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Chapter 11

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“Hey!” I called out to the silent house. “Frank? Gerard?”

“I think they went out, Gee’s car’s gone.” Mikey replied coldly.

“Mikey, seriously what is your problem?” I demand.

“Do you even remember two months back? Don't you remember what he did to Gerard?” He yelled at me. We had come out to the hallway with Autumn to see what had happened because we heard shouting.

“Well, it looks like all three of them have left which leaves a few scenarios, 1. Gerard left Frank for James and Frank ran out to the road to kill himself, 2. Frank left Gerard for James and Gerard drove off a cliff, 3. Gerard and Frank killed James and are now burring him in the desert or 4. They all made up and have gone somewhere else for a massive gang-bang.”

“somehow I don't see them doing the last one.” Autumn giggled.

“I hope it was the first one.” Mikey sulked.

“Mikey, babe, don't be so mean. Before his parents forced Frank to move, they were very happy together.” She turned to her boyfriend in a stern manner.

“I’ll just call them and find out what actually happened.” I sigh and go into the lounge.

”Hello?” Gerard answered.

“Hey Gee!” I chirped in reply.

“Oh, shit sorry. I kind of got distracted again and forgot about you guys.” He apologised.

“It’s ok, I just wanted to know what happened.”

“I'm almost home so I'll tell you when I get there.”

“Ok, bye.”

“See ya.” He said before hanging up.

“they’re on their way home now.” I call to the other two who were talking quietly so I couldn’t hear what they were saying.
“Fine, I'm going up to my room for a bit.” Mikey stormed up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door shut.
“I honestly don't know what's gotten into him.” Autumn sighed.

“he just wants what's best for Gerard, but it's difficult for him to understand.” Tried to help.

We were sitting in the big open room for a few minutes before the two loved up boys entered the house guggling and holding coffee in one hand and the other hands were clasped together.

“We brought coffee.” Frank smiled.

“Fuck the coffee I want to know wh-” I paused seeing the caramel frappachino with extra cream. “I love you guys so much.” I squealed, running towards them making a gram for the cup.

“Ok, calm down.” Gerard chuckled. “Where’s Mikey?” He asked giving me my most favouritest drink in the world.

“In his room.” Autumn smiled as Gerard handed her a plain white coffee and I slurped mine happily. “I’ll go give it to him, his in a pissy mood again.” She took the last of the coffees from them.

“What's wrong with him now?” Gerard asked.

“He just needs to calm down.” I would tell Gerard later, so it wouldn’t hurt franks feelings so much.

“Ok, well, what are we gonna do today?” he asked us.

“Can we go down to the park, the weather’s decent and I want to make the most of it.” I replied.

“Oh, I haven’t been there since, well, the last day I saw you.” Frank remembered.

“Let's go then, I'll go tell Mikes and Autumn.” Gerard let go of Franks hand before running up the stairs.

Half an hour later (and a lot of that was persuading Mikey) we were in the park. We had walked because it was so close. It was just as it always had been. Messy, filled with trash and graffiti everywhere.

“Frank?” I asked as I heard him sniffle.

“I'm ok, it's just been a while since I've been here.” He smiled, tears welling up in his eyes.

We spent the rest of the day sitting in the sun and talking, I kind of felt like a third wheel. Frank and Gerard were sitting together on one side of me and Mikey and Autumn was on the other side. I decided to call my boyfriend, he knew the others (minus Frank) well so there shouldn’t be too much awkwardness and he was always out with Mikey and Gerard when he would agree to leave that room of his.
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