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Chapter 15

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yeah, its short-deal with it.

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Gerard POV

“Frankie, get up honey.” I whispered in his ear, nuzzling his neck.

“Mmm.” He rolled over and pretended he was still sleeping. I knew he wasn’t sleeping because he was breathing too quickly, and he wasn’t smiling. He always smiled in his sleep now. The first two weeks Frank had nightmares, but they were gone now and the most he did in his sleep was mumble words like giraffe, fungus and tree or say my name, he always smiled.

I decided to wake him up properly. I ran downstairs to get myself a coffee, let him think he had won. I then returned silently slipping into our room. I crawled up to the bed to make the least amount of sound. I lean over him and gently take hold of the bed covers.

At the same time I rip the sheets away from him and screeched “ARE YOU ASLEEP OR DEAD?

I got the reply of a slap to the face as Frank jumped up and screamed “Ahhhhh, shit!” and then realised it was me. “Gerard, I'm so sorry.” He gasped.

“It's ok,” I say chuckling at his reaction. “It was worth it.”

I pulled him up and carried him bridal style to the kitchen where his coffee was waiting.

“Gee, what time is it?” he mumbled into his mug.

“About half nine, you have to be ready in an hour.” I told him, remembering we were going out to meet up again with some old friends we had lost touch with. It was the two of us, Mikey, Ray and Bob. The five of had once started to form a band but franks break brought that to an end.

~An hour later~

“Frank, are you ready yet?” I asked, walking into our room to find him walking around in a pair of my skinnies and shirtless.

“I can't find a top.” He exclaimed, throwing stuff around.

“What's wrong with this?” I hold up a plain black one. “And those are my jeans.”

“Mine are dirty, and I found it!” he threw on a red t-shirt that he had customised so it had `homophobia is gay` written across it.

“Let's go then. Mikey’s in the car.” We walk downstairs and jump into the car.
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