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Chapter 10

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a guy called james shows up...

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still Franks POV

When I woke up I saw that I had my arms around Gee and then I noticed he had his around my waist too.

I wanted to get up but I didn’t want to wake him up. I settled for watching him sleep for another few hours.

I was an early riser, I was also very fidgety which I didn’t notice until now.

“Staaaayyyy.” Gee mumbled in his sleep as I shifted a little. I just smiled at him and leaned in closer to his warm, safe scent.

In the three hours I was lying there I had time to think. I didn’t actually have a home now and it felt rude to stay here for god knows how long. And I need a job. What job could I get? I had no idea, maybe just whatever I could find like last time.

“WAKEY-WAKEY!!!” An extremely hyper AJ burst through the doors.

“Zombie! What?” Gee jumped out of the bed, however we were still holding each other so he brought me with him. I was there in Gerard's room, on his floor, in my boxers, on top of him. I didn’t move for a little while, just so I could be close to him again.

“Guys, come on, it's ten o`clock. And we have visitors so get dressed.”AJ ordered us.

“I think you're forgetting who’s house you are in.” Gee got up and stood there with his hands on his hips, looking rather sassy.

“And YOUR friends are here. Get ready, we leave in half an hour.” With that she walked out of the room.

We got cleaned and dressed quickly. I only put my eyeliner on quickly so it was really smudged. Gee took his time, but that's probably because he didn’t do anything to his hair. I, on the other hand, had to make mine look presentable.

We walked down stairs twenty minutes later, hand in hand.


We walked down stairs twenty minutes later, hand in hand. I stopped dead in the door way to my kitchen. He was there. Of all the days, why today?

“Umm, James.” I blinked at the 22 year old with those bright blue eyes like marbles and his beautiful blonde, slightly curly hair.

“Gerard.” He nodded to me.

“Gee, I want to get some coffee” Frankie pulled me toward the kitchen, ignoring the stranger in the hall way. He tried to use the coffee machine as I silently giggled at his confusion. “You want some help?” I smiled at him and reached over to flip the power switch.

“Thanks GeeGee.” He kissed me quickly before raiding my cupboards. He took out the coco pops and I immediately snatched them off him.

“I do not need a hyper Frankie all day, you can have toast.” I put the cereal back and some toast in the toaster.

“Gerard?” I heard James call from the hall.

“What?” I reply harshly, a little too bitter perhaps.

“Can I speak to you, please?” he begged.

“No, go find someone who cares.” I walk over to get the butter for Frankie.

“That's why I came here, Mikey said you had, umm, moved on.”

That was it. I stormed out into the hallway and screamed in his face, “Keep up fucktard! Can't you see I clearly slept with Frank last night.

“You, what?” he stuttered.

“Well, we shared the same bed. But the basics are, I'm over you and I'm with Frank. I'm sorry but you were just a rebound guy. I don't love you.” I turn and slowly walk back into the kitchen and wait for him to leave.

“I think you should leave.” I heard Frank say quietly to James.

“Yeah, maybe I should. Call me when you're mature enough to talk about this Gerard.” He said, leaving the door.

“Gee, who was that?” Frank asked me. He slid down and sat on the floor next to me, leaning against the glossy black surface of the kitchen cupboards and draws.

“He was just I dated after you left, but it was just because I was jealous of Mikey’s girlfriend.” I admitted. “He wasn’t anything special and it only lasted a few months. He was too mature, no fun at all.” I look at him. “Not like you, you're funny when I need to laugh and you make me smile when I’ve had a shit day but you know when to take a break when I need it and you mean too much to me.”

“Gerard,” Frank sniffed. “I know how much you mean to me and if I mean a fraction of that to you, I don't care who you went out with while I was gone. As long as it wasn’t that justin bieber chick.” He hugged me and I pulled him onto my lap. Who knew my kitchen floor could be such a romantic place.

“You do know it's a boy right?” I leaned into his dark, sweet smelling hair.

“Fuck off, no way is that possible.” He looked up at me.

“Yep, come on, your toast will be cold.”

“Thanks Gee.” He smiled and jumped up excitedly, pulling me with him.

“So we gonna go get your coffee then?” I grab my keys and we set off to starbucks.
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