Review for Thought I Heard You Say...

Thought I Heard You Say...

(#) andreajp 2011-06-20

Oh shit is my friend John a slut bag in this story lol. Another one of my favorite past times, waking people up ^_^ best why I believe to do is get real close to there face and yell, it's a classic. And what the hell is this socia...liz...ation thing you speak off?! Blasphemy! I have no rating points, but if I did I would give you a +1 ambiance, I could see Gerard wanting to kill James with his eyes. Hope you can update soon.

Author's response

well i have not yet decided what to do with him yet, i was going to make him a really nice guy but i forgot that stoyrline so i left it so it could go either way

and yes i like waking people up that way too XD

thanks xXx