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Chapter 12

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Basically, shit goes down. Simple

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“Matt!” I jump up and run over to the tall, heavily tattooed guy walking into the park. I look up to see his hazel eyes. “Thanks for saving me.” I giggle to him.

“Sure,” he smiled. “So you're with the ways right? Gerard left his room?”

“Well, I think Mikes more of a problem lately.” I sighed remembering how long it took to get him here.

“Who’s that other guy?” Matt asked me.

“That's why Gerard is so happy to leave his room, kinda.” I giggled at the awkward memory of this morning.

“Not helpful, babe.” He frowned at me.

“Do you remember Gerard's ex?” I asked.

“Before John? But I thought he was, well I don't know what I thought happened to him. He just disappeared and then Gee was locking himself in his room.”

“Well, they’re back together. Frank got kicked out of his house in the UK and he’s staying with Gee. Mikey isn’t happy because he blamed Gerard's depression on Frank leaving.” I took in his sleeveless top, jeans and vans, he was also wearing a large belt buckle.

“So Frank and Gee are happy, but Mikey’s not?” he asked.

“Yep, come on. Go say hi to Frankie.” I smiled and we walked over.

“Shit!” Frank said as he saw Matt walking up behind him.

“It's ok man, I'm one of Gerard's friends.” Matt chuckled.

“Oh, hi. I'm Frank.” He replied, holding out his hand.

“Matt, nice to see you. It's been a while, sorry.” Gerard smiled.

We stayed in the park for a while, but it got dark soon because it was only march. I went back to Matt’s and left the others to go home.

“I’ll see you later then.” I called and hugged them all good bye before we went our separate ways.

franks POV

When we arrived home, it was about seven o’clock and I was really hungry. We decided to have sushi to make Mikey happy. But I had a peanut butter sandwich because I don't eat fish.

After that, I went upstairs to shower. I let the hot, soothing water pelt down on my back, relaxing my muscles. When I stepped out of the shower and into the bathroom, I pulled on a pair of plain black jogging bottoms and walked out into Gerard's hall. I met Mikey by the top of the stairs.

“Um, hey Mikes.” I greeted him pleasantly.

“You should have left him alone.” He told me icily.

“Sorry?” I didn’t know what he meant.

“When he was in the hospital, they would have found me and we would have fixed his problem. He was getting so much better, but you had to ruin it. He would be safe and happy if it wasn’t for you.” Mikey said quietly, but threateningly and before I knew it, he was swinging his right arm infront of him. When it came into contact with my face, the roaring pain seared through every nerve in my face before I could register what had happened. By that time, Mikey was swinging another punch in my direction. I ducked to dodge it and pushed him back away from me.

“FUCK!” he shouted falling down the stairs. I heard a few crunches before he hit the bottom and I was calling to Gee.
“GERARD! Call an ambulance. Mikey needs help.” While all my brain could think was `shitshitshitshitshitshitahitahitahitahit I hope he isn’t dead! Fuck shit fuck shit fuck shit if he’s dead, I'm dead!`

“Mikey?” I asked gently, I had some form of first aid training form somewhere. “Can you hear me Mikey?”

“You fucking bastard.” He whispered, a tear of pain rolling down his cheek.
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