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Chapter 13

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In this chapter we meet Franks sister.

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Mikeys POV

I awoke to a bright white light. `shit, I'm dead’ was my first thought but the room became clearer after a few seconds. It was a hospital room. The walls were an intoxicating bright white as was almost everything else, except from the five people in the corner all sitting in chairs.

I recognised my brother first, he was sitting on the centre chair, his newly dyed black hair and clothes contrasting with his skin and walls. On his right was one of my best friends, Shadows. He had on his usual casual style clothes and next to him was his girlfriend and another of my good friends AJ. She had a look of sadness worry and a hint of confusion painted on her face. On the other side of my brother was a boy with a floppy Mohawk and red lined eyes. Frank was the reason I was here. Next to him was my beautiful girlfriend. Her dark brown hair, falling softly to her shoulders. Her chocolate brown eyes surrounded by caramel skin and framed by pretty turquoise glasses. She was wearing a matching turquoise t shirt and a pair of jeans with converses, it all complimented her small frame well.

Autumns POV

“I think he’s coming ‘round.” I say quietly.

Gerard and I got up and slowly walk over to the bed. I went to his right side and Gerard to his left. I took his hand as Frank left the room, probably to avoid the awkwardness, get a doctor, or (hopefully) both.

“Mikey, sweetie? Can you hear me?” I stroke his clammy hand with mine.

“Autumn?” he asked weakly.

“I'm here.” I reassure him.

“I know, where’s that sonofabitch that put me here?” he sounded surprisingly threatening, considering he had fallen down the stairs and broken a leg and a few ribs in the process.

“Mikey, just remember who’s house you live in.” Gerard warned him calmly, I was unsure how long that would last. “You haven’t heard his side of it. Besides I hear it was you that started it.”

“Whatever, just keep him away from me.”

Frank returned with a doctor then. The doctor looked middle aged with a receding hairline. He had blue eyes and greying hair.

“Hello I’m Doctor Cox, I shall be treating you, Mr,” he paused to look at a chart at the end of the bed “Way. now, you have a broken leg, three broken ribs and a nasty, nasty cut on your head.” He put the chart back down. “Now, I hear there was a fight involved, and whilst I think it is a great way to reduce stress, I cannot recommend it to my patients.”

“Um, will you have to call the cops or anything?” AJ asked him whilst Frank sat down in his chair and looked at the floor.

“That is up to you. I honestly don't care. Now, Mr Way, you will have to stay here for at least a week. If you need anything the nurses can help. Laverne is my favourite.” He finished with a stage whisper.

We were told we could only visit between 2pm and 5pm so we went home.

Gerard POV

“I just feel so bad,” Frank said in the car. “I didn’t mean to push him down the stairs, it was self-defence.” He sobbed.

“Frankie, I know. He started it; you just didn’t want to fight. I don't blame you for it honey.” I cooed and rubbed his arm.

“It was his fault for being a self-absorbed twat.” Amber says, surprising everyone, even herself.

“What do you mean?” he asked me.

“Honey, he blamed you for leaving me. I know it wasn’t your fault, but he isn’t as,” I paused to think. “understanding as I am. He only saw me depressed and blaming you for the first few weeks and so that's what he thought I meant. But none of us blame you, we know that you wouldn’t hurt a fly even if it did punch you in the face.” I took him into my arms and carried him into the house. I brought him up to our room and told him to get some sleep. I lay next to him, studying his face. His eyes were closed, hiding the beautiful hazel eyes underneath. His face was calm and his soft pink lips were slightly parted. He had deep purple bruises on his left cheek, and his hose had been bleeding. The eyeliner that once framed his eyes perfectly was now smudged and run half-way down his face from the tears that had infected the house this afternoon.

I left when I was sure he was sleeping, I needed a coffee. It had been a long day and it was full of drama. I entered the living room with a tray of mugs.

“He’s sleeping. I just don't know what got into Mikey, or Frank. It makes no sense, neither of them are that sort of person.” I slumped down in a chair with my coffee.

