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Chapter 14

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a little more frerardyness and someone sorts out mikeys ass

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Gerard's POV

A few weeks later and Mikey was home. Frank and I had gone on our daily trip to star bucks and AJ and Autumn were still staying at our house. Mikey had literally begged Autumn to stay and AJ had just announced that it was unfair on her to be
the only female in the house and told us she was staying so Autumn wouldn’t be overrun by testosterone.

“We’re back!” Frankie says waltzing into the star bucks.

“Hello Frank, Gerard. The usual?” Mary greeted us from behind the counter.

“Can you add another large black coffee today?” Frank replied.

“Sure thing.” Mary and her assistant for today started work on our usual large order.

“Who’s the other coffee for?” I asked him as we waited.

“Hana, she's coming over today, remember?” He smiled and I pulled him into a big hug.

“I do now.” I smiled into his hair.

Not long later, we arrived back to our home. We had decided that we were serious and it was no longer `my` house, it was `our` house. (A/n I don't actually think that just those two in a house would work, they bould burn it down without someone responsible (: )

“Guys, coffee.” I called into the large house.

“I’ll be down now.” Mikey calls from the bathroom, probably having a shower.

“Did you get me anything?” AJ bounded up to us like a giant puppy.

“here you go.” Frankie handed her the frappachino.

“Yay, oh and your sister’s here.” She smiled to the smaller boy next to me.

“Ok.” Frankie took two of the coffees into the front room and I decided to go draw something.

“Mikey, your coffees downstairs.” I say on my way past.

When I have sat down in my room at my desk, I turn on my music from my laptop and start to think. The music was on shuffle so it changed band all the time. I decide that I will just draw whatever I feel like so it start to draw. I start with a simple face. It could have been male or female and as I add in the features, it seems to be a rather feminine looking boy, or rather man I guess. I had decided to give him some eyeliner which then turned into some slightly gothic pattern around his eyes. In the corner, I had put some chant. “We are the unholy. We are the bastard son of your media culture. Our minds, eyes and bodies were born of your exclusions. An illusion you hide behind. You don't love a god, you love your comforts. To you we are filth, we are dirty. So be it. We are dirty and unclean, a congregation of the unseen. Together we will set our hearts ablaze. This is the new religion. Amen.”

“Gee?” Frankie asked, pulling me out of my concentration.

“Yes love?” I replied turning to face him.

“Do you want anything for lunch?” He walked over and I stood up, pulling him into my arms.

“Is it really lunch time already?” I say quietly, floating in his sweet, delicious scent.

“Half one.” He smiled looking up so our lips were just a fraction of an inch apart. It was such a good opportunity to pass by. I leaned in a little, gently pressing my lips against his. They were soft and tasted of skittles.

“Frank,” I pulled away. “have you been eating skittles?”

“Maybe.” He giggled which as far as I was concerned was a yes.

“Ok, who got them for you this time? AJ? Autumn? I swear I’m gonna kill them.” I thought of the shit I was going to be in in about half an hour.

“It was Hana. She remembered they were my favourite.” He said sounding like a little kid that got told off for doing something they didn’t know was wrong.

“Well, I guess it won't do too much harm. I can always send you to hers for tonight if you get too bad.” I went to put my papers away.

“Or you could teach me a lesson yourself.” He giggled, coming over closer to me, pushing me down on our bed. “Frank?” I asked, only to be cut off by his lips. They crushed down on mine. Intoxicating my nose with his scent. He was now lying on top of me. Our hips are pressed against each others. My hands intertwined in his hair, his on my ass, pulling us even closer. I pulled his shirt off, revealing his beautiful body. He wasn’t fat, nor thin. He had just the right amount of squishy so he could be both cute and sexy. His tattoos were all over his torso. I knew there was a pumpkin on his back and around his waist were the words search and destroy written in a smooth curly calligraphy. I was about to take of my own top when the door flung open.

“Guys, are you- Shit. Uhh, sorry. Didn’t mean to, um.” AJ had burst in and then after blabbering backed away quickly and closed the door behind her.


I went up to tell Frank and Gee to get their pizza. “Guys, are you-Shit. Uhh, sorry. Didn’t mean to, um.” I left the room as quickly as I had ebtered. I ran down stairs to try to forget the image.

“AJ, what the hell? You look like you saw a fucking ghost or something.” Mikey laughed at my face which was obviously a mess after the scene I just walked in on.

“Worse, I just walked in on, um, Gee and, uh, Frank. They, umm.” I tried to explain.

“Ohmygawd. They weren’t, were they?” Autumn gasped.

“Well, they still had their pants on, but it was disgusting! I love them, but I don't want to see [/their/} love.” I replied sitting down.

“I can't believe my little brother-” Hana muttered.

“Yeah, sorry about that.” I say awkwardly.

“No, it’s just I still think of him as the five year old.” She smiled at me.

“I just wish he would leave Gerard the fuck alone.” Mikey said in a hushed tone, obviously talking quietly to Autumn.

“Excuse me?” Hana stood up. She could look pretty menacing.

“I said I wish your brother would leave mine the fuck alone. All he’s ever caused him is heartache.” Mikey spat.

“Oh Hell NO!” she shouted back and made a swing for Mikey’s face.

I jumped for her arm and brought her down before the fist made contact with him. “Please don't hurt him.” I say quietly.

“Fine. But if I hear you say one more thing like that, I WILL beat the crap out of you!” she screamed.

“What’s going on?” Frank and Gee had run downstairs, now fully dressed but with messy, ruffled hair that made it clear they had had a good time.

“Mikey pissed Hana off, but it’s ok, we sorted it. For now” I say giving Mikey a back-the-fuck-off look.

“I don't understand.” Frank said as innocent as he is, or rather was until ten minutes ago as far as I'm concerned.

“You know Mikey’s opinion of you by now, he shared that with your lovely sister and being the amazing sister she is, she lovingly stood up for you.” Autumn said. (A/N no that wasn’t supposed to be sarcastic)

“Oh, well. Mikey, I'm sorry, but I really do love Gee. We would have been together for the past three years if it wasn’t for my parents taking me away. I didn’t mean to hurt him, it just was past my control. But I swear to god, I would never hurt him on purpose. I love him, Mikey. I really do. And I will stay with him as long as he wants me here because I want what's best for him as much as you do.”

“I love you too.” Gerard kissed Frank quickly. “If this carries on, you will have to go live somewhere else. I can't stand the constant hate you have for Frank when he has done noting wrong.”

“I’m sorry Frank.” Mikey said looking upset. “And I'm sorry to all of you, I could have prevented all of what's happened the last month but I insisted on being a knob. I promise I will try to get along with you Frank.” He held out his hand and Frank took it and pulled him into a hug which we all joined in so we looked like one big fucked up and retarded family.
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