorns-are-real 2011-06-20

- oh dear, ficwad has appeared to delete part of the review :/ Ah well, I was only rippin' on Spiderman and sayin Heath Ledger was- and still is- a legend xD

Anyhow, update soon! I wanna see how Sonic and Shockwave react to eachother and especially how Kendall and her get on :)

As two parting words, 'Star Struck' xD lol

- Sara xoxo

Author's response

/Sara/, you spammed me with four reviews. That is not cool, Current. Not cool at all.
Yay, no poster rape! Go rape the cat, Gerard. Frank barfed on it, so now you have to do something.
Uhh... oH! I couldn't stop laughing at rolled-up-newspaper man (tee hee as I wrte it down). Imma do that next tim i see a spider and it's radioactive blue and atomic red (ech hem, Party's jacket and Party's hair xD). Immabe ninja and smack dat spida.
Yeah, the guys'll shit themselves when they hear that Current's a robot. Even Frank doesn't know, which says a lot. But you're right about Current keeping to herlself. Most therapists are like that.
Current and Sonic's meeting? Heh heh, it'll be... well, no spoilers.
Gerard alive? He doea't remember a thing he said... AT ALL? Yeah, we'll see how that goes.
Nobody writes Brays though (In a relationship, you always mess up the girl's name. That's why it's Ferard, Frikey, Bray, Rard... ect.) It's just a thing nobody thinks about... anymore. You look up Ray Toro and Bob Bryar in the same VGoogle search, and according to many tabloids they were gioing to marrry each other at one point. (Not really, though)
I still beat you, in the review? Yeah, I won :3