“You know what he’s like.” Autumn said. “He really does care about you, he just doesn’t understand that even though he’s trying to stop you from getting hurt, he’s hurting you.”

“Yeah, he really does want what’s best for you. You're all he has left after your mom passed.” AJ’s reminiscence to my mother who had lost the battle to cancer last winter saddened me even further. She hadn’t told me. I knew though. I had overheard her conversations with some friends and guessed that the tests were for that. I had spoken to Mikey and AJ about it, they were the only two people I had trusted enough to confide in and Mikey hadn’t told anyone either. It wasn’t a surprise when she died. We had been expecting it because she had become so very weak.

But now I had to concentrate on the matter at hands. If Mikey couldn’t get along with Frank, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t have the heart to kick either of them out. My brother and only family member left, or my one and only love. That was when the door bell rang.

I got up and answered it to reveal a girl with dark brown hair falling straight past her shoulders, she had pale skin and eyes that reminded me of Frank’s but they were slightly more chocolaty brown. She was wearing denim skinnies and a plain white tank top. She also had on classic black converse and a small amount of eyeliner.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

“I’m Frank Ieros sister. I heard he was staying here.” She replied and I immediately recognised the older girl. It was Hana.

“Oh Hana, right?” I asked inviting her in.

“Yes, I stayed here when my parents left with him. I was old enough and they bought me an apartment.” She looked around. “Is he here?”

“Yeah, he’s sleeping. Come and sit down, I think I should tell you something.” I led her into the room with the other two girls.

“Girls, this is Frank’s sister, Hana. Hana, this is my best friend AJ and my brothers girlfriend Autumn.” We sat down and I explained the whole situation with the fight.

“But is Frank ok?” she asked after a while.

“Yes, just a bruised face and some hurt feelings. He’s sleeping upstairs right now.” I told her.

“Ok, do you mind if I talk to him? Please.” She asked.

“Sure, I’ll go get him now.” I say walking up to my room. Did she know the reason Frank left? Did she know we were together again? I guess I would find out soon enough.

“Frank.” I say, gently shaking his arm. “Frank, wake up.” I looked at his face again, just seeing it broke my newly mended heart a little each time.

“W-what?” He stirred.

“Frank, your sister’s here.” I told him when he sat up.

“What?” he almost shouted in excitement. “Hana’s here?”

“Yes, she's down in the living room.” I say realising he was wearing nothing but his boxers. I couldn’t help but stare.

Frank jumped up and ran to the door to go downstairs.

“Wait Frank.” I called to him. “You might want to put some clothes on first.” I chuckled.

“Oh, yeah.” He giggled, throwing his jeans and the nearest top which happened to be one of my nirvana t shirts.

“OhMyGod! Hana!” he ran over and pulled her into the biggest hug such a small person could manage. Hana wasn’t tall and she wasn’t short, but next to Frank she looked pretty tall.

“Frankie.” she smiled. “I've really missed you. How did you end up here again?”

“Um, I got kicked out and Gee happened to be in Wales at the time and shit happened but we’re both fine now.” He rambled.

“Um, have you looked in a mirror Frank? no offence, but you don't really look fine.” She gently touched his face.

“Oh. That was my fau-“ I interrupted him. “Stop it!” I shouted at him. “it wasn’t your fault. Mikey started it and you acted in self-defence.” I took his hand and looked into his beautiful eyes.

“Umm?” Hana posed it as a question.

“Me and Gee are still together. That's why I'm here.” He said confidently.

“Oh, good for you little bro.” She smiled and hugged us both.

“Wow, you certainly don't take after your parents.” AJ laughed from the sofa.

“Yeah, they’re dicks. Why else would I stay here.” She replied.

We sat in the room for a while, before Hana said she had to go home.

“It’s been great catching up.” Frank hugged his sister again.

“Same, and nice meeting you guys.” She waved to us before getting into her car.

“Wow, she’s changed a lot.” I say to Frank. “How old is she now?”

“21, I think. She’s about four years older than me.” He said after a little thought.

“Well, I'm going to bed. You coming?”
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